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John K. Lytle Jr.

31 agosto , 192420 junio , 2020

Jack was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma to John K. and Hazel S. Lytle.

He grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He served in the United States Army Air Force in World War II as a pilot. After his service he joined Carter Oil Company, later Exxon Corporation where spent his entire professional career working on various assignments in Seminole, Purcell and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Carmi, Illinois and Midland, Texas.

He married Margaret (Peggy) Cecile Clark on August 21, 1947 in Aspinwall, Pennsylvania and they were married for 62 years.

He was competitive swimmer, once finishing in the top 10 in a 13-mile race down the Mississippi River. He also enjoyed golf, scuba diving, horseback trips to the mountains of Colorado, world travel and the craps tables in Las Vegas. He volunteered in many capacities including Boy Scouts, Meals on Wheels and adult literacy.

He was proceeded in death by his parents, sisters, Bobbie and Virginia, wife Peggy and daughter Patricia Ann Lytle Musick. He is survived by two sons, John Kirker Lytle, III (Kirk) and William Grant Lytle (Bill) and his wife, Ginny Allen Lytle. His grandchildren, Amanda Allen Whaley and husband Ohnre, Emily Lytle Montgomery and husband, Andrew, Caroline (Carly) Lytle Thompson and husband, Eric, Meghan Musick and husband, Jonathan Wilson, Francesca Musick Marks and husband, Kenny and Cadence Celeste Musick. Great-grandchildren, Shipley and Elise Whaley, Harris and Olivia Montgomery, Brooks Thompson and Ari Wilson. Also son-in-law, Thomas Musick.

He was a great father, had a terrific sense of humor, was outgoing and friendly to all people he met and was devoted to Sweetie, his calico cat and faithful companion. He lived a long full life and died peacefully in his own bed. We will miss him and treasure our memories of him.


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John K. Lytle Jr.


Cadence Musick

6 julio , 2020

I have so many memories with my Grandpa, he was one of my favorite people, and the grandparent I was closest to, being the youngest grandchild and not really getting to know my Mema too well. Grandpa made up for all the missed connections with my elders. He taught me how to swim, when he’d visit, he’d always get a box of cheezits and would share with me, (he used to love those things!), he would play checkers with me and not go easy on me, and I used to love it when he would regale me with stories from his many traveling adventures, he told me his favorite trip was to Cairo, Egypt. I really cherish the way his face would light up talking about it.
From a very young age, and this is something I thought about the other day that made me tear up, was that he would always tell me I was so smart and encouraged my poetry writing from the beginning. I thought about how much that truly impacted my life, being born female and dealing later on with high school boys calling me stupid, or always getting the “You’re pretty” compliment. My grandpa, very early on in those tender years of malleable childhood, supported me and gave me an important confidence that has shaped who I am in a very profound way. I’m so thankful I got to experience his kindness, wisdom, and always knowing he believed in me. I miss him

Francesca Marks

1 julio , 2020

When I was little and my family was visiting Mema and Grandpa in Midland, Grandpa took us all out to get ice cream at the mall. It was a busy day, there were lots of people, and one of the girls working was visibly upset and crying. So many people pretended they did not see her and walked by, going about their business. But when Grandpa noticed her he immediately walked up and started talking to her, offering her one of the many tissues he magically had on his person at all times. I did not hear what was said, but I could tell it made her feel better, feel seen and valued. It's little kindnesses like that, given to ourselves and others, that make life so poignant and beautiful. He was part of that. And I see that part of him in all his family. In the many little kindnesses both seen and unseen. I am so thankful to have been able to witness that moment.

Dan Adams

25 junio , 2020

I remember having dinner with the family more than once. Kirk and I were pledge brothers and Bill was my pledge son. Can’t say I knew Mr. Lytle ( that’s what I called him ) well but always thought kindly of him. A true “Father “ whom I felt was a very fortunate thing to have.

Joe Steele

25 junio , 2020

I got to know Jack after being good friends with Kirk and Bill. While working in Texas in the mid 80s enjoyed golf with him and dinners with him and Peggy. We used to laugh about the time he helped me out of a jam (enough said). He will be missed!


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