Anthony D DiNatale

26 marzo , 19556 agosto , 2019

Anthony D DiNatale nació el 26 marzo , 1955 y falleció el 6 agosto , 2019.


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Anthony D DiNatale


Rebecca Craycraft

30 septiembre , 2019

So, I was taking time to grieve and calm down, but I just wanted to say that theres some things missing. He was survived of his dad Joesph Dinatale. He was also survived by his brother Chris. Also his daughters Alicia Dinatale, Annette (Smith) Dinatale , and Amanda (Craycraft) Dinatale. He also had 6 grandkids 1 who past away young. The grandkids being, Catherine Smith, Joseph Smith, David Craycraft, Rebecca Craycraft, and last but not least Jamie Smith. I probably left some out because I'm not sure if Alicia has kids. He was a great man at times, although we didnt leave off on good terms. I will always love him and miss him dearly.

Cindy & David Ware (Dangora)

14 agosto , 2019

We were so very sorry to hear about Tony's passing! Tony was my childhood friend! We double dated with him and Denise for our prom and had a great day at the beach together the next day! I lived around the corner from Tony and I have several great memories together! I remember going in his pool! I remember hanging out with Tony, Brian andDenise!
I lost touch with Tony for several years but had reunited with him on Facebook a while ago! The last time I messaged him he was the happiest I have ever seen him! He had just bought his house in Florida and was so excited to start a new chapter in his life with his wife! I was very happy for him! He Was a great guy and I know he will be missed by several!
God bless you Tony! I hope you Rest In Peace!
Ps: I hope you have a pool in heaven! ❤️🙏😢