David Wayne Brown

29 junio , 19446 febrero , 2021

David Wayne Brown was born in Berkley, California on June 29, 1944 and died peacefully in his home February 6, 2021. He leaves his loving wife Rita, son David, daughter Candyce, son in law Brian, and their two granddaughters Allyson and Avery. He was preceded by his parents, a brother, and a sister. He is survived by his brother Ken Brown, brother and sister in laws, as well several nieces and nephews.

David served over seven years active duty in the Air Force, joined the Air Force Reserves, worked 25+ years as a civil servant, and ultimately retired as a manager from Security Services at Kelly AFB. While working full time, he completed his college degree, graduating from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.

He enjoyed fishing (carried one pole in his truck at all times), computers (building/repairing/tinkering), writing (and breaking) computer codes, playing poker (really any card games), and completing all the puzzles in the daily paper.

David would often travel off-road in one of his many pickup trucks, proudly only calling for a tow truck on one particularly muddy excursion. He’d travel as far down the Port Aransas seashore, for miles on end, to the land cut, and would read the waves for the “perfect” fishing spot. While casting one fine day, his stringer of fish “lured” in a shark. When the fish frantically brushed his leg, this giant of a man “walked on water” towards the beach from the second sandbar.

He was loved deeply by his family and many friends. David’s charm was infectious--people were simply drawn to his quick wit. His distinctive belly laugh could fill a room and then some, followed by his sheepish smile, especially when he knew he’d just “pulled one over.” When asked how he was doing, no matter his mood, his automatic response was “MAR-VELOUS” in a velvety tone.

David, my darling, Dad, Papa, Big D, Uncle M’fridgerator—we will miss your all-encompassing bear hugs, smile, laughter, fierce competitiveness, and sense of humor. You were a prince of a man who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.



David Wayne Brown


Pam Hummel

26 febrero , 2021

That smile and the twinkle in David’s eyes when he talked about Candyce—that’s the vision I have whenever I think back to those early days of Taft HS Speech and Debate. Rita and David were the parents I could always count on to support the team when we needed help with hosting a tournament or a house to host team bonding moments. As a young teacher, I was so grateful for their support and willingness to help in every way possible. My deepest sympathy to the family for the loss of such a great man.

Dan Massam

25 febrero , 2021

David welcomed me into his home as a guest when I visited from DE via the UK back in the 90s.
He was great. Big, genuine grin and a twinkle in his eye. Easy to chat with, made me feel very welcome and we had some fine conversation shucking corn and drinking a cold beer. Sam Adams no less that he picked up especially for me, the Brit, to try.
I was very sorry to hear the news. The world is emptier now. My heart goes out to all his family and friends, especially Rita and Candyce. Lots of love from PA.

Chuck and Marion Palaza

24 febrero , 2021

Rita, so sorry for your loss!
Chuck and Marion Palaza

This was always our favorite memory of David!
He was one of a kind!

Chuck and Marion Palaza

24 febrero , 2021

Rita, So sorry for your loss. Chuck and Marion Palaza

This was always our fondest memory of David! He was one of a kind!

Cerise Rieper

23 febrero , 2021

One day Rita and David came to our house for dinner (and, of course, cards), and we had homemade ice cream for dessert. Our dog Casper doesn't like very many people. But he LOVED David! In the attached photo, he is seen gazing at his BFF, wondering if perhaps David is going to share his ice cream. I didn't have the heart to tell Casper that the likelihood was zilch.

Vickie, Paul & Alex M

22 febrero , 2021

We only have wonderful memories. David's heart and soul were bigger than the Texas sky. Words can't find their way to express how sad we are, how much we loved him, and how much we will miss him.

Rest in peace,
Alex, Paul & Vickie

Ken Brown

20 febrero , 2021

You fought long and hard but here we are. The age difference between us brother gave us a unique sibling relationship. You left home when I was 10 years old and I spent time thinking we had little in common. but anyone who saw us walking together from the rear, most notably Rita and Jacquie, could tell we were cut from the same cloth. Same walk (and bald spot), but you were always my BIG brother. Your nephew Theo's most vivid memory of you was your entire car swaying from side to side as we followed from behind and you rocked out to the radio. We had an amazing week together years ago at your home. We only intended to stay for one night and then move to a hotel, but your and Rita's hospitality, and pinochle far into the night, keep the whole California clan (four kids!) captive for the most enjoyable time we ever spent with relatives. Your loss leaves a hole in my heart, as well as those of your own amazing family. You promised you wouldn't leave me as head Brown, but here I am.
You will be missed by many, including me.
Ken & Jacquie

Beverly Rosel

11 febrero , 2021

Always remembered David’s smile, kindness and enjoying Rita’s good cooking (me too). Rest In Peace David.

Jessie Simpson

10 febrero , 2021

His SMILE forever and always and that most amiable look that said “Now aren’t you an interesting so and so.”