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Franchisska Barrios Murrieta

24 octubre , 198330 diciembre , 2019

Franchisska Barrios Murrieta nació el 24 octubre , 1983 y falleció el 30 diciembre , 2019.


Franchisska Barrios Murrieta


Belinda Ordonez

14 enero , 2020

I still can't believe your gone, I remember the day you came back from going with your husband. You said you stopped at the cemetery to fool around so from then on I called you tummy. I miss you mija thank you for being my friend.

Andrea Lara

13 enero , 2020

My newest guardian angel , my Prima, my best n only friend I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around the fact tht your gone imma miss you. I always told u I was there for u n I promise to continue thru Mike and the boys. Love you

Mike Murrieta

12 enero , 2020

Babe when we first meet I use my phone light to get your attention and my step dad and son went over there to talk to you. that was too embarrassing but we caught in a love spell we knew it was meant to be. We good memories and those bad memories. Are love was strong enough to keep us together. ILove you franchisska barrios Murrieta forever your memory going live forever.

Tina Palm

12 enero , 2020

You will be missed sis i love you with all my heart heaven awaits now but when i come home please be waiting at the gates for me love you