Mrs. Clarice Mary Nirschl

19 marzo , 19314 septiembre , 2021

Clarice Mary Noreen Hutt Milner Nirschl aka Casey/ Gammie

Born and raised in Canada, Casey immigrated to the united states 70 years ago, became a US citizen and despite the occasional Eh? She easily adapted to being a California girl. She was just as proud of her Canadian lineage as she was of her family. Preceded in death by her loving Husband Donald Anton Nirschl (March 24th 2005) She is survived by her three sons: Devin (wife: Lynette), David (wife: Guylene), and Drew. Her 4 Grandkids: Adrienne, Amber, Alanna and Damon. As well as her 3 Great Grandchildren.

She will remain in our hearts forever!


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Mrs. Clarice Mary Nirschl


David Milner

23 septiembre , 2021

In memories of my younger years. Mom took us on vacations to Canada. On one trip we were at the Worlds Fair in the Russian Pavilion. I was looking at the Sturgeon exhibit pools and became separated from the family. They exited the building. When Mom noticed I was missing, the story goes, she had to go in a back door and under the stage to get back in. Mom went on full volume EE-AW-KEE. She was never shy about using it. I think it developed into more of a warning cry that Mom was near and entering your atmosphere. The rest of the trip went well.
One day us boys were trying to crawl in a window and Mom's tea pot got knocked over and broken. We worked as a team to glue it back together. We were however discovered when Mom served tea to her friends and the glue on the teapot didn't hold and tea went all over the place. I believe I received the blame for it although I can't remember exactly which one of us was responsible, however I have my ideas.
One evening the phone rang and Amber answered it. She came running and said "Dad, someone's got Gammie". I rushed to the phone and the man on the other end said, "Ok lady, you can talk now". Anticipating a hostage situation I hear Mom say, "David, my car is broken down". The "hostage taker" was actually dispatch for the highway emergency call box system. We were able to retrieve Mom and have her car towed. There was no end to her mischief.
Mom became a pseudo surrogate mother to Amber the 10 years between my divorce and my marriage to Guylene. That developed a closeness between Mom and Amber that is beyond measure.
Mom came to understand me and we shared some good times.
She confessed to me that she was very proud of her 3 sons and took pride in our accomplishments.
I just pray that when Mom made it to the Pearly Gates it was Don and not my Dad (jack) that was waiting for her. However, that may have been the day I could hear rolling thunder in the distance.
All kidding aside...I Love You Mom!

Guylene Milner DMA .....FT

23 septiembre , 2021

When Dave and I got married Casey had been filling the role of Mother for Amber for 10 years, I felt like I was stepping on her toes.
After a few years we finally settled into our roles and a friendship was born. She went from being Casey to being Mom.
Our first shopping trips were to thrift stores where Casey loved to look at the furniture. On one trip she found a pair of tall chairs. We called them our "Jetson chairs" . Discovered at a thrift store in Santee. A long journey for us because the 52 freeway was not yet in existence. The problem was, Casey drove a very small Honda Accord. 2 employees loaded the chairs for us and were finally successful after completely lowering the front passenger seat. I was neither in the front seat or the back seat but rather suspended somewhere in between the 2 chairs. The 2 employees were laughing hysterically. We were too. all the way home. Our first big "Lucy/Ethel" moment, one of many.
As Casey's hints of Alzheimer's increased Dave would drop me off at her house on his way to visit clients. Casey & I spent the days either shopping or sitting talking, and when Dave got back we went to dinner. My favorite part of the day was the hug Casey gave me as we were leaving and, as good Mother in Laws do, her whispering "don't tell anybody but you are my favorite". That became one of our many secrets, but I will hold onto and cherish the others for a while longer.
Alzheimer's robs you of everything good in your life. Casey's last year was in a Silverado Memory Care facility where she received excellent care.
We were with her a few hours before she passed away and she looked radiant and so at peace. She looked like Casey post Alzheimer's. It was like she had healed from the inside out. We all have our own beliefs but I believe Casey took all her good memories with her when she passed but she left me with some pretty good ones too.
I miss my friend.

Guylene Milner D.M.A.....FT

Sharon Hannah

16 septiembre , 2021

I remember when Mom and I visited Dave and Guylene in 1998. They were both at work and Mom and I were relaxing in the family room. We heard the front door open and a woman's voice loudly saying, "ee-aw-kee" . We didn't know who it was or what was happening and in walked a sweet lady who introduced herself as Casey, Dave's mom. We had a nice visit with her! She was a very special lady and I know her family already misses her! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!! Sending love and hugs!! ❤❤