Quoc Phan

23 abril , 198513 junio , 2021

Quoc Phan nació el 23 de abril de 1985 y falleció el 13 de junio de 2021 y está bajo el cuidado de Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park.

Visitation tendrá lugar el 1 de julio de 2021 a las 12:00 pm en Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park, 300 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA. Visitation tendrá lugar el 2 de julio de 2021 a las 9:00 am en Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park, 300 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA. Funeral Service tendrá lugar el 2 de julio de 2021 a las 11:00 am en Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park, 300 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA. Witness Cremation tendrá lugar el 2 de julio de 2021 a las 1:00 pm en Cedar Lawn Cemetery, 48800 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA.

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  • Visitation

    jueves, 1 julio , 2021

  • Visitation

    viernes, 2 julio , 2021

  • Funeral Service

    viernes, 2 julio , 2021

  • Witness Cremation

    viernes, 2 julio , 2021


Quoc Phan


Kim (Van) Shen

3 julio , 2021

I still can’t believe that you’re gone. I reread our texts often, they make me smile yet cry.

Albertsons was always my favorite job and it was largely because I got work with you and Ty. You may not of had the fondest memories working there - but for me, I’ll always treasure those times and how much it brought us closer together.

Thanks for always being honest and positive with me. I’ll miss your witty remarks and humor. Rest In Peace cousin, you’ll be forever missed.

Darius Henderson

2 julio , 2021


Hey man. Never got to follow up with you on those movies you recommended before. I've been catching up lately, and the cinematography is always so beautiful. Really gonna miss your appreciation for the art of the film and the suggestions that never fail. Maybe we'll get a chance to catch up over one of the upcoming UFC events. You'll always have a spot on our couch for em. Until then, rest in peace man. We'll miss your presence but celebrate your memory.

Ruben Alaniz

29 junio , 2021

I will miss you, Quoc. I’ll always remember how quickly you learned to play guitar and got very good, extremely fast. How passionate you were about playing and listening to music. All of the shows we went to and the countless laughs we shared. I always admired you for just being yourself. We will always have these memories of you. Gone but never forgotten. Thank you, Quoc.

My condolences to your family, whom will feel your absence every day. I hope they all find the strength to carry on and live their lives as a tribute to yours.

Francisco Munoz

19 junio , 2021

Oh Q,

I'm genuinely at a shock that you have left this world. I don't find it fair. I have so many fond memories of you. Music was our thing we had in common. I liked that you liked Lost Prophets and Glassjaw just as much as I did. You introduced me to Muse, Dredg and post music like Explosions and Mogwai. When I listen to their music, you always popped in mind. I credit you for it. One memory that will always stick to me was when I was napping in your room, you were twiddling with your keyboard playing a Coldplay song. It sounded so peaceful that it helped me nap faster. Haha. Anyways, I'll always keep you in my memory. You are a good person. You are as real as one gets. I just wished I had more times to kick it with you and make more memories. I'll forever miss you. Rest in Peace dude.

Eli Alvarado

16 junio , 2021

I’ll never forget the “Glasgow “shows and “The poison The well”show we went too. I remember when you were learning how to drive and I was so scared when you drove us to guitar center to check out a B.C Rich.
My condolences to his family and friends may god be with you through this difficult time.

Dry your eyes as he’s resting in gods kingdom now, so don’t weep for the memories are ours to keep.

Rest in Heaven Brotha