Robert Ronald Sizemore

1 abril , 195710 septiembre , 2020

God of love and mercy, embrace all those whose hearts today overflow with grief, unanswered questions and such a sense of loss. Grant them space to express their tears. Hold them close through the coming days.


Robert Ronald Sizemore


Linda Martha Castro

25 septiembre , 2020

Family and Friends, Please join us as we gather together to celebrate Robert's life.

There will be a Memorial Service held in his honor.
October 2nd, 2020 at 11am.
Saint Leander Church
550 W. Estudillo Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94577
*(Face Masks are required)

A Celebration of Life will follow after the service at El Torito's Restaurant, San Leandro Marina.
5 Monarch Bay Dr, San Leandro, CA 94577

Linda M Castro

23 septiembre , 2020

This message was received from another 'Uncle Robert' fan.

Robert was definitely loved by everyone who knew him.
Past and present.

Please see attached loving & heart felt words...

Andy Lopez

17 septiembre , 2020

Robert, you will never be gone for me and will always be in my heart. In the last six years, you have shared your honest friendship with me. I remember when we talked about football and how we complained about the neighbors together. You always made the best food at home. Thank you for always keeping an eye on me. You are in a better place now and for sure we will meet again my friend.


16 septiembre , 2020

Robert was an uncle to us all. From the first day I met him, he was Uncle Robert and he always smiled when I called him that.

My fondest "uncle" moments/stories came from our family vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii. We stayed near the beach. Robert had a peaceful spirit throughout the trip. He said, "Dude I need to vacation more" and on that trip, after volcano hikes, huli chicken, musubis, giant sea turtles, uncle came home with a time share.

While shopping for Hawaiian souvenirs, we (Tif, Meli, Jo) looked up Robert's name in Hawaiian. From that day forward "Lopaka"
was born. ;) A name which Linda and I affectionately used to this day.
I will miss Robert's support of family events , and the kids sporting events. I remember sweating to the point of dehydration at Melissa's college graduation, and he was there in the 106 degree heat in front of me. He turned back to me with a grin and said, "Its hot out here" as we chugged a bottle of water.
In short, uncle was special to us all. The hardest part of losing a family member is living each day without them. Aloha Lopaka!

Brad Walan

16 septiembre , 2020

We always called him Uncle "Unkee" Robert, was a great man and a proud uncle. My heart breaks that he is no longer here, but I will always have the memories. We helped each other on many fun projects, runs to HD, watching Nick’s sports, LegoLand and I truly got to know a part of this strong and silent man. He was always there for you if you asked. I loved and looked forward to our weekends together! We cranked the music as he expertly calculated the measurements and showed me how to work the tools properly. We were a team and friends. He taught me more than I can put in words! And the rides in his beloved Ranger, sometimes discussing our work, family, or in silence. I will miss him; we will all miss him always. Gone much too soon.

We love you, uncle Robert!

“Brother In-Law” Brad Walan

Linda Castro

15 septiembre , 2020

Linda Martha Castro

15 septiembre , 2020

We are all definitely grieving our loss. My brother, Robert was a very loving & caring man. He never married but took care of all my children as if they were his own. He had a gentle nature and a generous heart. He was playful and he loved everyone. He loved to, and always did, attend all our family gatherings. We all shared meals together as a family and each individually with Robert. Although Robert was usually quiet & shy, there was always laughter when we shared childhood stories.

We are still in shock over his death. Robert leaves behind so many 'uncle' memories and stories in all our hearts.

🙏 May Robert forever R.I.P.

😥 Robert you will be missed and forever remembered.
💔 I love you, brother

Ronald Rivera

15 septiembre , 2020

Robert, i am going to miss you, through out the last 9 years i. Got to know that you were reserved ,quiet, , but i also got to know you had a kind 💙, you.were always there for family & i specially know how much He loved All His nieces / nephews, He would specially talk frequently about all the little ones, MAY YOU BE IN THE GLORY OF OUR LORD!!!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!!Love your Cousin, Ronald

Cynthia Holland Walan

15 septiembre , 2020

Roberto was a special guy!
A man with so much love to share, yet a man of few words. I loved his just being there, with me, always game to go anywhere :) He was good company!! He was so incredibly smart and super responsible. He loved to read which made for an easy Christmas gift :) :) He really enjoyed church too, and I so appreciated that he would go with me all the time. Lastly, he loved food, like me :o
We had fun together.
I'll miss my brother and I hope he is happy and smiling down on all of us.
"later!" as he would often say

Tifanie Morataya

15 septiembre , 2020

Today I lost one of the most important men in my life, my Uncle Robert. If you know me and my family, then you surely know Uncle Robert. Everyone calls him Uncle Robert! He is quiet, he is reserved and when he gets to know you he is funny and can really laugh. The best cook, the kindest person. Uncle took all the kids on vacations, road trips, school shopping for the cool clothes, taught us to drive, bought us our first cars, taught us to ride our bikes, trips to the zoo and beach/ camping...took us fishing even though I hated it; I just didn’t want to miss out! Movie theaters were not his favorite but he would take us and inevitably would fall asleep.

Uncle Robert came to all the events; birthdays, holidays, ribbon cutting- he always was there to show his love and support. Uncle Robert raised us, along with my parents- he was like a dad to me and I am truly absolutely heart broken. Heart broken.
Uncle Robert was so special to me and my kids... I’m just broken. I love you Uncle.

You will forever be remembered and missed.

Leaves behind:

Brother, Ralph and family
Cindy and family
Linda and family
A lot of cousins, nieces and nephew... and of course friends.