Denny Wilkinson

28 septiembre , 193729 octubre , 2011
 Obituario de Denny Wilkinson
While it is possible to receive good counsel from a wide circle of family and friends, few could do it with the skill and aptitude of Denny Wilkinson. He had a true talent for helping others reach their full potential and brought out the best in those who sought his help. Denny was a forward-looking man whose personality was filled with empathy toward everyone he met. He could be quiet and reserved, but his style of communication was authentic and direct. An excellent communicator, Denny was a master at using imagery when he explained his ideas and concepts. He seemed to have an endless supply of innovative concepts and strategies for how to help those around him. His sensitivity, kindness and generous attitude made him a wonderful friend for all who knew him. From the time he was born on September 28, 1937, Denny showed a deep concern for others. He was a giving and caring individual, ethical and full of integrity and warmth. Denny was raised in England. Because fellowship was so important to him, Denny promoted harmony with his siblings. He was raised with 3 brothers. Denny was something of the family diplomat. He helped to settle problems and conflicts and kept the family running smoothly. As a young boy, Denny interacted well with other children. He was helpful. He was an independent person who had a vivid imagination. Denny had a number of interests in his youth. He was an active child. He was a choir boy. In his spare time he liked play the piano. Denny's talents in writing proved to be an asset for him during his college years. He excelled in classes, even in some subjects that didn’t particularly interest him. Denny became known to his peers as a seeker of wisdom who appreciated all types of courses, especially those in Liberal Arts which allowed him to build on his remarkable retention of general knowledge. He earned his degree from Cambridge. He also pursued graduate school, earning his Naturopathy and RMT. He earned his Touch Therapy certification. Able to maintain a positive focus on the potential good to be found in others, Denny was always ready with solid advice and guidance to offer his group of friends. He was generally friendly to all who knew him, yet to some he seemed quite independent. For those who really knew Denny, they recognized that he could be full of surprises. Denny enjoyed a small but solid group of true friends. He would willingly support those friends when they needed it. Because of his ability to read people, he had an uncanny knack for knowing when a friend needed help. Later in life, he became friends with Diane & Rick Grisdale and family, Lois Tulloch and family, Auralee & Arnold smith and family, Kirsten Wilson, John Selkirk and family and John & Miriam McDonald and family. Denny projected a subtle but positive influence in his workplace. He was comfortable working behind the scenes to help everyone get their job done and he worked hard at all times to help others to reach their highest potential. While his colleagues did not view him as a high-spirited type, Denny was effective at working with others to gain acceptance for his ideas. Denny could be a perfectionist at times, but wasn’t one to seek out personal recognitions. He possessed excellent insight and a strong ability to meet schedules. He was an innovator who worked well independently, and he enjoyed the task of meeting a constant array of challenges. His primary occupation was Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He was self-employed with his own practice for over 30 years. As an imaginative and inventive person, Denny was comfortable showing his creative spirit. He enjoyed his leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Once Denny took on a new project, he saw it through to its completion. His favorite pursuits were H. A. M operator for Emergency Services Internationally, community involvement and he was an advocate for many causes including people with disabilities and the environment. He was content to enjoy his hobbies alone but was also willing to share his interests with others. Denny's attitude of working to make every day better was a way of life for him. It was a philosophy that he carried into his community activities and service. Serving on committees for the Habitat for Humanity and St. Johns Ambulance. Denny was a man with clear convictions and high principles, and his faith was important to him. He was an inspiration to many people who recognized his sense of commitment and esteem for others. During that time, he was involved in Light the Cross, Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship as the President. Denny possessed strong skills in long-range planning and project completion, a quality that positively influenced his travel and vacation planning. Favorite vacations included H. A. M. Camp and Hemlock Haven. Denny was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. One of Denny's favorites was His beloved guide dog. They were best friends for 10 years. As someone who treasured harmony and quiet, Denny accepted retirement and made the most of it. That day finally came in 2002, and Denny was well prepared. In retirement, he found new pleasure in many community services and he loved going to camp with friends. Denny passed away on October 29, 2011 at Sault Area Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He is survived by his many loving friends. Services were held at Arthur Funeral Home. Denny was laid to rest in St. Luke's Columbarium. Though he could be a private person at times, Denny was always able and willing to give of himself. He was so in tune with others that he often seemed able to read their minds. Denny carried with him an almost mystical sense of life. He was a person who was highly original in his thinking and used metaphors and symbols to describe many aspects of his life. A poetic, intuitive “teacher”, Denny Wilkinson shared himself freely and family and friends will remember Denny for the strength of his convictions. WILKINSON, Dennis Joseph “Denny” “Healing Hands” – Peacefully passed away on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at the Sault Area Hospital surrounded by his loving friends. Denny will be remembered by his many friends and Natural Health Clinic clients, as well for his involvement with many charities and organizations such as CNIB Guide Dog Program, St. Johns Ambulance, Light the Cross and Habitat for Humanity just to name a few. In keeping with Denny’s wishes, a memorial service will be held at the Arthur Funeral Home & Cremation Centre on Friday, November 4, 2011 at 1 pm. Pastor Ed Moran officiating. Memorial contributions to the Algoma Residential Community Hospice, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship or to Habitat for Humanity would be greatly appreciated.

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