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John T. McMahon

31 octubre , 19624 noviembre , 2019

John T. McMahon, born October 31, 1962, was taken from us too soon on November 4, 2019. He is predeceased by his parents, John and Doris McMahon.

John leaves behind his wife of 28 years, Joanne, and will live on through his four children, John James, Mary Beth, Courtney, and Jane.

John was dedicated to his five siblings, Deborah, Doreen, Ellen, Dermot, and Jennifer, and to his dear Aunt Irene.

John will best be remembered for his generosity to all, sharp wit, gregarious personality, dedication to Henry the Pup, and unwavering love to family and friends.

We thank John for so many beautiful memories. We will all miss him dearly. May he rest in peace.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Catholic Guardian Services in memory of John T. McMahon.


  • Visitation jueves, 7 noviembre , 2019
  • Visitation jueves, 7 noviembre , 2019
  • Funeral Mass viernes, 8 noviembre , 2019
  • Committal Service viernes, 8 noviembre , 2019


John T. McMahon


Clare Hickey

10 noviembre , 2019

You had my back, even when I didn't want you to. You knew better. And I am glad you had my back. Thank you, John.

Jim Flynn

10 noviembre , 2019


It’s been a week since we last spoke and I miss you more as the days go by. I’ll miss our almost daily conversations about family, friends, work, sports, music, food, pizza reviews, politics, Henry & “the best lasagna”. Our road trips to Montauk & Yankee games are some of my fondest memories. You lived life to the fullest, always with a smile on your face and kindness in that giant heart of yours. You were the brother I never had. As Ozzie Osbourne sang, “I’ll see you on the other side”. Cheers,


Frank Keenoy

9 noviembre , 2019


John’s eyes would light up and he would put a great big smile on his face at the office when I’d say this in front of all of our coworkers. A fellow businessman would tell me while we worked together on Wall Street that no one could speak negatively about me in his presence. He had my back and I had his. I would go to war with you at my side with no moments notice. We grew up in the Bronx with many Bronx friends in common. When we met in 1991 we clicked together like we knew each other from our childhood. So many friends in common we would have from the Bronx. Yankee games, Arther Ave., Johnnys Pizza, and of course one of your favorites before they closed Amici’s.

I look forward to seeing you again along with the other loved ones I have lost when I’m called in my time. You will always be missed in my heart my friend.

God bless you,

Your lifelong friend Irish Frank🍀

Michael Pope

9 noviembre , 2019

I worked with John for over a decade and was privileged to have the office next door to him. This provided me an opportunity to see him daily and to say hello and to hear his take on daily events to get his insight on the newest music movies or anything else that he was passionate about at that moment. His passions were numerous his joy infectious his intelligence and opinions and his ability to communicate was tremendous. Filled with people talking about life children, family and current events, he truly was the spiritual center of the office
John was giving and caring and in a covert way I remember him asking me to take him for a drive one day because his car was in the shop the next thing you knew I was taking him and a dear friend of his, an elderly gentleman to a doctors appointment, grocery shopping and then back to the gentleman‘s home. I’d come to find out the John had been taking care of this man and attending to his needs for years. That was John never making a big deal about his generosity and his care just acting on it. John used to let my wife and I our disabled son Christopher park our car in the driveway at their Montauk property so that we could easily get to the beach. On occasion Joanne and he would be out there. Joanne would attend to Christopher and play with him for hours as if he was their own child while John and I talked swam and just reveled in the joy of being together. John was kind enough to get my wife and my family tickets to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Easter every year. We took numerous people and enjoyed incredible services due to his generosity. One year Cardinal Dolan ,after our son had been making noises during his entire homily, walked up looked at my son in the eyes and said to him I heard you singing during my homily. That was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had as a Catholic and the only reason I got to experience that was because of John.
I am forever grateful and deeply saddened at our loss.

Chris Canning

9 noviembre , 2019

John was a big presence and an integral part of our lives since we moved to Fleetwood many years ago. Yes, he was that guy who made the weekly Fairway grocery runs. When the phone rang, it was more often than not "McMahon, John". We were spoiled by him. He provided milk when we were short, did the train pick-up in a pinch, walked the dog, bought the special ravioli and olive oil from Arthur Ave. He brought great energy and fun to parties and celebrations by the simple act of walking through the door. He cared about our kids and wanted the best for them and looked out for them. He had a heart of gold and was a mush beneath the gruff and blustery exterior. He was always a step ahead of you, knowing your next move before you may have known it. I think back to Hurricane Irene and when our basement sump pump stopped functioning due to a power outage. The water levels were quickly rising and we were inept in our attempts to address the problem. John saved the day by connecting multiple extension cords-winding through front and back yards of neighbors-linking our sump pump to his bathroom outlet (via open windows). Our basement was spared! But that was John, always quick to be in the mix and lend a hand. He knew the value of connections and created touch points and memorable moments for us all. He brought people together, always inclusive. He cherished home, hearth and family. He ADORED you - Joanne, John, Mary Beth, Courtney and Jane - immeasurably and you all were his greatest source of pride and devotion. And John was one of Jerry's dearest and constant friends and he will be so terribly missed. Our neighborhood won't be quite the same without John here. Love to you all, Chris

Ellen McMahon-Cooke

9 noviembre , 2019

John is my brother, 21 months my junior. I’ve been told that I thought he was the best present I ever got. He was adorable, a cherub with a hot temper, a living doll. We shared toys and friends, walked to school together, ate lunch together while watching “Bewitched,”played after school. If John had an evening game at the field on Jerome, he and I could walk over after dinner and I’d watch him through the chain link fence. John loved baseball.
During summers in Montauk, John loved riding his bike, swimming for hours ,digging deep holes in the sand. He loved catching frogs and picking blackberries.In the evenings we ran races around the house, roughly in size order, Deb vs Dor, John vs me, Jenny vs John or we played Memory or cards. Family and friends visited, and we had big family barbecues.
I see so many aspects of these early experiences in the person John grew to be. For a complicated person, he loved the simple things and he loved them very deeply:family, friends, food, and music, ideally all at the same time and in his house! He loved relationships, even difficult ones, and he devoted time to everyone he knew. He was never “too busy.”
John was my go-to person who I never needed to ask. He’d just show up at the right time: the first person to get to the hospital when I had my first child, the first person to get in a car to Montauk to take care of Ian when Owen ended up in the hospital. John mailed me Barry’s Tea when I couldn’t get it at my local grocery store ,fed my sweet tooth with coffee cake and rugalach from the Fleetwood Bakery. He loaned me a million cd’s so my boys could attend his “School of Rock” remotely. I’d mail them back and he’d send new selections. I could just keep going with all the ways John went out of his way for me and my family.
How do I say good bye to him? It’s so hard. I say it with enormous grief and greater gratitude for having had him at all. Rest In Peace,John, with Mom and Dad, and thanks for it all.

Jack Roth

9 noviembre , 2019

A "Mensch" is someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. The key to being 'a real mensch' is nothing less than integrity, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right.

John you were the personification of a Mensch. I will miss you.

Jack Roth

Keenan Lawrence

8 noviembre , 2019


Again I really appreciate you taking you time out of your day and ride a hurricane out with me. You weren't he physically, but you where here . We were getting beat up together down here. Again , that's my man John. Hanging with a Brother, seeing what he can do ,seeing if he could help.
Now, when it comes to family, boy he loved his family. He was always sending photos of his prize possession's - Joanne and the Kids , oh and don't forget Henry. You-all might not know me, but I feel I know you-all. John made sure of that and how proud he was of you-all. He would say " I got some Good Kids ", " they got a good Head on there shoulders".
My biggest regret I have Brother John is not getting up there year as we were planning. We said we would do it this coming year, 2020. Well I reckon I got to live with that, you are wrong. What can I say? What can I do? Well, i just thanked the Good Lord up above for the time we had together. The memories you gave me are for a life time.
John , I Love You and Miss You!!
Well the "Good Lord " wanted the Best and He got You, the One and Only!!

I am cranking this one Up for you there Brother John
Rock On / Rock Steady

Till we meet again.......

Keenan Lawrence

8 noviembre , 2019

Brother John....
Where do I start? I was just talking to you on your B-day. You sent me pics of Henry, chill "n", and said the family was coming over. That's "Good Times ". That was John.
It didn't matter what we were talking about, we always ended up talking about music , tunes. What ya been listening too? Heard any new bands lately? I know I am not saying anything new , that was John, and I loved that about him. After all these years Brother John was still the same ole Brother John. The one and only!
What a Brotherhood you created by keeping in touch with folks and letting them be a part of your life. If there is one person who could make that happen was you !!
I remember , very well, the first time we met. My Uncle Bob ( Bob Sparks) , pretty much told me to go outside, (Morris Ave). Well I went down from the apartment and looked to my left and looked to my right. John was coming up the street wearing that black leather jacket. He asked "what chat doing" and I kinda said " don't really know ". John said "come on ". He was headed down to the "KT".
Bam-that was it. Connected for life. That's the kinda impact he had on people, me included.
Yes to know John is to know and love music. Bam- another connection . I remember, as well as others, listening to serious guitar solos in his bedroom back on Morris Avenue . John would crank it up too! Mrs McMahon (God Bless Her), would tell him to turn it down and John and John would go "yadda yadda yadda " and crank her back up. We just had to hear it , like we couldn't huh?
Rory Gallagher - "Bad Penny" was one of the first songs he told me I had to hear, and we did, around a 100 x's before moving on.
Bam - another connection. I still jam on Rory's songs like we did in the day, gotta crank it up ! It just doesn't sound the same , know what I mean? Thanks John.
Talk about a True Brother. How many people would talk and text you All night while riding a hurricane out? John did ! That's the kinda person he was.

Nancy Gallo

8 noviembre , 2019

John encompassed a “center of the universe” energy.
He was always there.
Whether on his porch, driving by, text, Christmas Eve, Arthur Ave, if I tripped on a curb I would look up at him driving by laughing at me.
His door was always open. Even my dog would run away to his house.
He was always there for anything you needed. His heart was always open.
But the truth of it is, his family was the “center of his universe” and they graciously shared him with us.
How unstable it feels to loose this main sail in our lives , we have his family, the spirit that fed him.
He was always there and Joanne , Mary, John, Courtney , Jane and Henry are there with us and is our center that essentially was always there.
But John if you want to do a random pop up I’m good with that.
Love you Thank you.