18 septiembre , 19252 noviembre , 2019

Andrew V. Obrastoff, age 94, of Lake Stevens, passed away November 2, 2019, after a life well-lived.

Andrew was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 18, 1925 to Vadim Obrastoff-Rutinsky and Nadine Yakovleff.

He graduated from Palmer School of Chiropractic with a bachelor’s degree in Chiropractic Science and was awarded the title Doctor of Chiropractic.

Andrew worked at Boeing for 33 years in electronics testing. He enjoyed hiking, carpentry and tinkering, always able to fix whatever was broken.

He is survived by wife Penny Singer-Obrastoff, sons Paul (Sherri) and Theodore (Sharon), grandchildren Jordan, Ethan and Alexis and siblings Helen Tulintseff and Victor Obrastoff. Andrew was preceded in death by wives Gladys Obrastoff and Evelyn Obrastoff and beloved grandson Andrew Obrastoff (“little Andy”).

A funeral service will be held on Saturday, November 9th at 11:00 AM at Butterworth Funeral Home, 520 W. Raye St. in Queen Anne. Burial will follow at Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Seattle Children’s Hospital.


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Debra Boswell

8 noviembre , 2019

Andy was an amazing man and great friend. It breaks my heart that we will never again have one of our walks around the neighborhood sharing stories about our life's. I feel so blessed to have had Andy in my life for the past 24 years.

Andy embraced and loved my family, including the family dog, Jaq, and was like a grandpa to all of us. He once helped with a school project by taking a snow shovel and a walker and creating a snow shovel on wheels for the elderly which actually worked very well! He house sat when we went out of town, took care of the family pooch, had dinners together and chatted in the street for hours on end. We even had a surprise 80th birthday party for him with all the neighbors on the street! The neighborhood never felt the same after he moved but luckily we stayed in touch and even met for dinner just a few months ago.

I recently said: If you can't be yourself, be Mr. Rogers but if you can't be Mr. Rogers, act like Andy.

I love and will always miss you, Andy!


Steve Johann

7 noviembre , 2019

I wish to express my condolences upon the death of Andy Obrastoff.

I first met Andy back in the early 80's after meeting his Son Theo. I would come by their home and visit with he and his wife and Theo. When Theo moved out I didn't see Andy as much over the years but now and then I would and we would always enjoy a brief conversation. He and I both loved to work with wood I even remember the time he cut off a few fingers on the table saw and was fortunate enough to have them reattached. I suspect he went back to using it again as I would.
I am glad to have known Andy, he was one year older than my Father so they both grew up during the same era. Many fond memories of sitting on their porch visiting when they lived off North Road and even attending a couple family gathering around Christmas time in Seattle Theo and the family.
Blessings to the family you are much loved. Steve Johann