Michael Robert Zangar

16 mayo , 196018 septiembre , 2021

Michael Robert Zangar passed away on Saturday September 18th, 2021 at 61 years old. His wife and best friend along with their middle daughter were present and able to walk him home.

Mike once described himself as diligent, generous, reliable, trustworthy, and resourceful. Without a doubt he was all these things and so much more. Mike was the ultimate hobbyist and has dabbled in numerous activities over the years including riding motorcycles, fishing, leather working, banjo playing, culinary experiments, golfing, pinstripping, and most recently amateur ham radio. He loved dogs and cared for his pets like family often frequenting the local butcher shop to get special food for his German Shepherd. He was a devoted Christian and took pride in his faith and his walk through life as a man of God. Mike loved to joke around and was always making others laugh. He was silly, carefree, and the life of the party. Most importantly, Mike was an amazing father, husband, grandfather, and family member. He cultivated his marriage into a solid friendship and partnership that lasted just shy of 38 years. Mike has always been a present, engaged, and supportive father. He fostered fun and adventure during childhood, taught his daughters important life skills, and was so proud of the adults they became. His granddaughter was his pride and joy. He was actively involved in her life since birth, attended every school recital and award ceremony, picked her up from school on his motorcycle, took her out for special weekend breakfast, and has been teaching her how to drive. Mike knew that family was a gift to be cherished daily. The strength, love, and commitment within his family is his legacy which will continue to strengthen and grow to honor his life.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests any form of condolences be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project or your local animal shelter. There will be a motorcycle run and celebration of life sometime during the spring of 2022.


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Michael Robert Zangar


Robin Yewcic

2 octubre , 2021

Jodie and family-I am so sad to here of Mikes passing. I understand the pain you are going through after loosing my husband 2 years ago to cancer. You and I grew up together, you and Mike were married 1 month before Steve and I, so it would have been 38 years for us as well this year, and we had our 1st babies about 2 weeks apart. I wish we would have stayed in contact throughout the years but please know I think about you and your entire family including Rhonda, Nancy, and Dave often. My sympathies and prayers for your family to hold strong, rely on friends and family to get you through this difficult time, ask for help if you need it, relish in the memories you have, and remember you had the gift of 38 beautiful years that will never be forgotten. You are a strong girl Jodie, hang in there. I would love to talk to you sometime as it sounds like we have some similar interests. My dad sends his sympathies as well. . Love, hugs, and prayers to your family. Feel free to contact me anytime.
Love Robin Yewcic and dad Lloyd Madison

Duff Morrow

30 septiembre , 2021

I worked along side Mike in a nation wide Ham radio group we were both part of. Him, I and others talked weekly via video conference where we planned ham radio activities and such. I will miss those times.

From your friend down in Texas.

Jerry and Denise Ellingson

27 septiembre , 2021

Jerry and I are so sorry to hear about Mike, our prayers go out to all of you, he left too soon.
We loved him from the moment we met him!
It was great getting to know him on all the rides and events.

There are so many memories with him, Jerry remembers when Mike bought that VRod, Mike started getting called the (FasterPaster)! Every time we see a VRod it brings back those memories. Mike was also called (Gadget) he always had the new cool things.
HE will always hold a special place in our hearts and he will be greatly MISSED!!! Jerry and Denise Ellingson

Rodney. Aka Barbie Sala

27 septiembre , 2021

After some previous experiences with churches and or God whom I had a great displeasure for!! Mike was one of two people that got me to realize much of what I experienced was men, humans interpreting God words to fit there own goals or ideals no matter how incorrect they were. I became an ordained minister myself due to much of Mike's input. Gonna miss you brother. Praying your transition to the spiritual world was swift and beautiful. Ride the heavens highways, watch over those you love and may God bless all those whose life you have touched. Till we meet again, much love n hugs to all.

Rhonda Brady

26 septiembre , 2021

Where do i begin? The first time we met, I was in high school. That was almost four decades ago. Mikey, I loved the way you loved my sister and your family unconditionally. You were generous with your time, talent and treasures for anyone in need. I will remember with fondness our many weekends as a family at Papa and Nana lake place. at the lake. You men would fish all day (and drink beer) and subsequently forget it was time to pick us girls up from the beach. I believe the only time i saw my sis mad was when you came home with $800 in fireworks knowing you’d be in trouble…. but your girls would have the best 4th ever. Thank you for graciously humoring my sis when she would dress you in some pretty darn creative costumes for family parties and setting the example for the rest of us to follow. What am i going to do this year without my favorite Christmas cookie tester? I don’t know what life will look like without you in it, but I am grateful for the love and blessings we shared. I was a warrior throughout my cancer because you were my armor. I love you my brother and will see you again in our forever home.


Gianna Zangar

26 septiembre , 2021

My Grampy was the most patient man on earth. Whether it was me playing "dentist" (which in reality was me vacuuming his teeth with a tech vacuum), or listening to Regina Spector a hundred times while I played the piano on his keyboard. I am very blessed that I got 16 years with him and will cherish the memories I made with him forever. I will miss my ham radio buddy very much❤

Alex Mármol

25 septiembre , 2021

I still remember Dillon’s voice when they both talked on the radio saying “This is KJ7LVO” and then Mike would respond and started talking with him for a long time, or him playing with Zoey with that fishing pole or having barbecue at his house...I miss you abuelo 💖

James Bruce

24 septiembre , 2021

"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world." (James 1:27 ESV).

This is unquestionably how Mike lived. His humble kindness and gentleness embodied his strong faith in The Lord. He truly lived this verse. When I found out about his ministry to addicts, or his time with the Soul Patrol, or the many other subtle ways he served people, he never mentioned it in an arrogant way--it was simply how he lived and served.

I am truly going to miss our bi-weekly Monday morning meeting where we would not only discuss work (at which he was incredibly proficient), but ham radio operations, gardening, self-sufficient farming, dogs, motorcycle gang stories, politics, science, fishing, matters of faith and family, and occasionally whiskey and beer. :-)

I told the team that Mike was a giant among men, but not just in stature. He was a gentle giant who you would want by your side in a fight, in times of need, or just simply hanging out.

You're Home now, brother. I'll see you at the banquet.


Nicolle Zangar

24 septiembre , 2021

Nicolle Zangar

24 septiembre , 2021