Carol Linda Milsted

9 septiembre , 195119 febrero , 2021

Carol Linda Milsted (Denholm) passed peacefully in her home in Glendale, Arizona.

She is survived by her husband of 40 years Jack Milsted, her daughter Corrie Mendes (Milsted) and grandkids Emmie & Charley Mendes. She is also survived by a fun herd of sisters: Darlene, Debbie, Donna, Sheila & Heather. Carol was a spunky, fun loving woman who always brought people together.

She was loved by MANY and always brought fun & sarcasm into a room.

In her early years she was a groupie...she loved music! You'd always hear Carol singing along...head bopping with the music. Reliving the old days. Carol LOVED dancing! As a kid she was always dancing in the den to American Bandstand! She even took up singing for awhile and although nervous…loved being on stage.

Loved having visitors (like her cousin Charlette) to float in the pool with her in AZ! As much as she had a love hate relationship with the heat... she mostly loved it. Carol also had a close relationship with her sister in law Wendy & many nieces and nephews she loved dearly. Carol was always reaching out to check in on everyone. No matter how far.

All her cousins loved her like a sister. She also cherished her closest girlfriends with fun memories of Waikiki & bowling days.

Carol had a huge heart and volunteered a lot of her time to the Variety Club Telethon in British Columbia! She won the Hey Rube Award in 2003 for always being there to lend a hand. Carol was a loving wife. Loved her pub nights with her husband Jack (because that's when they got to sit together and he had to talk). She appreciated their relationship & how he never complained when she couldn't do it all. They were great companions for each other & loved taking road trips to LA in the Tesla to visit their daughter and Grand Daughters with the dogs. Always plotted out their food plan. Carol was a loving mother to her daughter Corrie and 'nanny' to her two grandkids Emmie & Charley. Always Corrie's biggest fan. They were each-others person. Talking at least twice a day. Sharing all the stories…turns out Carol was telling everyone Corrie’s stories…she was proud and wanted everyone to know. Always supportive. Never judgmental (at least out loud to Corrie haaa). Carol loved her grandkids. Had a special bond with Emmie & would laugh so hard at all the funny things Charley would say. We will be having a small dinner with Arizona neighbors on March 14 and bringing Carol home to Canada when the borders open (‘darn Covid’ as Carol would say) to celebrate her life in a FUN way with all the best music, Whitespot burgers and Tomahawk pies everyone can handle. Just the way she'd want it!


Carol Linda Milsted


Nick Mitchell

8 marzo , 2021

Carol is a long time regular at Tim Finnegans in Glendale where I was a bartender at. Carol and Jack would come in a couple times a week, sit at the same tables and enjoy their time together. Every year Finnegans gave away a trip to Ireland as a half way to St. Patty's celebration. The night of the drawing, I made a comment about it being her lucky night and that if she won she would take me. Well she DID win that trip to Ireland and her and I had a great time teasing Jack about her taking me and not him. I've been in the service industry for over 20 years now and have rarely come in contact with people as nice as Carol and Jack. Carol will be missed.

Bonnie Baker

5 marzo , 2021

It has been 2 weeks now since we lost a very special and loving woman, who I proudly say was my cousin Carol. We spent so many wonderful times together through our childhood, camping up at Cultus Lake in our grandparents little 20' white & yellow Shasta, family birthdays, and so many Christmas's together at our house with all the cousins from both sides. I was so happy when on August 30, 2020 for Paul & my 50th Anniversary she came out and had breakfast with us, and that would be the last time I would hug this very special cousin who loved life, and her family whom she adored. Carol you are so loved and will be missed, although through our adult life we didn't see each other that much, when we did it was special. Our love and prayers to Jack, Corrie, Emmie & Charley.

Cheryl Perez

5 marzo , 2021

Your mum was the only woman I knew that didn't mind cottage cheese ceiling..when I meant her corrie was working on their new house..I was asking her what they had left to do on the house..corrie said get rid of those ugly cottage cheese ceilings... me and carol both said we don't mind them their fine..we both laughed and laughed trying to figure out why people hated them..

Audrey Back

5 marzo , 2021

Carol was a vivacious woman, full of personality and kindness. She loved her family and was so very proud of them. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. I can say with certainty that we all have special memories to treasure.

Dianne MacDonnell

4 marzo , 2021

Carol and I have been friends for almost 42 years as new neighbours in Surrey. Our friendship was instant and easy. We saw each other almost daily. She was the very first person I went to Tim Hortons with! Our lives took us in different directions but we always managed to reconnect. 4 years ago we had a couple of visits when we had travelled to Phoenix. We watched the inauguration of Trump during one of the visits and you can all imagine what she had to say! I am so happy that she got to see him leave. She called me a couple of months ago to do a “covid check in “ as she called it. Just one of the thoughtful things that she did. I will really miss her humour, her kindness and just her being her. Rest peacefully Carol XO

Diane Yull

4 marzo , 2021

Carol was my first room mate back in the 70's. We had so many laughs over the years. The best times we had were in Hawaii seeing Elvis and flirting with all the cute sailors. White Spot was a huge part of our lives. Every time Carol came to Canada we got together and boy could we talk. She loved telling me about Corrie and what she was up to and who she met during her very interesting work. She loved going to the Oscars and going to see John Mayer in concert. She bragged about Emmie & Charlie and loved those two little girls to bits. Carol was always fun to be with and so open and loving. We always laughed about our husbands because neither one of them are talkers like we are. She would go to the pub to talk to Jack and I would drive with my husband to the dump so he would have to talk. Carol had a heart of gold and used to always buy my lunch at White Spot. I was so happy when I could buy hers for her. I have so many wonderful memories of her and as I write this I am so teary but so happy she was a part of my life for over 50 years. I am so happy I talked to her after the election. We had a lot to say! lol RIP my dear kind funny friend! Love you! :)

Lori Crowe

4 marzo , 2021

You will be so missed Carol! Though I know you are hopping around visiting everyone you know in heaven, sharing laughs and stories. You were always a great family friend, a incredible close friend to my Mom Cheryl Klink. They would share phone calls 4-5x a day. You both are now together in the heavenly skies and chatting up a storm. Carol and Jack had plenty of Pub nights together with my parents Cheryl and Dick and shared some wonderful times together. Carol attended my baby shower for my twins and many family functions. She always- always spoke of Corrie, Emmie, and Charley- her absolute pride and joys! She expressed her love for all of them always. Jack the love of her life forever. I will miss your laughs, smiles, Facebook posts and most of all the funny and beautiful person you are Carol.
Fly High, Dance in the Heavens, Sing your Favorite Songs, Eat your favorite foods all day long and give my Mom Cheryl a Big Hug from all of us. I know, you’ll be an Angel to all.
Lori, Dustin, Kayla, Chloe & Ali Crowe

Gail Bongalis

4 marzo , 2021

Carol used to babysit me & my siblings. I was, also, fortunate to take dance classes with the Denholm girls. Carol was the most amazing Tahitian dancer I'd ever seen. She set the bar very high and had a whale of a time doing it! We performed at the PNE, Kitsilano Showboat, at the now, long gone, Cave night club and a variety of other places. I remember looking up to Carol. She was a great role model for me. When I met up with her in Phoenix in 2011, it was as if no time had passed over the decades. I always, thoroughly enjoyed her presence, as did all the people who loved her, so much. R.I.P., Carol. You will be missed.

Daye Delan

4 marzo , 2021

Carol wasn't simply the Life of the Party - she truly was the party. In our teen years she hosted so many parties, it was crazy! Such good times!! I don't ever recall Carol being on the outs with anyone. Always so entirely accepting. Those of us who have had the pleasure, and honour of knowing Carol will always carry her unbridled laughter in our hearts. Thanks Carol, for all that you brought to this world, and shared with us.
To Carol's family, please accept my sincere condolences.
Daye Delan

Darlene Tomasini

4 marzo , 2021

I worked with Carol in the early 1980s in a real estate office in Mississauga, Ontario. We quickly became friends with us both having daughters the same age. Thanks to technology, we re connected again on Facebook. I looked forward to her postings always filled with laughter and fun. I know her love for Corrie and her girls. Immense would be an understatement. I will truly miss my friend. Fly with the Angels Carol! xo