Tory Edward Andrews

8 febrero , 19863 octubre , 2021

Tory Edward Andrews, 35, of Dighton passed away at his home on October 3, 2021. He was the beloved son of Lorie (Andrews) Van Hook.

Tory was a lifelong resident of Dighton. He was educated in the Dighton schools and was a Dighton-Rehoboth High School Graduate, class of 2004.

Like most individuals, Tory was very complex. He sometimes struggled in high school math class, but he was always able to win math-based card games...even when loopy on pain meds while waiting for a heart transplant. As a boy he was as curious as a cat, which had the downside of him finding out the hard way that broken glass cuts flesh and stepping on sewing needles hurts. Tory wasn't someone that told jokes, but he always had a subtle smile on his face like he saw something funny about life that you didn't notice.

Tory was always willing to lend a helping hand to everyone and he especially loved helping and spending time with children. He was a wonderful Uncle to his nephews Conner, Cole and Isaac. He loved teaching Conner and Cole about gun safety and joining them in firing many rounds of target practice while ensuring they kept all of their fingers and toes intact!

Tory worked for Dave’s Fresh Marketplace as a maintenance technician. During the COVID-19 pandemic he was proud to be an “essential worker” and help his community stay fed. And he definitely enjoyed the perks of free food!

Tory is survived by his mother Lorie (Andrews) Van Hook and her husband John of Dighton, brother Kyle Van Hook of Lakeville and his wife Danielle, his Grandmother (Grammy) Cheryl Longton of Dighton and her husband David (whom Tory affectionately called “Grumpy”), and many other family members residing in Massachusetts and southern California.

The family would like to thank the many health care professionals who helped Tory survive childhood leukemia at age 3 and made it possible for Tory to have a heart transplant at age 17. The family is also eternally grateful to the wonderful community of people, many of whom the family never had the pleasure of meeting, who were so kind in helping and supporting Tory during his many childhood medical procedures.

Relatives and friends are invited to gather for a Celebration of Life from 11am to 3pm on Sunday October 10th at 7 Hill Street, Lakeville.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to your favorite charity in Tory’s name.


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Tory Edward Andrews


Kathy Souza

8 octubre , 2021

Lorie, John, Kyle, Cheryl and all the family and friends who love Tory,
Please know you are in my heart. I can't count all the wonderful memories we shared over the last 30+ years. I can hear Tory's little voice on the telephone with the most polite manner I've ever heard from a five year old, and more recent conversations when he showed me the work on his apartment or we discussed gun classes.
Tory was part of my family for many years. Funny, smart, good natured child who never whined or complained no matter what he was going through. My kids always wanted to visit Tory when he was in the hospital, and enjoyed so many fun times as they grew up. While children grow apart, Tory brought me the friendship of Lorie and then John that spans decades, you two are my dearest friends and I know the love you've given will come back to you. I hope you find comfort in the love and support of family and friends, and in knowing you were always there for Tory, and he loved and appreciated you.

Rita Horton

8 octubre , 2021

My condolences to Tory's family and friends. When I first met Tory, I just kept saying he had such a peaceful soul about him. Hugs to you Lorie, I know you're missing him greatly. I know Tory left you with more smiles and laughter than anything else. My heart goes out to you. May peace follow you Tory. ❤

Nathan Barboza

6 octubre , 2021

You either Loved Tory Andrews, or you didn't know Tory Andrews, I knew Tory, Since Grade 1, so this one hurts a little more. His mother was mine and anyone from Dighton Rehoboth schools Lunch lady, MY DEEPEST SYMPATHIES TO HER... All the crazy things Tory went through in his early years health-wise would make the strongest of men wanna give up or hide in a bubble, NOT TORY he was strong and made the best of any situation, and had fun and enjoyed life without fearing. I honestly cannot think of anytime Tory ever had any problems or hurtful things to say about anyone, he loved people. We were attached at the hip for many years, I could literally write a book about all the stuff we got into, From almost Topling his beat-up Bronco at Tommy's Pit to almost getting Trampled by a loose bull at THE REHOBOTH FAIR. From the times at the band space (MY BAND WANTED TORY IN A GREENMAN OUTFIT TO BE OUR MASCOTT AND HYPE UP THE CROWD'S AT OUR SHOWS) to the countless hours in SNOOP's(Nick Cardoza's) grandparent's driveway just laughing and enjoying each other's company. You will be missed... and Thank You for the Memories...

Donna Gouveia

6 octubre , 2021

Oh Tory, we have been blessed to have been able to have with us for as many years as we did, but I wish for more....
More days to have water fights.. Climb after you and your friends up the tree... One more swirlie...Throw you one more time into the turtle pool... Hike up to the Green leaf Hut and cook marsh mellows by the fire... To see your smile when you got your first truck, and the pride you had in every job you did.
It was a pleasure to watch you grow and to see the fun loving boy turned into a caring man. I will hopefully see you on the other side one day, you will be missed and you know your loved.

Mary Hathaway

5 octubre , 2021

Lori , I am so sorry to here about Torys passing. I will always remember you picking up Stephen and a few of Torys friends and bringing them into the hospital to celebrate Torys 16th Birthday. I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for Tory as he was such a brave young man. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Danny Carpenter

5 octubre , 2021

Tory and I grew up together, were friends for over 30 yrs. he would
Do anything for anyone, and was a great friend. We rode dirtbikes , played paintball, off-roaming, and many more. then later in life worked together doing some incredible jobs. I will miss him greatly. He pushed through things that I could never imagine, but never showed his pain, always resilience. Godspeed my friend

Kevin Corey

5 octubre , 2021

Throughout our Friendship, Tory never wavered and never faded. He made all seem effortless, including friendship.
It was not what Tory did but how he did it. It was his quality. In a word, Grace.
Deep sympathy and healing prayers to Lorie and all of Tory’s family and all of his friends.
Love remains