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Edward Frederick SAYLOR III

23 diciembre , 195411 febrero , 2020

Edward Frederick SAYLOR nació el 23 diciembre , 1954 y falleció el 11 febrero , 2020.


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Edward Frederick SAYLOR III


June "Victoria" Kondor

28 febrero , 2020

Ed, what a character you were in our South Gate junior and high school days so much so that you kinda scared quiet wallflower me with that mischievous, wily smile of yours.

I once remember you bagging our groceries at Vons, and my mother nudging me to whisper,
"I think he's flirting with you."
"No mom!" I protested with a frown.
"He's always like that."

I'm sure, though, it was nice to have been noticed by you, and no doubt would have flashed you one of my polite smiles. Honestly, I was probably more embarrassed by my mother's presence with me in tow than this uncomfortable chance Vons meeting of ours.

I remember you showing such promise then, wearing a little black bow tie and red stripped apron, making intermittent eye contact and friendly chit chat as you efficiently hustled our groceries into brown paper bags as if a juggler in a circus and that charisma and high spirited energy of yours.

Nothing more I can say dear SG person of long ago, except it was good to have crossed paths. May peace be with you and that you find yourself in the comfort of your son Steven.