George Joseph "Chip" Beusch Jr.

17 noviembre , 195528 diciembre , 2020

George Joseph “Chip” Beusch, Jr.

November 17, 1955 – December 28, 2020

Chip is the beloved husband of Christina and father of Clare and Edwin. He is loved by his siblings (Joanne, Pam, Eddie, Charlie, and Marg) and by his nephews, niece, great-nephews, great-nieces, extended family and friends across the country. Chip was preceded in death by his brother Eddie, and parents, George and Anne.

Chip was raised in Relay, MD, but had a western spirit that carried him and his bride to the Pacific Northwest in 1988 when he joined the Judge Advocate General Corps at Fort Lewis. Their family would eventually make their home in Olympia, WA. While he had a career in the law, Chip’s highest achievement, to which he devoted himself entirely, was raising and caring for Clare and Edwin. He volunteered at their schools, guided them through homework and projects, and attended and coached their sporting events. He will be remembered as the dedicated scorekeeper for the Olympia Bears Boys Basketball Team, for whom he continued to keep score even after his player son graduated.

Chip gave Christina and their children an adventurous life filled with cross-country journeys, spirited conversation on all manner of topics, and appreciation for cooking, good food, art, history, languages, plants, and the outdoors. He had a curious mind, which he said one must cultivate in order to avoid being bored or being boring.

For his family, friends, and neighbors, Chip is the model of a good, faithful, honest, and generous man. Chip believed that whatever this temporal world offers, true peace and happiness are found in an eternal life with the Lord.

A Funeral Mass will be held for Chip at St. Columban Catholic Church in Yelm, WA on Tuesday January 5th at 11:00 AM. The following day, Chip will be laid to rest in a private family ceremony at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, WA in honor of his military service.

In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to the following organizations in Chip’s memory:

St. Columban Catholic Church - Chip and Christina’s home parish where the Funeral Mass will be held.

Prince of Peace Newman Center - The Catholic Newman Center at the University of Washington where Clare was heavily involved in ministry and both Clare and Ed were confirmed.

Olympia Hoops – which supports the development of the boys on the Olympia High School Basketball Team for which Ed played throughout high school and Chip kept score and stats for many years. (c/o John Kiley) 3420 Newbury Ct. SE Olympia, WA 98501

Gary Sinise Foundation- Supporting veterans and first responders in honor of Chip’s military service.


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    martes, 5 enero , 2021


George Joseph "Chip" Beusch Jr.


Lauren McBride

5 enero , 2021

Throughout my entire childhood, Mr. Beusch was a constant supporter of me.

When it came to basketball, I owe immense gratitude to Mr. Beusch. He pushed me to scrimmage with the boys before school every day, and made it clear to me, on a daily-basis, that I was always capable of keeping up. He would rebound my shots for hours on end, play 1v1 against me, and compete with my friends and me anytime that I asked him to. If I needed an extra hand or some competition, he was the first person I would ask, before any friend or member of my own family. I have him to thank for not only my skills as a player, but my immense love for the game that continues today.

Just this last January, Mr. Beusch was at one of my last basketball games. He had given me back about 5 notes that he had kept over the years. I wrote these notes with one of my good friends, following a scrimmage against us. One of the notes read, “Don’t be a baby… Stop crying and be a MAN!” This sort of competitive language was a key part of our relationship, and I don't think things would have been the same without it. I must have written these at least 5 years ago, yet he had kept them all. Having these now is one of the best tokens of my memories of him.

I distinctly remember a day, while attempting to ride no-handed to the cul de sac opposite us, that I took a large tumble and cut up my legs fairly badly. Before I could even get back on my feet, Mr. Beusch was running down the street and helping me up. He made sure I was okay, grabbed my bike, and walked it back to my house as I ran inside to get cleaned up.

Mr. Beusch is a model for the level of kindness and generosity that I will continue to strive for. I am so thankful that he was there for me as a neighbor, a role-model, a competitor, and a friend.

Tanner McBride

5 enero , 2021

I was lucky enough to have grown up with Mr. Beusch as my neighbor. Of course, I saw Mr. B when I knocked on the door asking to see Clare or Eddie but he was so much more than just a friend's parent.

Mr. Beusch and I both shared an interest in outdoor projects. From replacing a broken sprinkler head to cutting limbs from a tree out front. He would never turn down my "assistance" even when it meant things moved a bit slower than he had planned. When I made a suggestion about how to do something he would take it under serious consideration before determining my method was far too dangerous.

Another memory that comes to mind is the day Mr. B. rented a manlift to access some particularly high tree branches. Mr. Beusch spent an hour or so cutting branches and the rest of the day was spent giving the neighborhood kids rides in the manlift. Whether it was an end-of-school BBQ or taking us all for a spin in a manlift, Mr. B went out of his way to make special memories for all of us.

I feel so fortunate to have had Mr. Beusch in my life growing up.

Gabriela Pannkuk

4 enero , 2021

Looking back at all the many years that I knew Chip from the day we met the Buesch family back when Ahlora and Claire were in first grade. Going to basketball games near and far!! Chip was always cheerful. To the most recent after they shut down the salon he canceled his appointment. To make sure the ladies were able to get in to have their hair done. Later I did cut his hair just in time for Edwin‘s confirmation. Boy will I miss his cheery voice as he would walk in the salon early mornings and say “hey Gaby how are you?” You’ll truly be missed my friend!!

Dan Klein

4 enero , 2021

Dan Klein

4 enero , 2021

Dan Klein

4 enero , 2021

Chris Kiley

4 enero , 2021

Chris Kiley

4 enero , 2021

Chip was the neighborhood guy! Like Angela McBride shared, he connected with people and made them feel important. He was easy to talk to and genuinely cared about everyone ...especially the kids! I wonder how many hours he spent at the cul-de-sac hoop! I remember the day after our son, Dawit, arrived from Ethiopia Chip was the first to greet him with a new Barcelona soccer ball! I also remember the pilot cap (see photo!!) for the 4th of July parade! Chip was thoughtful and reliable. He kept books for the boys basketball team for approximately 6 years and faithfully delivered the complete book to our doorstep (perfectly protected in a bag) the morning after each game. He loved basketball from the neighborhood hoop to the high school sidelines. Chip will be greatly missed but not forgotten . Hard to believe his time came so soon. We will treasure the memories and look forward to making more with Christina, Clare, Eddie and the rest of the family as it grows!! Love you all 💜

Angela McBride

4 enero , 2021

Neighborhood Fourth of July Parade

Tom McBride

4 enero , 2021

Chip Beusch was one of a kind. My family and I were very fortunate to be neighbors of Chip, Christina, Clare and Ed Beusch in Olympia for about 15 years.

Chip did it his way with his focus on experiences and people. He and Christina spent hours in his yard and in our cul-de-sac laboring away on yard projects. He always moved with great care and consideration. His work was never truly complete because it could always be perfected further with new designs and additional plantings. I think that sometimes the planning, details and related conversations were his favorite part.

That quality also showed up in Chip’s friendships. Chip was genuinely interested in others and he made friends with everyone. Those new friends of all ages came from many walks of life- his neighbors, the door to door salesperson, the package delivery people, and, most importantly, the kids in the neighborhood. Chip never told me, but he was known as the lollipop man to the neighborhood kids. He played basketball with my daughter and worked on projects with my son. Chip cared about people and he was always there for us all.

Chip gave greatly to all with his time and friendship. I will miss him.