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Mary Jean Spaulding

12 septiembre , 193110 noviembre , 2019

Mary Jean Spaulding nació el 12 septiembre , 1931 y falleció el 10 noviembre , 2019.


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Mary Jean Spaulding


Linda Sang

18 noviembre , 2019

Like others who have left messages here, I met Mary Jean Spaulding on the Amazon Christianity forum, which a group of us regulars treated as an interfaith forum. Although she had strong beliefs of her own, what stood out about Mary Jean was her unfailing kindness, generosity and tolerance towards people like me who did not and could not share her beliefs, coming as we did from very different religious backgrounds. Her kindness really stood out in an environment where some self-proclaimed "believers" were intolerant to the point of viciousness.

My favorite memory of her generosity is that a number years ago she bought me a copy of a new annotated translation of the Song of Songs by Rabbi Rami Shapiro, a very liberal Reform rabbi. I desperately wanted the book after I read the Amazon preview but couldn't afford to buy it at the time. Mary Jean ordered it and had it sent to me.

She was a good friend and a wonderful human being. She will be sorely missed.

--Linda Sang

bryan borich

12 noviembre , 2019

Like others here, I meet her on Amazon discussion forums, we debated alot, but maybe the most important thing was her answer to one question "Be Perfect as your Father is Perfect", and her answer was she was trying. And unlike some Christians I've meet, she did a good job of trying.
She was always a great help when needed.

Also, maybe this song best reflects her life experiences as she disclosed to me (and now she is back home),


Vicki Ring

12 noviembre , 2019

I met Mary as mrs exp on the Amazon.com Christianity forum and I will always remember her steadfast faith in God, her defense of the faith, and her humility and love for others, even if they had a different viewpoint than hers. She was very gentle in that way, yet she was a formidable debater.

After the forums were taken down, I was very happy that she did occasionally get in touch through email and that in our last conversation I was able to make her laugh.

I sure will miss her.

Jeannette Rawlins

12 noviembre , 2019

I met Miz Mary Jean on an online Christianity Forum. She was such a warm and delightful addition to our discussions, and in humbly sharing her biblical understandings, we often had very meaningful discourse.

She will always have a special place in my heart and I will miss her very much.

My prayer is that you find some measure of comfort in knowing Miz Mary Jean often mentioned her lovely family and was always appreciative of your caring help and support.

Peace and love now and always,

Reed Dark

12 noviembre , 2019

Mary, or Mrs Exp as I knew her, will be sorely missed. Her knowledge of her Bible and willingness to read different books always made me jealous. I couldn’t imagine me ever keeping all of the history in a coherent timeline, but she seemed to do it without difficulty. I’ll miss having her recommend books too, although there are numerous books she recommended still left to read.

Please know Mary Jean was special to a lot of us that knew her through cyber conversation. We know her children were special to her too. She spoke often of the help and care that you provided for her.

I pray you find comfort in knowing that she meant so much to so many others. And, may your new journey be filled with love from those who she shared her life with.