William Lyle Bonham

10 diciembre , 193413 septiembre , 2021

William Lyle Bonham, age 86, of Olympia, Washington passed away on Monday, September 13, 2021. William was born December 10, 1934.

Due to Covid, the family has requested that only family members attend the funeral.

You are welcome to leave your condolences, memories or stories below for the family or Bill if you wish.


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William Lyle Bonham


Carrie Pedegana

23 septiembre , 2021

I have many, many, many memories of my Uncle Bill! I have memories of him in Woodland Hills, CA at my grandparents house in the summer time. I have memories of him in Hoquiam, WA at my Grandmother's house. My fondest memories were at Hood Canal in Washington, at the family's summer cabin. Back in the day, us kids would play on the beach in our bare feet. The beach is riddled with oyster shells, and we always got many cuts on our feet, which would than gather little tiny rocks in the cuts that hurt like heck! Uncle Bill always came to the rescue with a very dull butter knife to dig those rocks out! And he wouldn't take "no" for an answer! He was always ready with a joke. Sometimes he would start to tell a story, and you were never sure if it was a real story, or the beginning of a very long joke. He was a very honest and noble man. He loved God and his family with all his heart. He will be missed..... I love you Uncle Bill!

Alexis Lisle

20 septiembre , 2021

To even begin to think of fond memories with grandpa is one that leaves me with numerous moments we shared together. Grandpa is one of those people that you can share stories about but never truly be able to articulate his spirit. Many that were luckily enough to know him know exactly what I mean. One of my fondest memories has to be a road trip that Kitty Grandma, Grandpa and I went on. To set the scene, we had stopped somewhere to hike around and explore as we do every road trip. Grandpa looked at me and asked me to help him pick up this rock so we could take it home. As I look at this massive rock I feel honored grandpa thought I could pick it up, so I was totally willing to give it a go. Took a deep breath and prepared myself as I went to grasp the rock I almost fell over. Not due to it's heavy nature, but the fact it was a type of rock that was light as a feather. Grandpa chuckled as he knew all along that I would brace myself for a heavy rock for it to only be so light. That was grandpa for you, always one step ahead of everyone with his witty comical nature. There was never a dull moment with him. Even though grandpa was often more times than not a comical person his love for christ was always forefront. One thing I know more than anything is he's looking down at us from heaven to surround us with the love and protection of christ. His spirit is still alive within our memories and will continue to live among us in the pieces of himself he shared with us. I know his quick witty sense of humor that he shared with me will be shared with others. With this we will keep his spirit alive within us and share it to others that could use just a piece of who he is in our life.

Pam Hogan

19 septiembre , 2021

After hearing how he brought Chris and Panacea together, I spent a weekend with them, their 5 children, Debi and “Daddy” at the family cabin. I’ve always known Debi greatly loved her dad, but was surprised at the love and respect shown to him by Chris and his family. Daddy even led a church service for them on Sunday morning! Always ready with a joke, he was fun to be around, but worthy of great respect, too. Rest in the sweet embrace of Jesus, Daddy!

Roberta Laakso

18 septiembre , 2021

Our parents divorced when Bill and I were very young, and he went to live in California with our dad, and I lived in Washington with our mother. I would go down to California every summer either by train or by Plane, and spend the whole summer with Bill and my sister Linda. We had so much fun. We would play games, tell stories, and swim in the pool. Then in later years Bill move back to Washington with his family. We spent lots of summers at our summer home on hood canal. Do you love to take the boat out with me riding behind it in an innertube. You always try to make me fall off, but I never did! Bill I will miss you so much! You were always there for me when I needed you. You are now with the Lord, and in peace. I would love and miss you forever!

Debi Lisle

18 septiembre , 2021

Dear Daddy,

I feel so empty without you but know you are in a much better place with the Lord free of pain.

I have a lifetime of memories to hold in my heart of us together but I just wasn't ready to give up and wanted to have one more road trip with you as the grand finale. I do know that when I do make the trip I will have you by my side in the co-pilot seat giving me directions like you always did.

You were always there guiding me whenever I asked for help. I remember the time I slipped and hit the water line outside and water went everywhere. I called you and you walked me through what I needed to do and then drove 2 hours right away to fix the problem for me. I will always be so grateful for all you have done for me. Always there no matter what was in the way in life.

Thank you for supporting me in my every ambition and helping me get through them. Remember — you always taught me to never give up; I promise I won’t ever give up.
Behind every great daughter is truly an incredibly amazing father like you!

I love you very much daddy and hold you deeply within my heart close.

Your loving daughter, Debi

Kim Merriss

18 septiembre , 2021

I have so many memories of Uncle Bill. One of the last times he was at Twin Lakes with me we took a hike to Barney Lake. He was the oldest of all of us and he out walked all of us. I loved hearing the stories he would tell us around the campfire, sometimes being said in a Donald Duck voice! Spending time with the family at the canal I remember going out to get clams and oysters along the shore with Uncle Bill and then he would put them on the bbq. I am blessed to have had an uncle, and godfather, like him in my life. And I am happy I got to see him and spend time with him on his trip to Tennessee a few years ago. You will be missed Uncle Bill, but you will always be in our hearts and memory.

Mike Schmenger

17 septiembre , 2021

I remember uncle Bill playing with us in the pool in Woodland Hills and in Camarillo, he was the only one to EVER get me to eat pancakes, probably cause I was so hungry after a morning of cutting trees and trimming bushes and loading those into his yellow truck. Enjoyed all the times we had camping at twin lakes and hearing about his adventures while we were apart. I almost ordered pancakes when we saw him and Richard last in TN. He is in a better place and we will all remember your laugh, smile and Donald Duck voice.