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Jimmy Lee Curry

12 abril , 19366 julio , 2019
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Jimmy Lee Curry, 83, of Waco, passed away on Saturday, July 6, 2019. Graveside services will be held at Waco Memorial Park at 10:00 am on July 12, 2019. The family will receive friends from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, July 11th at Connally/Compton Funeral Directors.

Jimmy was born on April 12, 1936 in Waco, Texas to Jewel and Willie Brewer Curry. Jimmy attended schools in both Corsicanna and Waco, as well as Durham Business College. Jimmy developed his work ethic early in life starting at age 10 cleaning tables at a local restaurant in Corsicana, Texas. He later became manager at Harrell's Gas Station on LaSalle Ave at the age of 18. In 1960, he began working in the warehouse of Gibson's Discount Center and through hard work and determination became the youngest buyer for all 14 stores. Jimmy traveled all over the US to various trade shows and was the first buyer to put in the order for Star Wars toys in Waco. He retired from Gibson's after 28 years and continued to pursue a love of woodworking where he taught himself to make children's furniture for Head Start, Day Care Centers and even planters for florists Texas wide.

Jimmy fell in love at first-site to Joyce Ann Hammer in March 1954. After their first date, he made sure she never got away, since he followed her on several dates after that. Realizing Jimmy was not going to give up, she said yes! They were married in Waco on September 10, 1954 at the Nix family home with friends and family smiling beside them. Their honeymoon was in New Orleans and they were under strict orders from the family not to go to Bourbon Street, which just happened to be the first place they visited! They returned to New Orleans early in 1955 where Joyce asked Jimmy to find a place to order a BLT. The story goes that Jimmy went in to a local restaurant to order one and 45 minutes later Joyce went looking for him. It turns out the chef had never heard of a BLT and refused to make one for a customer until he made and ate one himself. He loved it so much he put it on the menu!

Jimmy enjoyed the life God gave him in everything he did. His love of hunting took him to Colorado where he flew on a small plane with several friends and local businessmen. They were going Moose hunting, the only trouble with the trip was that Jimmy had to hold his door closed since the door latch didn't work. He said it was worth it, since he got to hunt with the late movie legend Dale Robertson. He also hunted for pheasant in Nebraska and white tail dove in Mexico. Another joy was fishing all over Texas. He loved to tell the story of teaching a friend to cast in Port Arkansas where during one of his lessons, his friend missed the water and hooked a big one, right on the top of Jimmy's head! A guide just happened to drive by with other fishermen and wanted to make sure all was good and Jimmy being the layed-back gentlemen said "sure". The guide mentioned that was great and as he was about to drive off asked Jimmy, "what about the lure stuck in the top of your head?" At the hospital the nurse had to stand on the gurney to reach the lure to remove it. All Jimmy cared about was making sure he didn't lose the lure! Motorcycles were another passion of his. At one point he convinced Joyce that they really needed all 11 at one time! Jimmy and Joyce road all over the lower 48 and even made it to Pike's Peak when it was a gravel road! They enjoyed riding every weekend through Cameron Park, Lake Waco and loading up for the dirt tracks at Lake Whitney, Prairie Hill and Ogelsby just to name a few.

Jimmy's greatest love though, was Joyce. If ever a man considered his vows to be set in stone, it was Jimmy Curry. His sole purpose was to love, honor, cherish and protect Joyce. He spent 65 years being her lover and best friend, just the way God intended. Joyce returned that love in how she cared for this great man. It was a well-known fact that every time Jimmy had an illness that required changes, she made sure he followed them to the letter, except on holidays! Joyce's cooking is well known to the Curry family and friends and Jimmy's love of it had its own reputation. He was famous for stealing an extra cookie at Christmas only to get caught because he forgot to wipe the chocolate off his mouth or shake the powdered sugar off of his shirt. He complained the cookie jars were just too noisy! He was a charter member of the Waco Gun Club where he won numerous trophies for skeet shooting. He was also a member of the Baylor Masonic Lodge.

He is preceded in death by his parents and sisters, Billie Pearl Reese and Shirley Jean Millsap. He is survived by his wife Joyce Ann Curry of Waco; sons Randy Curry and wife Patti of Bosqueville and Ricky Curry and wife Amanda of Waco; Brother John Curry and wife Beth of Forney and sister Bonnie Crelia of Hewitt; Grandsons Chris Curry and wife Lindsey of Harker Heights, Chance Curry of Waco, Cameron Curry and wife Kaelyn of Waco, Corbett Curry and wife Alejandra of Waco, Connor Curry of Waco and Matt Neckar of Bosqueville; Granddaughters Candice Curry of Waco, Paige Lundy and husband Jeff of Hewitt, and Shelby Hawes and husband RC of Austin; Great-grandchildren, Colton, Chase, Cooper, Charlie, Cydney and Ezekeil as well as numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. The family wishes to thank everyone at St. Anthony's and Providence Hospital ICU and 4th floor nurses, aides, doctors and staff. They all took such good care of Jimmy and made us feel that he was part of their family and not just a patient.

Serving as pallbearers for "Pepa" will be his grandsons and honorary pallbearers will be his granddaughters.

Psalm 127 says,"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builder labor in vain." Jimmy did not labor in vain and we will miss him dearly.


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  • Graveside Service viernes, 12 julio , 2019


Jimmy Lee Curry


Kaelyn Curry

12 julio , 2019

My favorite memories are of Cam and I sitting on your bed swapping stories and catching you and mema up on our lives. I really wish we would have done it more often. I would also love to have one of those big warm hugs again! I feel so blessed to be a Curry and to be a part of this loving family that you created. We already miss you so much and nothing will ever feel the same without you. Love you pepa!

Jeff Lundy

11 julio , 2019

Hey Jimmy,

Our conversations were always fairly short and to the point, I never got to know you in the traditional family way, but I could see how your influence on the family and those around you spoke worlds to who you are. You always had a very calm and warming presence about you, I never felt like anything less than part of the family since Paige first brought me around.
Even when you and Joyce were arguing about the cable remote, you still kept an even demeanor about yourself.
Apart from Paige, Joyce was the first member of the Curry household that I really bonded with, and I wish I could have know the man ,that kept that awesome lady happy for 65 years, better. There will be a noticeable gap in world without you.

Lov you and miss ya,


Corbett Curry

10 julio , 2019


Your legacy is so strong that it still lives past your death. You where a man that was always there to the point that it’s impossible to think you are gone. “It’s pepa he will be fine “ are my own words and will ring in my head for a long time. I wouldn’t have what I have if it wasn’t for you. You gave us a home and a place that people who weren’t even family never wanted to leave.You and mema started something that will carry on for generations to come just by showing your love for each other day in and day out. I sit here and wonder why I haven’t felt grief, wonder if there is something wrong or I’m not right. But maybe it’s because grief is not the answer. I believe celebration for the life of an amazing man who touched lives is the appropriate response. So Jimmy Curry I will celebrate you and everything you have done. You are my pepa and will always be my pepa! Every time I turn on my saw I will think about you. Every time I watch a Steven seagal movie i will think about you. You will never be forgotten and will always be loved. Rest In Peace and know we have your wife in good hands.

Tammie Van Meter

9 julio , 2019

Mr. Curry,
What a loving, caring family you have raised. I only knew you for a short time, but realized right away what a deep love you and mrs Curry shared. May God hold you in his loving embrace and may you dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

John Curry

9 julio , 2019

I will miss hearing you say “I love you” at the end of every phone conversation. Your absence leaves a Huge void.

I will miss you asking about the weather while I was traveling out of town. You always wanted to be sure I was ok.

I will miss you asking if Beth was traveling with me, and you always were comforted knowing I wasn’t alone.

I will miss your thoughtfulness, and your caring heart, always were loving to me and Beth.

I will miss the stories that you told me 100’s of times over the years, I would give anything to hear one of them right now.

I will miss hearing your stories about the grandkids and your love and faithfulness of always being available to pick them up or take them places.

I miss you, I have not yet been able to reset my brain so it knows that you have left us for awhile, I look forward to the day when I will see you again.

chris curry

9 julio , 2019

Pepa, i sit here struggling to find the words to express my feelings. i will always love you and miss you. You and dad are the greatest role models a man could have growing up. I will always be greatful for the time spent together and for the time my children got to spend with you. I just wish we had more. i will love you always, chris

Lindsey Curry

9 julio , 2019

Pepa, Thank you for helping shape my husband into the man he is today. He loves wood work because of you. Thank you for showing him how you loved Mema. He knows how to love me unconditionally because of that. Thank you for sharing so many of your wonderful qualities with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you for sharing those wonderful qualities with me. We will love you and miss you.

Shelby Hawes

9 julio , 2019

To this day, your reaction to my tattoos is still my absolute favorite.
I came into yall's bedroom, and over to Mema's side of the bed to show her my newly swollen and colorful forearm. You slyly leaned over from your side till you could see, and without any hesitation at all, you let out, "Well good night! You're making me hurt!" ,which caused us all to laugh
It's one of my favorite memories of you because for me, it says so much. The strange concept didn't bother you, or that I had a tattoo even. You instead found a way to relate with honest humor. You have never once judged me, or said anything in any type of negative tone when it comes to the person I am and how I present myself. You have always shown me love, acceptance, kindness and patience. You've always shown you were proud of me, and everyone else as well. Your support and love has done so much for all of us, and I am so happy that I got to call you my Pepa. I love you so much, and I know we'll see you again.

Paige Lundy

9 julio , 2019

Pepa, I miss you very much. You and Daddy were the very first men in my life that I always knew I would never ever have to be afraid of. The family feels so much smaller now, and I think it will feel that way for a long time. Less than 6 weeks ago you were picking up Chase from school, and looking forward to picking up Charlie as well when August rolls around. In my whole life I cannot recall you every saying one cross word about anyone. You taught us so much, but what you taught me most was patience, family always comes first, and listening can be so much more impressive and useful than speaking. If we had to describe you in one word I think all of us would agree that word would be selfless. Your whole life was about doing for others instead of yourself, and I will try to be more like you every day for as long as I live. And I will do my best to pass on what you taught us to my own children. You will never be forgotten. You will never be out of our thoughts. You will live on in us and in all the family that has yet to come. Until we can embrace you again in Paradise, please know that we are sending you love and will always be grateful to you, our Pepa.

Love you,

Alex Curry

9 julio , 2019

Oh Pepa. First off, you and mema have always been my favorite Curry’s (don’t tell anyone else I said that). I joined the family a little later than everyone else, but it didn’t take long for me to feel as part of your own. You have such a kind, and loving aura that neither of us will ever be able to put into words.

I love that the last memory that I have of you is you playing “pretend football” with Zeke. Even in your pain, you showed him all of the love. So glad that you were able to meet him, but saddened by the fact that you will have to watch him grow from afar, in heaven.

For as long as we live, we will keep your memory alive. Please watch over us, and don’t you worry about Mema....we will all pitch in and give her all of the love that you showed her on a daily basis.

Love and miss you , always. ❤️