Howard "Silver" L. Bryant

23 julio , 194310 septiembre , 2020

Howard “Silver” L. Bryant, 77, passed away on September 10, 2020. Born July 23, 1943 to Amos and Mary (Hayes) Bryant. He is preceded by his parents, wife Lois Bryant, daughter Kathy Omstead, and brother Eddie Bryant. He is survived by son Robert (Stacey) Bryant, daughter Tracy Crusinbery, daughter Windy Harris, son Eddy Bryant, daughter Jeanna Middleton, brothers Jim Bryant and Claude Kinser, sisters Phyllis Whittaker and Sandy Buttry, 21 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, memorials can be made to American Cancer Society, PO Box 22478 Oklahoma City, OK 73123. Visitation will be held 4-6pm on Monday, September 14, 2020 at Resthaven Mortuary. Funeral service will be held 1pm on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at Resthaven Mortuary, 11800 W Hwy 54, Wichita, KS 67209. The family has requested these services to be livestreamed from Resthaven Mortuary & Resthaven Gardens of Memory Facebook page at


  • Lois Bryant, Wife (deceased)
  • Kathy Omstead, Daughter (deceased)
  • Amos Bryant, Father (deceased)
  • Mary (Hayes) Bryant, Mother (deceased)
  • Eddie Bryant, Brother (deceased)
  • Robert (Stacey) Bryant, Son
  • Tracy Crusinbery, Daughter
  • Windy Harris, Daughter
  • Eddy Bryant, Son
  • Jeanna Middleton, Daughter
  • Jim Bryant, Brother
  • Claude Kinser, Brother
  • Phyllis Whittaker, Sister
  • Sandy Buttry, Sister
  • Silver also leaves behind 21 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren to cherish his memory.


  • Visitation

    lunes, 14 septiembre , 2020

  • Funeral Service

    martes, 15 septiembre , 2020

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Howard "Silver" L. Bryant


Robert Bryant II

15 septiembre , 2020


I remember the time you came to visit Holly and us and drew the Elvis head on our chalkboard wall. We never washed it off, until we sold the house.

I am so thankful that you introduced us to metal detecting and mushroom hunting, dont worry we will continue to keep the tradition alive.

I am really going to miss giving you a hug and you saying "uh ok" all while telling me you dont hug.

I love you grandpa and I am going to miss you.

Mark Hanners

15 septiembre , 2020

You are a big part of the best times we had while all of the Hartford bunch were together. So many memories of James, Bill, Earl, Myself , you along with a few more and our families.. Every trip to Hartford for our Fishing, Camping and hunting escapades were looked forward to for days in advance.
Then once their the fun began. We always had bets for the biggest most or prettiest of what ever was our pursuit of the weekend. The best bet I remember of many was James bet you you wouldn't be able to take five shells your gun and return by 1:00 with combination of 6 game animals.. we all had big time while you were gone on foot lol but just before 1:00 here you came over the dyke with four squirrels and two rabbits... James did his normal after betting you the impossible and then seeing you win.. we all laughed all weekend. Then dont forget walking into camp with a 62lb flathead making everyone sick.. again winning biggest fish bet.. Another falling in front of me while getting bait breaking your leg just as Lois pulled up.. you in terrible pain pull out your flip phone Lois answerd hers while looking at you and you told her you told me this phone was for emergencies.. then hopped around on crutches rest of the weekend after returning from the Er but not before Lois took hour grandson fishing on the bridge then coming back to take you to Er..
I remember endless big times many you drew cartoons about so wish I had copies of your cartoons.
Especially of James Mr bitshi truck he shot hanging in a tree..
Will miss your calls and visits to Hartford..
Go enjoy Heaven see you soon

Joseph Crusinbery

15 septiembre , 2020

Tyna Bryant

14 septiembre , 2020

He was the best grandpa. I remember him telling me he was Santa and I was his helper. Not a day goes by I won’t miss my grandpa.

Ray Whittaker Jr.

14 septiembre , 2020


I am sorry to here Uncle Howard has passed away. Mom has kept me informed on how he was doing. She would always let me know when he was at her house so I could run over and listen to his stories of what he had been doing. My mom and him have always been close. We will miss him dearly. God bless your family.

Jeanna Middleton

12 septiembre , 2020

Dad used to sing Elvis songs to us and dance through the house. He was a great dancer! He always had stories to tell and treasures to share. Dad was quite the character ❤️ His Elvis outfits were always beautiful creations, and I remember people buying them from him. He had a nack for squirrel taming and made many squirrels his friend. He had a unique charm that he used to charm the ladies at the bank and drs office! I loved seeing him in action. He will forever be missed and loved.

Windy Harris

12 septiembre , 2020

Dad was a wonderful and funny man. He impersonated Elvis really well. He also use to make Elvis costumes that he would wear. Growing up dad would play games with us kids. He will truly be missed. Fly high daddy and I will see you again one day 💞