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Maxwell Barnett Saines

4 febrero , 19917 junio , 2019

Maxwell Barnett Saines nació el 4 febrero , 1991 y falleció el 7 junio , 2019.


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Maxwell Barnett Saines


Phil, Catherine and Brad Saines

18 junio , 2019

These are but a few of the many loving memories we have of Max:

When my brother Andy, Max's dad, called me to tell me I would be an uncle for the first time, I was thrilled. But not nearly as thrilled as I was after he was born. For then I was not just any uncle, I was the uncle of Maxwell Barnett Saines.

Our mother's first grandchild. What an adorable one. The little boy in the bright blue suit and matching tie who sat so attentively when I got married to his aunt Catherine. The most well-behaved four-year-old I have ever seen.

The kindest, most devoted brother anyone could ask for. And the most generous, giving half of his Bar Mitzvah money to autism research. How many 13-year-olds would do that?

Having lunch together when he visited the Boston area during summer months. Having dinner together when we visited LA. Sharing our interest in the Beatles and other kinds of music. Being able to talk with him about almost anything. He remembered all our birthdays and even called me when I was hospitalized.

And what a great cousin he was to our son Brad. Giving him advice throughout the college selection process, going with him to visit some of the colleges when he visited LA and keeping up with him despite the hills and stairs he climbed, fully aware of his condition.

Max was a truly remarkable human being. We are deeply shocked and saddened by his passing, but more so, are extremely grateful that we were a part of his life - and that he was a part of ours.

Eric Bodge

13 junio , 2019

We recently had lunch to reconnect and I was struck by Max's generous spirit and enthusiasm about his life and work. He seemed utterly dedicated to putting amazing things out into the world. He had such a clear view of the whole picture, and his positivity was actually infectious. It was obvious how important Max was in so many people's lives, as he will continue to be.

Jill schultz

13 junio , 2019

I want to echo Marty Stoner's thoughts from our family. Although our families were not close in recent years, we shared in Max's growing up and will be forever tied in memory to him. To say that Max and Dashiel were two of the most beautiful children I knew would be an understatement - and my respect and admiration for both of you as parents only grew over the years. I recall that Max's first sleepover was with my daughter Samantha. We chuckled at this coed arrangement at the time - they were only three years old. I, we, the world is hugging you now in this unfair grief beyond imagining.
With great sympathy and affection,
Jill Schultz

Martin Stoner

11 junio , 2019

Andy and Emily,

My family joins me in extending our heartfelt condolences to you on Max's passing. We remember with fondness the many times that Max and his brother Dashiel had playdates with our two daughters, Samantha and Rebecca, back when you were still living in New York City on the Upper Westside. With Gigi in tow, the kids had an idyllic childhood together for which we will always be so grateful.
Our hearts go out to you at this difficult time!

Marty, Jill, Samantha, and Rebecca

Christan Wikander

11 junio , 2019

I met Max 2016 through business and his job at Endeavor. We had regular calls and meetings. I always looked forward to communicate with him. For me Max was a positive power with a amazing knowledge about our industry. His advice was instrumental to our progress. Max will be greatly missed.
I wish I had told Max what he meant to me. One shall never wait with things like that. Life is about taking care of the moments. Max was good to be present in the moment.

My thoughts are with you as his family and friends. My deepest and sincere condolences

Christian Wikander
Twelve Town, London-Stockholm

Daniel Kaiser

10 junio , 2019

Andy and Emily,

Since I heard the terrible news of Max's passing, I've been recounting the many times we shared with sweet and gentle Max. I will cherish those memories forever, and I take comfort in knowing that his memory will be a blessing.

זכר צדיק לברכה
zekher tzadik livrakha
may the memory of the righteous be a blessing

jamie rabinowitz

10 junio , 2019

Dear Andrew and Emily Saines, your son Max , was one of the nicest kids that i ever knew, he was a founder of a club that made people with special needs feel important and not looked down on. he was a great actor in Shakespeare with Dee o brian. as a person on the autism spectrum . max , along with a couple others were very nice and thoughtful. im very sorry for your loss and hope everything can go well .
please accept my condolences.
Jamie Weiner Rabinowitz


10 junio , 2019

Max was very helpful and considered as they only thing we had in common is that we were both SIGMA CHI Brothers - from different schools & yet both in this tough racket - Hollywood LA LA LAND. We LINKEDIN connected in 2015 and his advise and our connection in the BIZ was uplifting. He gave solid advise and was a great friend and BROTHER. MAX - RIP

Harriet Malden

10 junio , 2019

Max was the first person I met at Endeavor, his friendliness, enthusiasm and kindness were clear from the first moment. Since I joined EC he has been a constant support and a font of knowledge, I could feel his warmth an ocean away and it will be missed.

Jeff Blumenkrantz

10 junio , 2019

I asked my partner, a nurse practitioner, to help me understand hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He explained, in simple terms, that it means an enlarged heart. How apt. Max did have a huge heart, not to mention warmth, charisma, strength of character. What a beautiful young man and a devastating loss.