Novick Virgil Barley

25 diciembre , 19795 enero , 2021

Novick The King Virgil Barley

Our hearts are broken and heavy to announce the passing of our beloved little brother, Novick Barley. There are absolutely no words to describe how devastating this loss is in our family or to even begin to comprehend this void we feel inside. As we stay strong for one another and honor Novicks life, we're reminded of how much of an impact he made in a lot of people's lives. From growing up in Somerton, AZ on the East Cocopah Reservation with his father, mother, older brother, Stuart, Naomie, and Noah Barley and his close first cousins who were raised together as brothers and sisters, which were always creating great childhood memories, To the friends he encountered and partook in mischievous activity with while attending Cibola High School where he graduated in 1998. To the numerous individuals who developed tenacious friendships while working with him at the Cocopah Casino for over 17 years in the Surveillance Department. There was definitely more than meets the eye when it pertained to Novick.

He was an avid moviegoer who enjoyed the Star Wars saga, a gentleman of fine taste who was always able to indulge in the richer things in life, a devoted and passionate Arizona Cardinals fan who collected jerseys and memorabilia but most importantly he was a protector to those he loved and cherished by ensuring their safety, confidence and trust. Novick definitely made an impression in the community with his unique characteristics of smart wits, sarcasm, outspokenness and unapologetic sense of humor. Learning to live without those qualities is going to be difficult and our lives are going to be less invigorating without him.

"Stay strong with the force because we know, no one is ever really gone." - Luke Skywalker.

Novick will be missed tremendously by his brother and sister-in-law, Noah and Roxanne Barley. Nephews Gabriel and Michael Barley, step-niece Aurora Johnson, step-children Isaiah Silva and Genesis Silva, close sister Kym Thomas, Kamie and Kellie Phillips, Deanna Thomas and Colletta Phillips. Close brothers James Barley, Eric, Aaron and Virgil White, Keil and Verley Valenzuela Jr. and many more nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.

Although we are hurt and grieving, we know that traditionally you are preparing your journey to go home to your father and mother Stuart and Naomie Barley, aunts, Patsy Phillips and Jeannie Hayes White along with our other realities who are eagerly awaiting for your arrival. We love you Little Brother and we'll keep you in our hearts forever.


  • Stewart Barley, Father
  • Naomie Hayes, Mother

  • Noah Barley, Pallbearer
  • Gabriel Barley, Pallbearer
  • Virgil White, Pallbearer
  • Verley Valenzuela Jr., Pallbearer
  • Kiel Valenzuela, Pallbearer
  • Anthony Escalanti, Pallbearer
  • Abraham Velarde, Pallbearer
  • Desmond Davis, Pallbearer
  • Noah Barley, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Gabriel Barley, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Michael Barley, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Luther White, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Eric White, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Aaron White, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Verley Valenzuela Sr., Honorary Pallbearer
  • James Barley, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Will Ortega Jr., Honorary Pallbearer
  • Peter Escalanti III, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Melo Escalanti, Honorary Pallbearer


  • Funeral Service

    viernes, 15 enero , 2021

  • West Cocopah Indian Tribal Ceremonial Rites

    viernes, 15 enero , 2021


Novick Virgil Barley