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Bertram Schnitzer

21 juin , 192912 novembre , 2019

Bertram Schnitzer est né(e) le 21 juin , 1929 et est décédé(e) le12 novembre , 2019.


Bertram Schnitzer


Robert Wolber

5 décembre , 2019

Bert was one of my two "pathology dads" and one of the kindest souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing in my life. He taught me to seek for the truths that really make a difference in our profession. My deepest sympathies go out to his lovely wife Anna. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him well.
Bob Wolber, Vancouver BC

Jerry Davis

27 novembre , 2019

What can you say about a man who didn't say much, but when he spoke everyone listened? Bert helped me write my first professional publication. I consulted with him numerous times regarding peripheral smears. Not just an expert in his field, but a leader by example of commitment and contentment in real time. I can still hear him whistling to himself at 5:32 AM in the men's locker room at the Y. I already miss him dearly. My thoughts are with his family. Bert lives on in the hearts of many. Bert is legend.

Patricia Anderson

18 novembre , 2019

It always seemed like Bert and Anna were practically joined at the hip. I'd visit Anna in her office, and Bert would call. She always smiled when he called, even when she was busy with other things and didn't have time to talk. Anna would leave work promptly on time, because Bert was always waiting for her. I'd see her on the street, and there was Bert. Bert kept involved at the Pathology Department forever (it seemed like!) and so sometimes he'd be in the hallways, and we'd pass him while walking. He and Anna took such joy in each other's presence, and literally walked through the world together. I know Bert is so well known in his professional work, but I always think of him as "Anna's Bert."

Anne Heise

16 novembre , 2019

Bert and Anna always seemed to enjoy their time at the Y and most especially I loved to see how devoted they were to one another.