Ronald Franklin Inglehart

5 septembre 19348 mai 2021
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Ronald F. Inglehart passed away on May 8, 2021, after a long illness, with his wife Marita and son Ronald Charles by his side. He was born in 1934 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised in Glencoe, Illinois. He earned his undergraduate degree at Northwestern University, and his Master’s and PhD at the University of Chicago. In 1963-1964, he was a Fulbright Scholar at Leiden University in The Netherlands. He taught political science from 1966 to 2021 at the University of Michigan, where he was the Amy and Alan Loewenstein Professor of Democracy, Democratization and Human Rights, and Research Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Social Research. He also was the founding director of the Ronald F. Inglehart Laboratory for Comparative Social Research at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia. He received honorary degrees from Uppsala University in Sweden, the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany, and was a co-winner of the 2011 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science. He was a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow and the American Academy of Political and Social Science. A renowned scholar, one of the most cited political scientists in the world, he published over 400 peer-reviewed articles during his career, and authored or coauthored fourteen books. His books have been translated into many languages, and his theories have been analyzed and studied in many global and regional contexts. Starting with his first book, The Silent Revolution, he conducted extensive research on how changes in human values affect politics in societies worldwide. He is recognized internationally for his work as the founding president of the World Values Survey, a study with representative national surveys of over 100 societies. He was the president of the World Values Survey Association between 1988- 2013. Ronald F. Inglehart is survived by his wife Marita R. Inglehart, his sister Jane Kase, his daughters Sylvia Evers, Elizabeth Inglehart Miller and Rachel West, his sons Ronald Charles and Milo Inglehart, and nine wonderful grandchildren. Memorial donations for a student scholarship for research may be sent to the University of Michigan, Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research, 426 Thompson St., Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248.



Ronald Franklin Inglehart


Prof. Dr. Sascha Spoun

25 mai , 2021

10.05.2021 Lüneburg. It was with deep regret that Leuphana University Lüneburg received the news that Ronald F. Inglehart, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Michigan, passed away in Ann Arbor on 8 May 2021. Ron Inglehart had been an honorary doctor of the Faculty of Cultural Studies at Leuphana since 2012. Prof. Inglehart was closely connected to our university through the Centre for Policy Research and the Institute of Political Science. Prof. Chris Welzel, a key proponent of Inglehart's research programme, who co-authored many of Inglehart's publications, is also located in these institutions. The illustrative scatter diagram of the worldwide distribution of cultural value orientations based on empirical data from the World-Value Survey and the European Value Survey is widely known in the social sciences as the "Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map."

With Ronald Inglehart, the university loses an outstanding doctor honoris causa. Leuphana will honour his memory. Our sympathy as a university community is with his family, his relatives, friends and cooperation partners in research.

Lindsay Benstead

20 mai , 2021

Through his work developing the World Values Survey, Dr. Inglehart profoundly shaped not only what we know about the world, but also the personal and professional lives of a generation of students and scholars. In addition to being one of those who benefited from his legacy as a survey researcher, I remember him taking me to lunch at the Michigan Union during the recruitment weekend. I don't remember whether he sang the praises of the campus--though I'm sure he did--but I remember that he was a truly kind person who respected and supported others. These small things encouraged me and I wanted to say thank you. My condolences to Dr. Inglehart's family.

Yaqin Cao

16 mai , 2021

I am so sad to hear this news Professor Ronald passed away. He was a great scholar and a wonderful tutor for me.
I remembered the first time I visited him, he gave me lots of suggestions to my research , and he recommended the movie La La Land to me, when he learned I like music .I also remembered that he invited Ana and me to his home for dinner. At that time, he and his wife specially prepared Chinese food. Although I stayed in University of Michigan for only one year, I had benefited a lot from his careful guidance, active thinking and broad vision. I will remember the period of studying in UM with him.I will miss him .
Thank you, Professor Ronald F. Inglehart.
My deepest condolences.
Yaqin Cao

Stephanie Munz

13 mai , 2021

To Marita, Ronald, Milo,
I send my condolences to you for your loss during this difficult time. I remember Ron as being a loving husband and father, always cheerful and kind. His impact has been and will continue to be profound. I am grateful to have known him with fond memories from when I was a dental student and able to share time with your family.
Sincere regards,

Bi Puranen

13 mai , 2021

Being both a friend and a colleague of Ron’s was something special– he was not only warm, attentive and gentle on a personal level, but also dedicated, sincere and critically constructive as a professional. This was an unusual mix. He would sing with his beautifully timbered voice with me and my family on gatherings. During seminars, he would ask difficult questions such as why, how come and maybe you should have done it in another way. Always with that friendly smile of his, always looking into your eyes.

Ron will be missed in both respects ¬– as a friend and as a colleague. And again, the special warm timbre of his voice: baritone with a resonant supportive suboctave hidden somewhere deep below, always so well-modulated and controlled – so pleasant to listen to.

My condolences to Marita and the rest of Ron's family.

Bi Puranen

European Values Study

12 mai , 2021

The European Values Study is deeply saddened by the passing of Ronald Inglehart. He played an important role in expanding our European study into a global project: the World Values Survey. There was regular, constructive and – in recent years – strong collaboration between the two values surveys. We have lost a distinguished scholar who put values research on the global map. Ron contributed enormously to research on social, political and cultural change in contemporary society; the whole scientific community is indebted to him. Our deep and sincere condolences go to his family and friends.

Roel van Lanen

12 mai , 2021

I'm very sad to learn that my old professor Ronald Inglehart has passed.

His work on the World Values Survey was the main reason I left everything behind to move from the Netherlands to the US and start my studies at the University of Michigan.

There I often felt out of place in the graduate program, and well outside of my comfort zone. Not sure why I was even there, I was inclined to quit after a few months. Ron personally convinced me to finish my Masters nonetheless, for which I am still extremely grateful.

Years later, he came to do a lecture in the Netherlands and we got to spend some more time together. Once again, we shared our love of politics and (mad) politicians, good food, and music. He told me he still listened to my old Four Wise Men cd every Christmas, which I thought was hilarious. And when he spoke, I hung on his every word.

In all of academia I have never met a kinder man than Ron. His genuine interest in me, even as I had turned away from the field he loved so much, was heartwarming. He cared, which I found to be quite rare.

I hadn't seen or spoken with Ronald in many years - but he still popped into my mind every now and then. Wishing Marita and the rest of his family and loved ones lots of strength to deal with this heartbreaking loss.

Ron changed the course of my life - that means something.

Robert Putnam

11 mai , 2021

Everyone knows that Ronald Inglehart was a world-class intellectual superstar for more than a half century—from the Eurobarometer and post-materialism in the early 1970s to cultural evolution and religion’s decline in the early 2020s—an astonishingly long run of uninterrupted high productivity. Fewer people, however, know that throughout that same long run Ron was also a superstar as a colleague and personal friend. When I arrived in Ann Arbor in the tumultuous fall of 1968, still without a PhD or even any teaching experience, Ron smilingly calmed, coached, and encouraged me through my first nervous lectures, as we co-taught an introduction to comparative politics that attracted angry classroom protestors every single day of the semester. From that autumn to last autumn Ron and I regularly discussed our work, each of us in turn student and teacher, delighted when we agreed and even more pleased when we found issues to debate. I will miss him more than I can say.

Bob Putnam

Sylvia Evers

10 mai , 2021

Dear Ron,

We will miss you!

We fondly remember our special times together in Leiden, The Efteling, Zutphen, Luisenpark, Ann Arbor and Chicago.

Lots of love,

Sylvia, Alex, David and Jessica

Marita Carballo

10 mai , 2021

Dear Marita and Family,
I am very shocked and in deep sorrow to learn Ron has passed away.
It is very difficult to put in words what Ron meant to me and the WVS team. Not only we lose a great social scientist, but our mentor and a dear friend.
I joined WVS survey with Ron since the very beginning in 1982 and since then was always in permanent contact, influenced by his work and grateful for his friendship. I will miss him very much.
Ron will always live in my heart and my work. I will never forget his generosity, kindness and his smile.
My deepest condolences,
Marita Carballo


Ronald and Billie with Grandma Florence


Ronald and Billie with Grandma Gunther


Ronald and Billie and Jane


Ron, Bill, Jerry and Jane - all 4 siblings


Ron as the Winslow Boy


Ron in plays


Ron in high school - being part of the high school newspaper


Ron on the High School Wrestling Team