Walter John Peterson

19 mars 19398 juin 2021
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The Lord called Walt (82) home on Tuesday, June 8th, 2021.

He was born March 19th, 1939 in Sisseton, SD.

Preceded in death by father, Mike, and mother, Laura; 5 brothers; 1 granddaughter.

He is survived by his wife, Jane; daughter, Angel (Chris); son, Cordero (Kelsey); step-sons, Dave Jr (Lisa) and Chris (Heidi); 10 grandchildren & 8 great-grandchildren.

Walt was a loving husband and father for 35 years. He met Jane at a Mounds View Festival, while he was performing as Elvis. He loved his grandkids with "all my heart". His passion for music and performing Elvis would light up the room.

Special thanks to Dr. James Lee for his care and support.

Join us to Celebrate Walt's Life on Monday, June 21st, 2021, at Gearhart Funeral Home in Anoka. Visitation will be from 1-2 pm, with service at 2 pm. A luncheon will follow from 3-5 pm at the funeral home. Memorials preferred to the family.

The service will be Livestreamed starting at 2 pm to our Gearhart Facebook page at the following link : https://www.facebook.com/Gearhart-Anoka-Funeral-Home-156632941042911 This video will still be available on our page after the service for those who have missed the livestream.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared below for the Peterson family. These photos and messages will be printed into a keepsake book for the family later this year.

"Auf Wiedersehen" or "See you again" by Papa


  • Preceded in death by father, Mike, and mother, Laura; 5 brothers; 1 granddaughter.
    He is survived by his wife, Jane; daughter, Angel (Chris); son, Cordero (Kelsey); step-sons, Dave Jr (Lisa) and Chris (Heidi); 10 grandchildren & 8 great-grandchildren


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    lundi, 21 juin , 2021

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    lundi, 21 juin , 2021

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    lundi, 21 juin , 2021


Walter John Peterson


Lynn Berthiaume

30 juillet , 2021

Walter sang at my sons graduation party in my garage. Very good singer everyone loved him. May you Rest In Peace Walter and tell my son Tyler I said hi. And to keep watching over all of us. Sing in that choire Walt and dance with them angels. God bless you. Until we meet again

Cordero Peterson

30 juillet , 2021

My dad wasn't much of a sports fan, but he knew that I was.  So him, being the wonderful dad he is, helped me experience my very first sports game. We went to the 98' Vikings season opener against Tampa Bay.  He dressed as Elvis to get us free tickets from a radio staion.  At the time it was kind of embarrassing walking around a stadium with a guy dressed like Elvis, but now looking back on it...I feel lucky.  We didn't know it at the time, but we were witnessing the best offense the Vikings ever had.  It was also the first game of the great Randy Moss.  We crushed them 31-7 and ended up 15-1 that year. I will forever cherish that memory I had with him.
I love you you dad. Thank you for always being there for us and doing whatever you could to make us happy. Thank you for being a wonderful father and human being. Thank you for teaching me how to be a real man. Mila also thanks you for taking care of her as a puppy while I was at work.

Angel Richards

30 juillet , 2021

Dad, I don't even know where to begin. I miss you terribly everyday. It breaks my heart to know your away in heaven but it fills my heart to know your happy and pain free. All I can do is think of all the great memories we share from karaoke down stairs singing a duet, Patsy Cline Crazy to karaoke at Breezy Point and you preforming your Elvis songs and doing your arm twirl at the end. I still fondly remember you coming to my Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School and preforming Elvis in front of the whole school. At first it was kind of embarrassing but your relentless Elvis impersonations created very vivid and fond memories that I will forever cherish. I just hope one day I can become even half of the great person you used to be. You loved your family to the heavens and back and would do anything for any of us. I still remember all those late nights you used to drive me and my friends to Cheap Skate all nighters and back, mind you it was bright and early 6ish am for pick up. Thank you Dad for being such an amazing Dad and always putting your family first and doing everything in your power to make sure we were always happy and taken care of. I am so very happy you were able to not only meet your grandchildren but actually get to know them. They will forever miss their amazing Papa and his belt buckle. Until we meet again Dad..I used to be your Angel and now your mine. Love you always...."God Bless!"🙏 "The king has left the building"

Jane Peterson

30 juillet , 2021

To my darling Walt, we were together for 36 years and each and every day seemed like heaven. I miss you each and every day. You're in my heart always. Your children love you with all their hearts and miss you. We will someday be up in heaven with you and join you with your songs with you and the angels. In the meantime, be watching over us and we have our prayers sent up to you each and every day.
Love, your wife and family.

Chelsea Richards

21 juin , 2021

I am related to Walt through the marriage of my brother, chris Richards, to his daughter Angel Peterson. Although related through marriage, I have always felt close knit to the peterson family. Walt in particular, was a man of few words, but one of many Hymns. He loved his beautiful wife and two children. He expressed everything he needed to through his music and melodies. I remember how he would light up when we would talk about music. The only regret I have is not getting to see his "Elvis Impersonation" up close and personal because I imagine I would have been very impressed!
I also remember one particular weekend being up at Hinckley casino and running into jane and Walt. My spouse and I ended up hanging out with them and gambling near them throughout the evening. There they would sit.. The two of them, sharing the bench seat of the same slot machine! I thought it was just about the cutest thing I'd ever seen! They would take turns spinning and in doing so were also very loving and patient with each other. Any bystander could easily see that they truly loved and enjoyed one another's company. They were truly a team and a match made in heaven!

Walt will be forever missed, honored and loved. He is now standing in heaven with his father and family, alongside Elvis and Roy of course! ;)

God Bless


Angela Kesti

12 juin , 2021

Our Uncle Walter was characterized by his quiet, gentle nature. One sweet memory I have is Walter relaxing with his brother, my dad Harold, on the hobby farm where we lived. He always seemed to have a guitar with him and would fill our living room with an energy that only he could. Yes, he loved to sing Elvis, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison songs, but it was the hymns he sang that revealed his deep faith in Jesus. Recalling my dad and his little brother singing together with their distinct baritone voices will forever be imprinted in my memory. ❤️

Ashley Baker

12 juin , 2021

(Picture with my son (great-grandson))
He was an amazing person in general. Each time he thought he broke something and I was around he would look at me, and say "fix it before I get in trouble" when it would be simple as he pressed the wrong button or something.

Catherine Haberman (nee Peterson)

12 juin , 2021

I started singing at a young age. Walt’s music always inspired me. I was excited for the opportunity to sing with him on stage at weddings a couple of times when I was about 15 or 16.. I always appreciated his encouragement. I’m so glad I was able to visit with him a few weeks ago and sing together again, “How Great Thou Art”. Walt, I can’t wait to sing with you again in heaven with the chorus of angels!

Alicia McDonough ( McDonald )

10 juin , 2021

Cord and Angel were childhood friends. We grew up right next to each other in the same duplex. The majority of my childhood memories involve this family. From us playing in the yard till sundown, to making funny movies and plays that our parents would sit and watch. I remember we put on a play in their basement and our parents came and watched in the audience. Such supportive parents. I always remember Walt being such a kind person. I always thought it was cool because he was the tallest person I knew as a child LOL I know you all have very many memories of Walt. I’m grateful that I got to see Walt and my father Sing multiple times. What a love for music he had. I pray you all find peace in the coming days and just know that he is here with you.

Kimberly Warner

9 juin , 2021

He was one of the best! Best jokester, best card player, best singer, best grandpa ❤️


Walt as a young man


Walt with his wife and 4 kids


Walt singing with his best friend Arnie where he met Jane


With baby Cordero


Angel and Chris' wedding day


Walt and his son Cord


He loved to play his guitar