Robert Castaneda Hernandez

Robert C. Hernandez, 58 of Aurora, Colorado was born to Ramon and Alice Hernandez and had four siblings; Vicki Layton, Ramon Hernandez, Richard Hernandez and Andrea Mayorga. He graduated from Miami High School and received his high school diploma. He was married to Maria Hernandez on July 10, 1983. Together they had three children; Elizabeth Tedesco, Abigail Eckhart and Leah Hernandez. Robert was a Pastor at the Aurora Christian Center and was also an IT Network Engineer. He was a member of the Christian Fellowship Ministries of Arizona. He had a passion for reading, computers, preaching the gospel. He is survived by his wife Maria, his 3 daughters; Elizabeth (Dominic) Tedesco, Abigail (Greg) Eckhart and Leah (Kyle Stewart) Hernandez, his siblings; Vicki (Ed) Layton, Ray Hernandez, Richard (Kimberly) Hernandez, Andrea (Efrem) Mayorga and his grandchildren; Lydia, Priscilla and Titus Tedesco, Madeline, Enoch and Nathanael Eckhart.

Bob Hernandez gave his life to Jesus in May of 1983. This decision would change the course of his entire life. Bob grew up in a small mining town in Arizona, working as a manager at a grocery store after high school and partying with his friends. He met the girl who would be his wife at the home of mutual friends. Their lives would take a drastic change after giving their lives to Jesus. Bob's aspirations quickly changed from grocery store manager to a preacher of the gospel. With a passion for Christ and a desire to preach, he went from Globe Arizona to Hillsborough Oregon and then later spent 20 years pastoring the Potters House Christian Church in Santa Rosa, CA. In his lifetime Bob preached in the nations of Russia, Australia and traveled to the nations of Israel and Turkey. In July of 2014 Bob answered the call to the nation of China where he and his wife Coco spent four and a half years as missionaries. While in Asia, Bob ministered in the nation of Taiwan and traveled to Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. Within China, he traveled from cities in southern China to the capital in Beijing. Bob studied mandarin diligently and was able to read some Chinese as well as hold a conversation in Chinese. After returning from the foreign field, he assumed the pastorate of the Aurora Christian Center in Colorado. His life was one of a steady faithfulness to Christ and to his family. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends from all over the world.


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Robert Castaneda Hernandez


Abigail Eckhart

20 juillet , 2020

I can’t believe that you are no longer here with us. It almost seems like a dream. I’m grateful for 33 years of you being my dad. You were always there for me. Whenever I struggled you would tell me “your not a failure unless you quit.” And so I would pick myself back up and try again. I remember when I ran in cross country, I was not the fastest or best runner but it was something I spontaneously decided to do. I cut my running time in half. I remember you told me that you weren’t sure you could make it to my final race. I knew you had work and you had sermons to write so I didn’t hold it against you. But in the last few minutes of my race I looked up and I saw you at the finish line. I got so emotional I cried the last few seconds across the finish line. I came in second to last place but I made it.

So here we are now. Our race is almost over. You obviously finished first, but I know you will be waiting at the end and I won’t give up or quit. I carry all the words of wisdom you ever gave me in my heart. And I hope that I can do just as good of a job passing it on to my own children. I love and miss you so much. I can’t wait to see you again.❤️

Flavia Clark

16 juillet , 2020

The world is minus one “good man”. Good men are a rarity in our world today and Bobby was certainly one of them. He first and foremost was a humble servant to Almighty God. I saw him say yes to the call of God on his life many times and without hesitation, and through that was able to make an eternal impact on many lives. He ran his race well and crossed that finish line with many jewels on his crown. He always treated my sister and his girls with such great love and was an amazing provider, protector, and a covering to them. I will always be eternally grateful that my sister was blessed to have such an amazing man of God. Thank you Bobby for your humble servants’ heart and all you did for the Kingdom of God! You will be greatly missed!!

Leah Hernandez

15 juillet , 2020