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Barbara Cowart Brown

5 mars 193323 juin 2020

Barbara Brown, 87 of Pflugerville, Texas, passed away Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Services are under the direction of Cook-Walden Forest Oaks Funeral Home.


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Barbara Cowart Brown


Donna Young

27 juin , 2020

Aunt Barbara always seemed to have a smile on her face and her laughter was like a little girls giggle. It always made my heart happy when I saw her. She sent me birthday cards well into my adult life! My moms baby sister and last living relative, a whole generation gone now. She was who I was named after and I am very proud of that! When my Brittany passed away Aunt Barbara was on my door step right away and stayed for days. She held me as my mother would have and comforted my in my grief. I didn’t visit as I should have and I am sorry about that. But I know there was a lot of rejoicing, hugs and laughter in Heaven on the day she left. She’s once again whole in body and mind and holding tightly to those she was reunited with. I will miss her and hearing her giggle as only she could! Mark, Karen and Lisa I pray that the memories you have of her give you peace and comfort in the days ahead!

Kathy Housman

26 juin , 2020

This lady was part of greatest generation and the last person left on my mother's side of our family! Some knew her as Barbara, Mrs. Brown , Mother, Nana but I knew as Aunt Barbara ! She was the most giving and loving person anyone could every know! She loved her kids and her grandkids and great grandkids! She gave the best hugs and her house was also a wonderful place to be for any occasion. I loved my visits(not as many as there should of been) with her because it always made me feel closer to my own mother. I do have to tell a little story when she and I my dad went to Yellowstone. We were driving through Yellowstone and everyone was stopped on the road, so low and behold people were watching a little cub bear just walking in the woods. The park ranger was telling people not to get close because mommy bear was close also. When the little cub was coming closer to the road, the park ranger told everyone to get back into their vehicle s. Well he didn't have to tell me and my dad twice, we were gone. So when we got back to the car, we looked at each other and Aunt Barbara wasn't there! We looked down the road were the park ranger was and there was Aunt Barbara still taking pictures! We both frantically waved telling her to come on! She was actually leaning over a car hood still taking pictures!!! Me and my dad laughed and laughed about her still standing there! A great memory! One more memory, still at Yellowstone, taking pictures of the moose that was in the little shopping area! Well she wanted a picture with her a big moose, I was taking the picture so I kept telling her to back up, back up, well she was almost to close by this time so the picture I got was her head turning back towards the moose to see how close she was. It's a great picture! Again we all laughed and laughed about it! I loved and will miss her very, very much! But as long as I hold these memories she will never be forgotten in my heart! Love you, Kathy