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Beverly Ann Belrose

15 avril , 194710 août , 2019

Through the Eyes of Pain

No one can feel the ache in her heart because the pain goes too deep.

Painful memories never leave her mind and are hers forever to keep.

Sometimes having a heart that cared too much, there were those who used her for their own gain.

They could never understand how much it hurt her or imagine her pain.

Friends and family she thought she could count on just weren’t there.

She doesn’t blame them for she feels all of her problems were too much for them to bare.

No one understood the depth of love she had for her animals or that they loved her to.

And animals don’t hold grudges, condemn or abandon you like most humans do.

She asks forgiveness of anyone she had wronged over the years, as it was never meant to be.

Because her heart was filled with kindness and compassion for all you see.

Anyone who wronged her, their slate has been wiped clean and free.

For anyone who really knew her, would know she forgave over and over if need be.

Her faith in God was all she had and she knew some day with him she’d find peace and love.

When God decided her time on earth was ended and called her home with him above.

She did not mourn and shed not a tear.

Because some where over the rainbow now there is no pain or fear.

Just feel her with your heart and it will all be so clear.

She’s saving you a place beside her and until then she’ll be watching over you and always near.

By Beverly Belrose

Beverly Ann Cain Belrose passed peacefully at Christopher House on August 10th 2019. She was 72, born as the first daughter to Annie Cain on April 15th 1947, in which she always hated being a tax baby. Beverly attended Travis High School but was absent a lot due to taking care of her mother and siblings. She retired with disability from the State of Texas, working as a key puncher for the State Comptroller. She was one of the fastest key punchers in her division. Before this, she worked in Alaska with the Air Force for two years which was both the happiest and saddest times of her life. A lot happened to her: almost dying in a plane crash, saved by a wolf from a bear, and had octopus for the first time, to name a few.

Beverly had one of the sweetest personalities most likely due to her sweet tooth; she loved chocolate. Her fashion sense was her own, not caring if her clothes clashed or matched. Being stubborn was one of Beverly’s trademarks along with trouble saying "no". She never wanted to ask for help even if she needed it, but made sure other’s spirits were lifted. She was part of "M. A. L. E”, an "organization created to provide moral support for troops of all branches of the US Department of Defense while deployed around the world". Writing letters and poems to the troops was important to her. She also made an everlasting friendship with Danny Migenes, keeping in touch over the years, and helped court his wife with poems she wrote for him to pass along.

Her children, pets that were mainly cats, and helping others by saving lives including animals, were the most important things to Beverly, truly her passion. She was an "animal rescuer" who saved cats off the street. She commented all the time on her favorite cat Zachariah, known as Big Boy, who licked her tears away when she cried. Not a big fan of reading books, Beverly wrote poetry or watched TV and movies, though she really didn’t have any favorites. However there was an exception if Elvis was in the movie because Beverly was a huge Elvis fan, loving his music.

Beverly always commented on how her mother was one of the first women to drive the big trucks in the army. She was devastated as a child when her grandma died. Remembering and talking about making quilts with her grandma made her sad.

She was preceded in death by mother, Annie Louise Barho Cain; father, Arnold Lee Cain and sister, Sandra Gail Cain.

She is remembered in life by her daughter, Michelle Elizabeth Belrose (who goes by Liz); her son, William Belrose (who goes by Bill); and granddaughter, Uri Evalynn Jadye Belrose. Others include two sisters, Phyllis Haydon and Charlotte Calderon, among various nieces and nephews. Also, close cousins Shirley, Ernistein, and Skipper, who kept in touch when others didn’t.

Beverly will be cremated and services are pending for when her daughter gets out of the Hospital. Contact Weed-Corley–Fish Funeral Home on Congress to get updates or text 512-299-7346 or 512-293-8166. Those that knew Beverly, please send pictures to Lizbelrose@gmail.com. If possible bring to Memorial. If you have any stories or quotes about Beverly you can send them to the email above or write down in the book at Memorial. An everlasting Memorial web page is to be set up and pictures and quotes/stories will be added to it.

A go-fund-me campaign was set up to help Beverly’s children to buy urns for her ashes and pay for end-of-life expenses. Following is the web address to donate. If you could pass it along we would be grateful. Thank you for your kindness. www.gofundme.com/hv8d85-a-family-in-need


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Beverly Ann Belrose


Danny Migenes

21 août , 2019

Beverly wrote this poem for me. Sense my wife’s name is Martina she wrote it using her name as the start of every verse. I thought it was SUPER, and it been framed and on the bedroom wall sense Oct 1999 when I moved to Germany. Again, you mom is a wonderful woman.

Danny Migenes

21 août , 2019

Beverly is a very warm and humble lady. We met while I was deployed to Bosnia with the US ARMY in 1996. She was part of an organization created to provide moral support for troops of all branches of the US Department of Defense while deployed around the world. Operation Make A Life Enrich or in short Operation M. A. L. E. They dedicated much time coordinating home made cookie/brownie drives to mail then to warfighters in the Middle East, Bosnia and other locations around the world. We served with pride and in the name of FREEDOM, but at the same time feeling down and many times depressed and lonely because our families were left behind. We missed many birthdays, anniversaries, first day of school, Christmas and New Year Holiday seasons and many other important and significant holidays. However, Beverly was there with us every day. Her and Operation M. A. L. E made sure we knew we were not forgotten.
The hundreds of letters we received lifted us and made us want to be there for the novel cause we served in the name of FREEDOM.
Michelle and William, be VERY proud of the friendly, novel, caring loving mother you share. My she Rest In Peace while sitting beside our creator, looking at us and taking notes of the friendly, novel, caring loving attitude she modeled for us to follow.
I’m proud to had known Beverly and call Beverly my friend.

Michelle, your mother was loved by so many warfighters just like me. We will all missed her.

Miki Barho

17 août , 2019

Carl and I are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences.