Joseph Paul Grossman

17 novembre 193319 février 2021

Joseph Paul Grossman, SMSGT, Retired US Air Force passed away on Friday February 19, 2021 at the age of 87 years.

He was born in Canute, Oklahoma on November 17, 1933 to John Henry and Agnes Grossman (née Musshafen). He was born in Canute, Oklahoma. Joe enlisted in the Air Force and made a 20-year career in the service. After retiring from the Air Force, he earned his Real Estate License and became a realtor.

Joe met his wife Marie in January of 1957 at a nurses dance sponsored by the hospital that invited the local military service men. Joe and Marie were married on June 28, 1958.

Survivors include his wife, Marie, his sons Steven and David Grossman (Teri), his daughters Debra Stewart (Doug), Karen Shipes (Micheal), and Denise Schneider (Earl), nine grandchildren: Krystal Maughmer (Mark), Kara Stewart, Nicole Crawford (Austin), Joseph Schneider, John Michael Stewart, James Ryan Stewart, Amy Grossman, Harlee Schneider, and Levis Shipes; and two great grandchildren Jackson Stewart and Scarlett Maughmer.

He was preceded in death by his parents, John Henry and Agnes Grossman and his two brothers, John Clement and Emmett Roy.

Joe was quite the handyman. He could fix anything around the house and enjoyed carpentry. He had a love for cooking and would make large meals for the family. When the kids were little, Joe would often take them fishing. And of course, no statement about Joe would be complete without mentioning GOLF! His greatest passion, besides family, was anything associated with golf. If he wasn’t on the green, you could find Joe in front of the TV watching that week’s golf tournament.

We love and miss you. May you Rest in Peace and always have the wind at your back … so the golf ball flies further!

~ Visitation will begin at 5:30 P.M followed by Rosary at 7:00 P.M. on Sunday February 28, 2021 at Cook-Walden/Forest Oaks Funeral Home Chapel at 6300 W. William Cannon Drive Austin, Texas 78749. The funeral Mass will begin at 2:00 P.M. on Monday March 1, 2021 at St. Catherine of Siena church located at 4800 Convict Hill Rd. Austin, Texas 78749. Interment with Military Honors will follow at Cook-Walden/Forest Oaks Memorial Park at 6300 W. William Cannon Drive Austin, Texas 78749 ~


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Joseph Paul Grossman


Harlee Schneider

2 mars , 2021

When I think about Grandpa there are a select few words that come to mind: kind, supportive, strong, charitable, and ever-present. Grandpa often would let his actions express his feelings whether that be by offering his time as a listening ear, providing a helping hand during a time of need, or going out of his way to make your favorite dish for Thanksgiving dinner. I remember during every holiday dinner Grandpa would go out of his way to ask me if I had ate and he would then encourage me to try some of the new foods. He was always so caring and I wish I had gotten to tell him how thankful I was to receive that love and care.

Although Grandpa never outright told me how proud he was of me, his actions told me otherwise. Whenever I would discuss my goals he would always offer an encouraging smile and he even bought me my first professional textbook as a Christmas gift. In fact, that textbook is one of my most cherished possessions because Grandpa signed the book offering his well wishes. I often find myself staring at this message whenever I feel discouraged and am in need of a morale boost as it reminds me that Grandpa believed in me. I hope that I can continue to make him proud as he continues to watch over and guide me through life.

I love you Grandpa and I am going to miss you. I hope you can rest in peace knowing that your strength has become all of our strength, too.



Karen Shipes

2 mars , 2021

My dad taught me about finances which I enjoy to this day. It started when he took me to open my first checking account. I learned to save. I would deposit in my account, the 2 bits that dad would give me after I shined his shoes. Dad would pay us (meaning my brothers Steven & David and my sisters Debbie & Denise) a dime for each house we could find with a FOR SALE by owner in the neighborhood. By the time I was a teenager, his lesson to me was, to earn my money outside of his house.

I usually like to say I'm a lucky gal, with great sadness I'll say it again. I'm a lucky gal to be your daughter Joe Grossman. I'm a lucky gal that you were a wonderful father for 57 years for me. And I'm a lucky gal that we had such love, respect and time together. I will miss you and I love you. May you rest in peace dad.

Denise Schneider

1 mars , 2021

Where do I begin talking about a man that has always been the person that I looked up to and respected in my life. He was a very loving, caring and nurturing father. There was the time when I was a teenager and I wanted to go see the "Rolling Stones" in Dallas, Daddy told me "no" but I told him "that it was going to be their last concert ever." He did not feel that it was safe for me. And yes, he was right, that was not their last concert. How little I knew of the world.
I remember the Sunday mornings when the whole family would go to look at model homes and homes for sale after church. Or stopping for doughnuts or a Lu-Ann platter from Luby's on our way home from Church. Today, when we attended Daddy's funeral mass I was trying to remember the last time our family sat together in one pew together. It's been a while. I remember the family trips to visit our cousins or to go see our Grandparents. The good and bad times, with all of us wanting more space in the car and the fun car games that we would play. I was reminded of our childhood and the strong bonds that our family has always had. There is a lot of love in our family. And I am especially thankful for my parents. Mom and Dad were a team, And Dad you will be missed and thought about often. Please keep checking on me and guiding me when I need your help. I love you DADDY.

Steven Grossman

1 mars , 2021

He was a great man and loved his family. He would take some time out and sit next to you as he would teach you how to tie your shoes right He was a handyman around the house keeping thing in good working order. He would even cook dinner for all of us.
While in scouts we were given a block of wood to carved into a car for the upcoming pine wood derby event I ended cutting my finger and he ended up completing the car which it won third place, which i still have the car. On the weekends he would either find him out playing a round of golf or in front of the tv watching it. He will be greatly missed as we all love him very much. I love you, dad. Your ever loving son, Steven.

Amy Grossman

28 février , 2021

My grandpa was a kind and soft-spoken man. He would show people that he loved them in quiet ways.

Some specific memories that I have with my grandpa were when I stayed with him and Grandma while I was in high school. I didn't have my driver's license yet, so I couldn't stay by myself and I had to bring my dog, Angel, with me. Grandpa noticed that I had forgotten to bring a leash for Angel with me, so he went to the store and bought her one so that she could stay safe. Also, on my 22nd birthday we had went out for a family dinner. Even though I was the one who invited Grandpa to dinner, he insisted on paying the bill. And whenever I would come over, he took an interest in what I was studying at college. He always found a way to make sure you felt loved.

We love you too, Grandpa! You will be missed and I hope that you may rest in peace.


David Grossman

28 février , 2021

How do you remember a man who was always there. I remember that you were always at home for dinner every night. We all ate dinner together as a family. You had our lunch money on the counter every morning. You took Steven and I to boy scouts every week. The holiday gatherings where you and Mom would make all the holiday favorites and lead us in prayer before the meal. You were the one with me when I graduated the apprenticeship program. I remember the look of pride on your face. You taught me how to tie my shoes and ride a bike. Thank you for setting the example of what a father should be.
Love David

Teri Grossman

28 février , 2021

Joe Grossman was a soft spoken man who was kind and gentle. He was always glad to see you and always had a smile on his face. He like to discuss current events and what was happening around the world. Of course no conversation could not go by without discussing golf. I am very blessed to have had Joe Grossman as my father in law and will miss him greatly.
Rest In Peace.
Love Teri

Krystal Maughmer

28 février , 2021

For me, Grandpa Joe was quiet and soft-spoken; but when he talked, it was with purpose. He was witty, and when he began to tell stories about his time in the service, he was full of enthusiasm. It actually wasn't until I started working for the Air Force that I really got to see this side of him, though.

When I was younger, I used to get excited when he would let me play with the putting machine. He would make spaghetti for us when we came over for dinner, and of course, prepared most of the meats for holiday meals. One year, I believe I asked Grandma why Grandpa did all the cooking, and she said they made a deal: she cooked the first twenty years and so he got the next twenty years. I said, "you've been married for more than forty years". She said, "Don't tell him that."

I have no doubt I probably annoyed the heck out of Grandpa when I was young. I pestered him about being able to drink "juice" for dinner when I couldn't, and I'm sure it was frustrating when I refused to eat sandwiches with mayonnaise on more than one occasion. Regardless, I'd like to think Grandpa was still proud of me. While I regret that he never got to hold my daughter, Scarlett, I'm so happy he met my husband, Mark, and attended our wedding. I'm also glad Grandpa got to enjoy listening to Mike, Mark, and my Dad play music on the porch, and I hope he left knowing how loved he truly was.

Miss you always, Grandpa.

Your Goddaughter, Krystal

Levis Shipes

27 février , 2021

Joe Grossman,

Grandpa, You were a sincere and kind man who has helped and inspired me in so many ways over the years. I’m grateful to have met you and grown up with a grandfather who leaves such a strong positive legacy. I remember every Christmas or on the holidays, we would all come together as a family every year in the living room and always be having a good time with socializing, the snacks we would all bring, watching the sports game on the tv or sometimes the presents and news we all gossip about. It was always so refreshing and nice to just come together as a family and feel so comforting. I’m grateful for all the time we did have Joe Grossman. Thank you. I love you. RIP

-Levis Shipes

John Stewart

25 février , 2021

I was very sad to hear that my grandpa, Joe Grossman, passed away last Friday.

He was really an awesome dude, and I’m so incredibly lucky to have grown up with him in my life. I remember when I was a kid, he would always go out and buy the strawberry Nutrigrain bars and a tub of orange sherbet ice cream, and have them stocked up at his house whenever he knew I was going to visit because they were my favorite.

He could always be found in his room watching that week’s PGA tournament, and it really sucks that I don’t have anyone to talk golf with at family gatherings now. He was also a 20+ year retired veteran, and it was fascinating to hear his stories and compare them to my own experiences.

I am grateful that he got to meet and hold my son, and his 1st great grandchild, little Jackson Stewart. I am going to tell him all the stories that I can of his great grandfather, and I can only hope to live as long and have so many people that love and care about me as he did.

RIP Grandpa Joe