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Kristine Russel-Presley

23 octobre 198520 juin 2020

Kristine Russel-Presley, 35 of Austin, Texas, passed away Saturday, June 20, 2020. Services are under the direction of Cook-Walden Forest Oaks Funeral Home.


  • Visitation

    jeudi, 25 juin , 2020

  • Funeral Service

    jeudi, 25 juin , 2020


Kristine Russel-Presley


Roland Blaney

6 juillet , 2020

When a grumpy old man limped into a Sports injury clinic, this Angel did everything she could to help me get appointments to get my knee repaired . Always remembered ever since her patience and kindness. I knew I never would have the opportunity to meet again and say Thank you once more but am so sad it would have to be this way. She should still be with us as she would have been the best grandmother to her children's kids - am sure of that. Good bye Kristine and thank you again.

Laarni Miranda

26 juin , 2020

You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. I hope wherever you are, you know that you are truly love. I pray you find peace and joy in heaven.

Love you Tin♥️

Charelle Joy Macalisang

25 juin , 2020

Tin, it took me days before I gained the courage to finally share my thoughts of you. It pains to know that you have left ahead. You are such a beautiful soul Tin. I can still hear you call my name along the corridors of our school. Your smile is so vivid in my mind that it breaks my heart knowing that I won't see it anymore. Your memory still lingers. Despite the loss, We, your high school friends are incredibly thankful that once in our lives there was you. We are more than lucky to have you as a friend and a confidant. We could thank God in a million ways that you did not suffer long enough from physical pain. We will greatly miss our own "Merriam Quiambao" like we always called you back then. We love you so much Tin. Rest peacefully now as you have lived well my friend. ❤

Mitchie Gay Antonio

24 juin , 2020

a dearest friend, a selfless daughter, a trustworthy and dedicated nurse, a great provider, a caring mother, a helpful and thorough colleague way back in the UAE... she is one of my besties worthy to be treasured for life... but life was cut short for tintin at this time yet I do believe we will all see her in that great resurrection morning when Jesus comes... tin you'll be surely missed... your loss will leave an empty hole into the hearts of many especially to ur family... too young to be gone but her memories will never be forgotten... we luv u tintin!

Cheryl Russel Paredes

24 juin , 2020

I love you so much. Words are not enough to let you know how much I adore you and how proud I am to have you as a sister. Even though we did not grow up together, our memories are so precious to me. You have been always selfless even until your last breath. You are the jewel of the family not only because of your kindness and generosity but because of your pure love to our mother. Rest well now…you are in God’s hand now and your sufferings are over. Till we meet again Krissy!

Rebecca Russel

24 juin , 2020

You are truly the kind of daughter any mother would pray to have and I am more than Blessed and massively grateful that I am that woman who had the chance to be your mother. I cannot ask for more from you as a daughter and a person. You're loving, kind, and selfless. You're innocent, pure, and humble. You always think about others more than yourself - specially your family. You know how much I love you and wanted to protect you from any harm. This is the most heartbreaking time of my life but I am sure you are in God's hand. I will forever miss you, and I would always pray that in another lifetime, you will still be my daughter - at any time, at any moment, at any life I would always want you to be my daughter.

Audie Apal

24 juin , 2020

Kris, I will not forget our bonding as sister and brother in law. When I recall our bonding moments it never fails to make me smile especially the moment when you were sewing clothes and I was fixing the motorcycle late at night and Mama was telling us to stop as it’s late and after that we went to MU campus to take Myshel from her cheerleading practice and we had a minor motorcycle accident cause I hit a dog on the street and was so lucky that I was able to hold you and keep you from falling and my thumb nail were torn off? I didn’t mind as long as you are safe. And I will not forget that I have to replicate your signatures.

We live in one house from our Ozamis days to Cebu days and I feel and treated you as a real sister. Thank you for being so good to my son, Clint and daughter, Claire!

Tracy Joy Paredes

24 juin , 2020

Kris, if I could turn back the time when we were together, I will do it in a heartbeat! When we were together, that was the happiest moments of our lives, even though we don’t have money and life was hard but we were happy, contented and safe.

You are a very good sister. I love you so much. Until now, I didn’t stop sending you messages on your messenger and I am still checking my phone hoping and waiting that I will receive messages from you. I am used to receiving your messages every morning and am still longing for your messages…

If I will be given a second life, I would still choose to have you as our youngest sister.

Rest well and we will meet again! I love you very much.

Claire Danielle

24 juin , 2020

Auntie Kris my memory with you is a good comedy, full of laughter and smiles. One moment was when we went to process your documents under the heat of the sun and as soon as we got there, you just realized that you left the documents in the house so we had to stay outside cause we cant get in until the documents arrive. Though it was too hot, we were just laughing because you left the reason why we went there in the first place.

Look how humble you were - We went to the market by walk before sunrise and you always ask me if Im okay and youre always saying sorry because you let me walk. But we were also having fun cause we were eating linosak, banana and bread while walking.

You were sneaky! 😆 You sneaked your shopping bags because you dont want them to see that you went shopping again. It was a fun 'crime'.

It was also so funny how you wanted me to finish milo even I was too full because you're afraid we get caught and you cant finish yours.

You didnt want to offend anyone. Like when I cooked pancit canton in the condo. I know it didnt taste good but you said it was so delicious just so not to offend me.

You were so good Auntie Kris. Everything about you was innocence and pure.

Joel Masuli

24 juin , 2020

Thank you for all the memories, we love you...