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Ashely Beth Siegel

20 juillet , 195219 décembre , 2019

Ashely was an educator, an administrator, and a psychotherapist in private practice. She held an MA degree in Clinical Psychology and certifications in two other areas. But that was just the beginning of what Ashely accomplished in her life.

She worked on camera for ABC in San Francisco, co-created The National Alopecia Foundation, wrote movie reviews, and taught film criticism classes.

She also learned the real estate business, and while living in Asheville, North Carolina, she renovated her turn-of-the-century Victorian house.

After leaving Davenport, Iowa where she was born, she lived in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Asheville, Telluride, Mill Valley, Denver, Dallas, and Houston.

Martin Buber once wrote that each of us born in this world represents something new, something that never existed before and that we are called to fulfill our particularity in the world. Ashely did that and more, she also helped others to fulfill their particularity in the world. Rest in peace, Ashe.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her memory to Jewish Family Services of Houston.


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Ashely Beth Siegel


Stephanie Weir

22 janvier , 2020

I did not know Ashely for long but we lived in the same apartment complex where I was living temporarily while in Texas last year. We both had a deep love for our dogs and I would run in to her regularly walking Eloise. We started talking more right before I moved back to the East coast in October. We had a lot of the same psychology interests and she was kind and so interesting to talk to. She always wore an amber perfume that smelled so good even after she walked away. I mentioned how I could always tell she was around because I could smell her perfume. Before I left she gave me one of her bottles which was so thoughtful. I wear it now and think of her. Even though I did not know her for long I have been heartbroken to hear of her passing. I will never forget her or her sweet dog Eloise. My deepest condolences to her family.

Donna Ellman

21 janvier , 2020

I did not know Ashley well but sure we met in the good old days. We reconnected at Janes house several years ago. We had a great time reminiscing about old Boulder.,Ashley worked at Shannon's which was a really great bar in Boulder. One of only 4 back in the 70's. We had a great conversation about old Boulder. May she Rest In Peace .

Sara Arnould

21 janvier , 2020

I am a very longtime friend of Julie. We grew up together in Davenport, Iowa. We would sled on the hill behind their house in the winter, eat kosher pickles as a snack, scar from their black dog plus many more memories
Julie as she was known to me, was so full of life living every day to the fullest. I will admit that we grew apart as our lives took different paths but always have a place in my heart for her. Best wishes to her family.

Sara Arnould

Donna Siegel

2 janvier , 2020

I am Ashely’s mother. Thank you all for contributing your memories of Ashely on her website. You have no idea how much they have meant to her family. I even recognize some of your names although I haven’t seen you for years.

I didn’t plan to write anything here, but Ashely had therapeutic advice for me, too. Following a recent health issue, she sent me this admonition by email: “Write, Mom. It’s who you are.” And so I am following her advice.

She lives on here in my space. Her sister, Jane, made sure of that. I have something of Ashely’s in every room: an alarm clock in a bedroom, a jacket and a bright red purse in my closet, an elegant Chinese piece on a window sill in my living room, an embellished letter opener in my office. She had a sense of style, and all of it reflects her.

I have made peace with my loss. She did not have an easy life, but she lived it her way. Your memories of her acknowledge that she found and lived her purpose.

Donna Siegel

James Montgomery

2 janvier , 2020

So very sorry to hear of this. I hadn’t seen Ashley in almost forty years, but have many fond memories of her when she was Julie and we were all very young. She was always a delight. Condolences to Larry, Donna, Jane , Jon and all the rest of the Siegel family. Jim

Kimberly Beber

1 janvier , 2020

I met Ashely in the late 80’s - over 33 years ago, when we both lived in La La land….
She became more than a therapist from then on.
When no longer living in LA, she was always a phone call away.
Our phone sessions were never timed. She was not letting me off the “hook” that fast!
She was profound at how deep she could go to guide me back up. Mama A had my back like no one else I have ever known in my life.

Heavy heart extends to all her family,friends, former clients, AA members and passerby…
that did have the pleasure and memorable random encounters to get to connect in context when paths crossed with hers.

I am who I am today because I knew you Mama A. My sad heart with a forever awareness how you made the world a better place because you were in it…

Forever indebted to Ashely. You were brilliant, funny, wise, one-of-a-kind cool....
Rest in Peace Mama A....

Ashley Morris

31 décembre , 2019

She made me laugh more than anyone.
She kept me from loneliness and sickness on so many levels.
She believed and received miracles in such a profound way she almost makes fear seem completely useless. She was and always will be one of the greatest gifts I was ever given.

Gail Siegel

30 décembre , 2019

I met Julie as a freshman in high school. She was a bright light, quick, smart & funny. I remember her as a leader and as a kind person. We hung with the same crowd and created quite a bit of havoc for our parents I’m sure. But we had a lot of fun. I remember her artistic side - and her love of color. Her bedroom was the coolest colors of pink & orange - a very bold choice. We lost track of one another after high school but every once in awhile I’d learn something about her and I had kept the people magazine she had graced the cover of for many years. I am saddened to learn of her death. A bright light blown out. Love to her family and her beloved dog/s.

R. Scott Feldmann

28 décembre , 2019

I'll forever remember Ashley as a woman who cared deeply about people. The beautiful 18 year old girl who I admired and respected. The woman I never really understood. The woman I wish I could have spent much more time with as the years passed. She will be missed by all. May she rest in peace.

Sharon Smith

27 décembre , 2019

Donna and family... I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. I met Ashley through you and Ron and knew her through her good and troubled years. I'm sure she is at peace now. May God's blessings shine on all of you now and relieve your sorrow.

Sharon Smith