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Vivian Ray Scallan

10 mars , 19284 juin , 2019

Vivian Ray Scallan, of Houston,Texas, died Tuesday, June 4, 2019. She was 91 years old. Vivian was preceded in death by her husband C.J. She is survived by their three children, June, Gary and Dana, and by their five grandchildren, Beverly, Robert, Magen, Haley and Hannah.

She not only leaves behind her family by blood, but also her family by love. Vivian was someone who gave a motherly hand and a mother's love to all. She brought together people who had one common ground: their love of her. She loved to share her experiences of traveling to many places with her family, making the perfect wreath, and singing songs with her troops in Camp Fire Girls, as well as stopping at every Dairy Queen for ice cream along the way to their camping destination, which was a must. To say Vivian was loved and admired is an understatement: she was adored and adopted as everyone’s mother, Mimi, best friend and family member. She was tough as nails but could be as soft as one of the roses that she so diligently cared for in her garden. Vivian was involved in many organizations and charities. She was the leader of her daughters’ Camp Fire Girls troops. She was also involved with the Houston Herb Society, the Houston Rose Society and the Plumeria Society, and also delivered food to shelters for people in need.

Vivian did not want to have a service following her passing. In true "Vivian fashion" she wanted everyone to celebrate her life and not be sad, but rather embrace everything that she held dear and shared with us so generously. Vivian would want us to enjoy every day, sing like no one is listening, always find the good in people, and last, but not least - always stop and smell the beautiful roses.


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Vivian Ray Scallan


Magen Herrington

20 juin , 2019

I have so many wonderful memories of my Mimi. I am SO lucky that I was able to call her my Mimi. She was always there for my sisters and I no matter the time or the day. No matter what the situation or how much pain she was in she always had a smile and a good attitude. I do not just have one favorite memory, I have so many WONDERFUL memories. I was lucky enough to have shared many visits, conversations, and laughs with her. I learned so much from her. Example being, when your stomach hurts you go to Wendys and you get a frosty! Haha! I am not sure that this actually works but it did while I was at my Mimi's house. It could have been the pure comfort of being at her home, the unconditional love that she had for everyone, or all the craziness of either dogs or other kids (most of the time, both) running around with out a bed time in sight! It was an endless slumber party to say the least! So maybe it wasn't the frosty that cured the stomach ache but all the AMAZING things that we were lucky to experience while being at our Mimi's house. I can not express how fortunate my sister's and I were to have had the Mimi that we had. I love you so much Mimi and I know you and Papa are finally together again. I miss you.

Lauren Hite

20 juin , 2019

There isn’t enough time nor words to explain what a true angel Vivian is/was. After babysitting my sisters and I for over 15 years... she is more of a mother than a sitter. Vivian taught me so many things like gardening, caring for animals, how to make the perfect Frappuccino, and much more, however, one thing that had the most impact on my life was the way she loved me, even at my worst. Her love wasn’t a condition or an ultimatum, it never faltered and when we felt undeserving, she loved us harder. I feel so lucky to have been raised by such a strong, confident, and beautiful woman. Everyday I strive to be the best version of myself because of her. A part of my heart went with Vivian the day she passed, but I am so happy she and CJ are dancing together again, a dance she’s been waiting a lifetime for.

Dana Farver

17 juin , 2019

I had the great pleasure of getting to know Vivian as a friend and neighbor when I started dating, then married, her longtime next-door neighbor, Len. She and I were immediately sympatico; we both loved animals, she was interested in world affairs, and eager to learn. And, I was an aspiring cook, and she was a true FOODIE. On evenings when my husband had business functions or a class, she and I would try new restaurants: Arabic, Indian, Vietnamese, Northern Italian, she loved to try them all! She was a fan of my cooking also, and never complained about my flops. Her positive attitude and joie de vivre is my inspiration. Len and I think of her and miss her every day! Dana, June, and Gary, we are so sorry for your loss, and we are both so grateful for having known your mom!

Penny Lucas

12 juin , 2019

I am so sorry for your loss. I know you have many memories of Mimi. I only met her on several occasions but felt like I knew her from all your wonderful stories. Hugs & love & prayers for each of you!

Tobye Joachim

11 juin , 2019

So sorry to hear of your loss. Sincere sympathy, Tobye and Mort Joachim

Warren Kefer

11 juin , 2019

Rest in peace your fight is over. 😔

Wayne Franklin

10 juin , 2019

Vic was our across the street neighbor for almost 30 years. She tended our daughter when she was small. She will always be “Wheeta” to me.

Hannah Spurgin

10 juin , 2019

Vivian Scallan was not only the most amazing person, but she was my Mimi; I and my two sisters had the great privilege to call her that. We grew up going over there all the time. We had sleepovers in her t-shirts, tea parties, movie watching(Sister Act is what I remember a lot of!), McDonald’s and Taco Bell runs, time in her beautiful yard, and so many more fabulous memories. My gosh, my Mimi was amazing. She truly was so giving, even if she had not a whole lot, she wanted to give. She was a tough lady with a kind heart. And no matter how much I say the word “was”, it will always be “is”. My Mimi is ALWAYS in my heart and around me. I could go on and on about how awesome my Mimi was and forever will be. She carries a legacy. A legacy in my family’s heart.

Mimi, you are forever the BEST Mimi a grand daughter could ever ask for! I brag about you and your “awesomeness”. You did anything for us to make our sleepovers special and fun! And I have to say, you suceeded! We always loved going to your house. It was just a happy place and you are the one who made it that way. I love you to the moon and back, Mimi, for forever. I know one day we’ll meet again in Heaven. Until then, I will continue to tell you, “hey, good morning Mimi”, about my day, and “good night Mimi, talk to you tomorrow!” As I said, you are always with me and I can still “talk” to you. I know you’re in Heaven and around me listening to what I have to say, as you have always listen to your grand daughters talk and tell your what we’re up to! Love you so much my wonderful Mimi!!!

Love, Hannah

Curtis Hewitt

10 juin , 2019

Loved her so much. I have such fond memories of her as a child. The many times I spent the night at her house were such a blast. Aunt Viv and C.J. were so much fun to be around. She truly was absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I remember seeing her and C.J. slow dancing in our living room once when they came to visit. Such a beautiful sight. Now, in my minds eye, I see Aunt Viv and Uncle C.J. in a tight embrace, dancing cheek to cheek in paradise. Dana, June, and Gary(Moose), I love y'all and am so sorry for your loss.

Denise Unkefer

10 juin , 2019

My memories are of me being in Vivian’s blue bird group - she made me feel comfortable when I was shy and having trouble making friends - she taught me how to macrame — I ended up selling my macrame jewelry as a business — she’d gave me courage to sell those cookies too for blue birds ..when my parents died , she invited over for thanksgiving and Christmas . And Easter ..and I’m great full for that - I had know she’d else to go-/she’d gave me food and helped me when I was raising my son alone - she took me to my first drive in movie - where I swear we saw a ufo . I’m really great full my grandson got to meet her - there really are a million more memories - she lived and died the way she wanted to rip viv