Henry Koester Hebeler

12 août 193321 août 2017
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Henry K. (Bud) Hebeler was a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from which he obtained three degrees and numerous awards including the prestigious “Most Outstanding Student.” He took courses from Nobel Prize winners in economics. Most of his working career was at The Boeing Company where he began as an engineer, worked his way through financial analysis, procurement, sales, corporate long range planning, and ultimately became president of three Boeing divisions including the Boeing Aerospace Company in Seattle, WA. For six years he was Boeing’s chief forecaster and planner reporting to the chairman. He was a winner of a Sperry Fellowship, Sloan Fellowship and a fellow in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and received an award from President Regan for Boeing’s participation in the space program.

His felt his most important contributions to Boeing were (1) heading the Minuteman Ballistic Missile systems engineering during the height of the Cold War, (2) the initiation and sale of the Short Range Attack Missile program as what may have been the first stealth vehicle and was the primary weapon for the B52 bomber and (3) leading the Boeing Aerospace Company from a previous loss position to the most profitable part of the corporation in the mid1980s.

He held two patents: one for an analog aeroelastic computer and the other for a lithium cooled hypersonic reentry vehicle.

He was on advisory committees to the U.S. Congress, Departments of Interior, Commerce, Energy, and Defense, an economic advisor to the Washington State governor and a member of Washington's Economic Development Council. He has served on the Board of Governors of MIT's Sloan School and boards of University of Washington and the Defense Systems Management College.

Mr. Hebeler worked with retirees for many years, developed special material for their use, and gave numerous seminars on retirement. After retiring he taught himself to use MS Excel and wrote three books on retirement planning, two published at the request of John Wiley and Sons. His Web site, www.analyzenow.com, was highly recommended by numerous financial publications and viewed by over a million people annually. Consumer Reports recommended his Free Retirement Planner above Fidelity’s and Vanguard’s. He emphasized conservative planning and a frugal lifestyle.

He wrote several hundred articles for The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch.com and for their Encore’s Expert panels. A number of major publications have published articles lauding his help for retirement planning. He has given major presentations to the American Association of Independent Investors (AAII), the National Association of Professional Financial Analysts (NAPFA), medical conventions, and church and other groups.

He was the fortieth person to join Meridian Valley Country Club and was its first membership chairman. Though a high handicap player, he loved the game and eventually bought a home on the golf course.

He personally designed two homes, one in Bellevue, WA and one in Meridian Valley, Kent, WA. Both were finished on time and within the original budget. He helped neighbors with remodeling designs as well.

He served a term as president of his community’s home owner association where he instituted a formal plan to maintain appropriate reserves and, working with the County, led an effort to correct flooding in the area as well as to bring that part of the County into the city of Kent.

He loved skiing even though having broken both arms and suffered severe damage to his knees. When still employed, he owned a skiing condo in Crystal Mountain, WA. After retiring he and his wife bought a condo in Park City, UT, where he skied for three months a year for over three decades. He enjoyed teaching their thirteen grandchildren how to ski and gave them all a week’s skiing vacation in Park City as a Christmas present for many years.

He was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a past group leader of the High Priest Quorum. More recently he was actively involved in getting members prepared for emergencies and helping Boy Scouts.

He is survived by his wife, Mirriam Hebeler, his own two children Linda Underhill and Laura Hebeler and his step daughters Robin Chaffin and Tari Jensen as well as thirteen grandchildren.


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Henry Koester Hebeler


Barry Johnson

12 octobre , 2018

Dear Mirriam

I am sorry to hear about Bud, there were so many reasons why Bud and I couldn't be friends, however, he was just that, a friend, from the get go.

I apologize for being so late with this message, news doesn't travel to me so fast since the Gloria / Mirriam connection got broken a bit over four years back.

It was always easy to see the love you two have for each other, remember those wonderful times you two shared.

I wish you the best always.
Barry :-3)

Sharon Pichai

27 novembre , 2017

In recent years, I had discovered Bud's website (analyzenow.com). Reading the articles there was like listening to an older and wiser friend talking. I will miss checking for updates to the "What's New" section. I hope the site stays up; younger generations can learn much from Bud.

Chris Petrie

7 septembre , 2017

Dear Mirriam and family-

Bud was extremely generous with his time and helpful to our family as well as so many others through his work. He lived his values of commitment to faith and family. The lessons he taught us about finances were helpful; the lessons he taught us about life were ( and are) invaluable.

Please be assured of our prayers.

Chris Petrie and family

Jack Broyles

29 août , 2017

Dear Mirriam
I received your news of Bud's passing with great sorrow and compassion for you and the family. I knew Bud well at MIT, having shared both a room with him for a time in the fraternity and our mutual interest in Aerospace. The intellectual competition at MIT was very intense, but Bud remained on top with his gifted intelligence, integrity, dedication and amazing capacity for work. Unusually for a person with such gifts, he was a good companion and friend to everyone. I was delighted to have renewed contact with Bud during the last 15 years, and finding that despite his well-deserved prominence Bud was, as always, still Bud.

29 août , 2017

Hi Mirriam
i could have read his life story for days, so many accomplishments, so many things left out. what a great man and fabulous husband & role model.
thank you for always sharing him with Christy & me when you came thru Arizona.
love Daryl & Christy Burton

28 août , 2017

My condolences to the family for your loss. May God's Word and loyal love comfort you at this time (Psalm 136:23).

Bill Mammen

28 août , 2017

Dear Mirriam and family,
We in Park City have always enjoyed it when you showed up at the ward and spent your time in Park City. You were great contributors to our ward family. Bud will be sincerely missed, We pray for the Lord's comfort to be upon you now and always.
Bill & Kay Mammen

Ada Hughes

28 août , 2017

Dear Hebeler Family, I grew up with the Hebeler children and have many fond memories of the family. Over the years I have lost touch with the girls and would love to hear from them. I am so sorry for the loss of Mr Hebeler and will always cherish our childhood stories.

Charles McLaughlin

28 août , 2017

Dear Mirriam and Family,
As a classmate and Fraternity Brother of Bud's, I too received news of his passing with great sorrow. During our years as undergraduates at MIT studying Aeronautical Engineering, it was my teaming with Bud on various design projects that enabled me to graduate on time. Bud was the " Super Star " of Course XVI during those years. His career successes are no surprise to those of us who knew him well during those years of learning. As I recall, Bud graduated with a 5.0, a remarkable achievement.My deepest sympathy to you all.
Fondly, Charles McLaughlin

Stephen Chen

26 août , 2017

Dear Miriam and Family,

I'm sorry for your loss - Bud was a very special person and had so many amazing qualities as an individual and public figure. He was an advisor to our company for many years and while I knew him mostly through email and phone calls we did meet in San Francisco a few years ago (with Ryan as well).

He will be missed by many - he touched millions of lives through his career at Boeing and as a writer and retirement expert.



p.s. I wrote this about Bud on our blog: https://www.newretirement.com/retirement/henry-bud-hebeler-memoriam-life-retirement-well-lived/