Timothy Jon Luallen

15 mai 196719 septembre 2020

On Saturday, September 19, 2020, Timothy Jon Luallen lost a short, intense battle with multiple myeloma cancer, but not before implanting everlasting memories among so many.

Spirited, influential and strong, father figure, devoted son, brother, nephew, partner and known as one to manage a crowd. Tim was loved by many for smoked meats, seasonings, chili cook-offs, shooting paint, “Kickin’ up Mud” with Super Swampers, “Pour(ing) Some Sugar on Me” during weddings and in caipirinhas, Oakley anything, advancing computers and technology, and taking it “Home Sweet Home.” Tim enjoyed strategic thinking at play and at work, board games like Risk and Stratego, online computer games such as Halo, and true-to-life defensive, cyber-physical battles. A lover of travel, excitement and adventure, Tim loved a great cruise, a good beach and a fine cigar. The memory of Tim is a fireworks spectacular.

Tim was born on May 15, 1967 in Decatur, IL to Thomas and Cheryl (Spreckelmeyer) Luallen. Tim received his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University in Normal, IL in 1989. Employed for 30 years by Tate & Lyle, he last served as the Directory of Cyber Security. Tim continues to persist though his greatly loved daughter Amanda, his parents Thomas and Cheryl, his brother and sister-in-law Matt and Jill and their five children Elise, Talia, Adeline, Phoebe and Kai, and all of the amazing co-workers, friends and families he has connected with throughout his life.

Tim’s online celebration and donations will take place at twitch.tv/timothy_jon_luallen. Go to the link, sign-up if necessary and follow the channel, and you will be notified once the online celebration is available. We will be following up the online celebration with an in-person celebration on a later date.

A true country boy at heart, here’s to you Tim, “The Meat Man.”


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Timothy Jon Luallen


Melissa Arthur

6 octobre , 2020

I loved coming to visit you guys in Illinois...cookouts and bonfires! But i still remember a "cocktail" you made at Christmas at the Arthurs (i believe it was Christmas) that was simple but so amazing...havent had one since. I also loved watching you play with ALL of the kids...and there were quite a few!! You loved, and they loved your energy! Though i havent seen you in a while...ill always have memories of a great uncle and brother in law! Rest in peace!

Paula Krogmann

2 octobre , 2020

Dear Tom and Cheryl, please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your son, Tim. There are no words for such an unimaginable and profound loss. I know how much you love your family, and the immense pride you have in the personal and professional accomplishments of both of your sons. Please know I am thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

Sanjay Patel

25 septembre , 2020

This has been a tough week for those of us who knew Tim
He was a friend, a coach, a leader and an inspiration to so many of us. I only knew him for the past few years, but his influence on Tate & Lyle goes back 30 years (and for the Luallen family it goes back 3 generations)
The whole ISIT family remembered Tim at our All Hands meeting this week and there were tears and laughter as we recalled the many fond memories of our dear colleague. He will remain in our hearts forever

Stephany Caldwell

24 septembre , 2020

I met Tim while in IT at T&L. His energy and passion for his work made me want to always strive to do my best. He was always willing to teach, share knowledge and grow his team. More than that, he was not only my boss, but became a dear friend. He would tell it like it is and not hold back the truth. He was an awesome chef and always made sure i knew he had a crockpot when he came to Decatur even after he was no longer my boss. He was a wonderful person and I am blessed to have had him as a friend. My prayers and condolences to his family.

Cathy Hurelbrink

24 septembre , 2020

I am very sadden by the news and I extend my sympathy for your loss. Tim was a friend and a just a great guy.
He always looked out for everyone’s safety. One of my best memories was a trip to the Netherlands. The girls wanted to go into Amsterdam and he was not going to allow that without joining us to ensure our safety. He planned everything for us. We had a great time and he looked after each one of us to make sure we had fun but remained safe. He will be missed!

Rick Barnes

24 septembre , 2020

I will miss you Tim. We had many a laugh uptown talking about my crappie and your brisket. It was always good to see you walking in with that great infectious smile! You brought up so much food so many times! I enjoyed the few private conversations we had together about everything from cooking to traveling. Laughed about so many different places we had been and lived with what happened in each. Really enjoyed talking about our favorite places and why they stood out. You were an easy person to talk to and I will miss you my friend!! RIP knowing that you touched many many people with a smile that made our lives better just knowing you!! God Bless your family !!

Sherry Warren

23 septembre , 2020

Tim, you might be gone from this world, however, I know with my heart, you are sitting right now on a white sandy beach. Watching the sunset. Sipping bacardi (captain is always better though) and regular (no diet) coke. Telling the bartender how to mix a caipirinha.

Red Dry Wine. Sushi. Best cheese platters. ......... you will never be forgotten........

Cody Wilson

23 septembre , 2020

Tim was a great man and mentor. He always made sure I had food and was on the right path at work. From coming by my desk and most recently my office to just talk he always knew how to make the days better. I will never forget being in a call for 5 hours and missing lunch and him showing up at my desk with a home made pulled pork sandwich and demanding I eat it or he would hang up my phone for me lol 😂 he always was there to talk and teach us and he will be missed for sure

Neil Curtis LUALLEN

23 septembre , 2020

I met Tim several times at Smyser Christian Church... he was such nice guy! We decided we must have been related at some point in the past. My Grandparents were Howard and Eva Irene Luallen from Decatur. My Father was John Curtis Luallen who grew up in Decatur. Prayers for peace and comfort for his family... in Jesus name... Neil Curtis Luallen

Arlene Kruser

23 septembre , 2020

It has taken me a bit of time to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around all this as I never in a million years thought that I would be writing this about a friend. I worked with Tim for 3 years, which may not seem like alot but to me it was long enough to not only have become collegues but also friends. He was the first person when I started at T&L to take me to lunch on my very first day and I sat day in and day out right next to him for those 3 years. I learned alot from him as I asked alot of questions and he was always happy to teach me something new and guide me in the right direction.

You knew it would be a good day when you walked in and his crockpot was turned on and food was heating up! Every single time, he made his famous brisket or chili, he always made sure to make extra for me to take home for me and my family (which they enjoyed so much!). We enjoyed many, many, many conversations whether it was about his many travels especially his cruises (he was an expert!), his intense love of wine (Coopershawk knew him by name), his loved ones, concerts he would go, jewelry (yes he gave me many tips on how to get a good deal especially when he traveled to the Caribbean, haha), his workouts and how he had gotten in the best shape of his life and how excited he was with all the progress he had made and his many activities that he would plan every weekend (there was always alot to talk about!). Even to this day after I had already left the company we still kept in touch and talked about all the future travel plans (which always made me jealous and how lucky he was to be able to see so many places) he had planned and how Covid came and messed that all up but soon enough he was going to go on these trips.

The last I spoke with him he was still optimistic that he could beat this and I knew that if anyone could it would be him. I send my deepest condolences to his family and all his loved ones. He will be dearly missed, till we meet again! <3