Joseph G. Duffy


Carmen Baerga

10 septembre 19575 mai 2021

Carmen Baerga est né(e) le 10 septembre 1957 et est décédé(e) le 5 mai 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Joseph G. Duffy.

Memorial Service aura lieu le 15 mai 2021 à 1:00 pm à Joseph G. Duffy, 255 Ninth Street, Brooklyn, NY.

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  • Memorial Service

    samedi, 15 mai , 2021


Carmen Baerga


Justin Pinero

14 mai , 2021

Peter and I have been friends since college and Carmen was always so wonderful to me. Every time I accompanied Peter to a family event I would post up with Carmen and try to make her laugh for the night. She was a great audience and wonderfully funny herself. Carmen’s generosity knew no bounds, when there was a fire in my apartment building Carmen helped me and I will never forget that. I had the pleasure of dancing with her at a friend’s wedding. Even when she got sick, though it was harder for us to communicate, we still watched tv together and laughed a lot. I am grateful for the time I got to spend with her.

W. Sands

13 mai , 2021

What a journey Carmen made, predicted by her mother, who gave Carmen the middle name which means “miracles.”
Carmen learned a lot from her mother, about endurance and hard work and Carmen told us some of that. The nicer stories of her mother rising early to prepare that night’s dinner, before going to her work as a seamstress. The less nice stories: of moving down the street from apartment to apartment as buildings were burned behind them. (It was the 1960’s.) That each apartment had rats and that her mom kept a baseball bat. That work as a seamstress lead to blindness.
Carmen’s mother sent Carmen to the best school that she could and Carmen excelled, first in her family to college, and then to law school.
At the IRS, Carmen worked hard, litigating many cases. More than her share of the difficult cases, taking on large law firms, sometimes with less support than would have been ideal. Importantly, through it all, Carmen always did the right thing. I remember, in the 1980’s, Carmen helping one of the secretaries to fill out his tax return. This was somehow a “no no” although without her help he had been adding “social security” wages to his box one wages and therefore – without Carmen’s help – would have paid twice as much tax as required.
Carmen stood for what was right. If Carmen was mad at you, it was likely that you have been unkind or unfair to someone, abused power in some way.
As you might know, Carmen loved to travel: the Hudson Valley, Martha’s Vineyard, and then beyond to Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Malaga. Always charming people she met along the way.
But most important to Carmen was her family, as mother, as aunt, and grand aunt. When her family needed, Carmen was there, with open door policy at her apartment on Prospect Park. How she delighted in Peter and his cousins, sharing her Florida time share with her extended family, describing the then-children’s delight at the “three pools.” Carmen journeyed far but never forgot where she came from.