Toby Lee Bullock

23 septembre 19689 juin 2021

Toby Lee Bullock est né(e) le 23 septembre 1968 et est décédé(e) le 9 juin 2021 à LANCASTER, Ohio et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Dimond & Sons Silver Bell Chapel.

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Toby Lee Bullock


Wendy Oatney

1 août , 2021

Toby was such a wonderful person. I will never forget the mission trip to West Virginia. He knew how to make you laugh.

Karen Griffith

15 juin , 2021

To the Bullock family:

Words cannot begin to express how sorry I am to hear of Toby’s passing from this life to his eternal life that we all long to share.

There are so many memories of the laughter, the jokes, and pranks he pulled every chance he could.
Toby not only loved life, he loved everyone he met. We all could learn a little more about Christ just by watching Toby “live out loud“ what he believed.

Praying you find the comfort, peace, strength, and grace you need for the rest of your journey here. I love you all and am thankful our paths crossed. I am sure Toby has already talked with Daddy, as well as all the others who have gone before us.

Toby-thank you for giving to the Lord.
Mark and Karen (Goss) Griffith

Betsy George-Sesslar

15 juin , 2021

Will and Scott,
What a fine young man Toby was, much like his older brothers. May you always have wonderful memories and great stories to share with friends and family. My thoughts are with you both as well as the rest of the Bullock family.

Karlene Kiger

15 juin , 2021

No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy. May you find comfort in the days ahead and hope beyond.

Kasey McCurdy

13 juin , 2021

Toby was a special man. He cared about people more than most of us deserved. I had the privilege to get to know him at Fairfield Union when he was the equipment manager for the football team. As I sit here and reflect, I smile to myself because it was always a fun time with him around! As the coach’s kid, I suspect I received more of his “attention” than others, which included his quick wit and frequent pranks. You know, the standard dish soap in the mouth piece, a stolen cleat or chin strap, or just pointing to the field and commenting about how nice it was that my girlfriend came to watch practice… there were only cows in that field. :) As a high schooler it just felt like a guy having a good time but as an adult, I recognize the joy he was choosing to have in life and the positivity he was spreading to all those around him. At the same time, Toby knew how to work hard and he was one of the most dependable individuals I’ve met. He always took care of his own responsibilities while also caring for each of us. I remember feeling pampered as a player because he would not only bring us water during timeouts but he’d also have a cold towel he’d place on our necks to help cool us off. It seems trivial but it meant a lot. He obviously cared for us like his own children and he made many lifelong connections and relationships because of his simple acts of kindness. Thank you, Toby, for making a positive impact in my life and so many others lives. -Kasey McCurdy