Philip Edward Lambert

10 avril 196124 juin 2020

Philip Edward Lambert est né(e) le 10 avril 1961 et est décédé(e) le 24 juin 2020 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Valley Funeral Home.

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Philip Edward Lambert


Scott Johnson

17 juillet , 2020

I have been trying to make sense of Phil's loss for the last couple of weeks. Then today, I finally had a good chuckle, and a good think. I was reminded of a time we were having a life disagreement. And Phil was really pissed over the "principle" of a certain matter involving $100. I mean, he was LIVID!

But, what Phil didn't know, is that he simply made a math error, and we were indeed, "even. " No $100. No principle. But he was mad nonetheless, and he was sort of reveling in it.

In fact, he would not answer my calls. Didn't read my email. Didn't text back. It was getting strange. After a week, he finally texted, "Scott if I take your call, you might make me not be mad at you. You have that skill." I had to laugh. Yet.... What a pickle! Right?

And that was the day I discovered *67.

He took my call...not on purpose. :) And 30 seconds in, epiphanies flying, Phil exclaimed, "oh shoot. I didn't carry the 1." We laughed for 15 minutes straight. While talking, he had gotten in his car, gone to Gelson's, and brought me his favorite cherry pie. "$17 but worth it," he'd say. We ate half. Another silly matter squashed. We had a few over the last 20 years. ;)

Then, the day you died, I missed your call at 8:59am. Would we have laughed? Could I have cheered you? Could we at least have had one last cherry pie? All I really know for sure is this. Take the call, Scott! It's a sad time in the world. Sometimes we don't know just how low a loved one has gotten. Forgive me for missing the signs, Phil. And the call. I'm heartbroken. Praying for your eternal peace. God Bless you my pal. Love, Scott, Kerry, Grady, Gracie Johnson

anna rane

14 juillet , 2020

Phil was a nice man and a good neighbor. He was kind to all the pups in the neighborhood, especially with gifts and gifts of soccer balls. May his soul find peace.

Andrea von Foerster

29 juin , 2020

Phil was always kind to me and my dogs over the years. He didn't know giving a hot dog to one of my dogs would mean he had a best friend forever. Rest in peace, Phil.

Holly Rivera

26 juin , 2020

Phil was a beloved member of our neighborhood. He was always kind and generous to us and our dogs. Phil will be missed. I hope that he has found peace.