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Mr. Kee Lin Lee

1 juin 193915 janvier 2022
Nécrologie de Mr. Kee Lin Lee
In Loving Memory... 父親李記靈先生在一九三九年六月一日出生于馬來西亞,慟於二零二二年正月十五日,下午四時零五分安息主懷,享年八十三歲。父親有十個兄弟姊妹,他排行第二。父親在他三十歲的時候和媽媽陳月清結為夫婦,育有兩個孩子。爸爸年輕時的奮鬥,和媽媽建立了一個小康之家,讓我和弟弟能在一個溫暖的家庭成長。爸爸雖然只有小學三年級的學歷,但是他很看重我和弟弟的學習,不惜將他勞苦所賺取的來讓我和弟弟能得到好的教育,也不惜將他和媽媽一生的儲蓄給我到加拿大留學。 爸爸年輕的時候喜歡打獵,喜歡看報紙,喜歡到茶室和朋友茶聚聊天,也喜歡看打羽毛球。爸爸在1991年相信了耶穌基督,成為基督徒。他信主之後,他也把抽煙和賭博的壞習慣戒了。蒙神的祝福,爸爸和媽媽在2006年能夠移民過來加拿大和我一起生活。雖然生活習慣有很大的改變,但是爸爸很快適應,在教會認識了一般樂年朋友,毎個星期都和他們有團契的時間。 爸爸在2017年3月分的時候做了一個心臟手術,手術中導致他中風,之後在加護病房住了超過一個月的時間。但是神恩待他,讓他能在重病後復原。因為中風的原故,爸爸的行動也不如以往,而且每周還要三次的到醫院去洗腎。但是我們還是很感恩,爸爸還能和我們在一起生活快五年的時間。 爸爸一生最大的恩典就是認識耶穌基督。我們曉的天父愛爸爸,衪也愛我們毎一個人。我們相信天父是掌管生命的主,衪有衪的時間和計劃。如傳道書3:1-2 所說的:凡事都有定期,天下萬務都有定時。生有時,死有時。爸爸今天雖然離開了我們,這只不過是他完成了在地上的旅程,他的生命已經回到神永恆的國度。雖然我們今天有離别的傷痛,但是我們心裡有著能在永恆相聚的喜樂。但願父親對家庭所付出的愛能一直傳承下去。將一切榮耀歸於上帝。 My father Mr. Lee, Kee Lin was born at Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia on June 1, 1939, passed away on Saturday, January 15, 2022, 4:05 PM at the age of 83. He has 10 brothers and sisters and he is the second eldest. When he was 30 years old, he married my mother Madam Chin, Nyet Tshin and had 2 children. My father was working very hard with my mother to establish a well-off family, providing me and my brother a warm family to grow up with. Even though my father only finished his studies in Grade 3, he values the education that me and my brother are getting, he is willing to spend his hard earned money to ensure that we receive a good education. My parents are also willing to spend all the money that they save to support me to study in Canada. My father liked hunting when he was young. He also likes reading newspapers, enjoying chatting time with his friend at coffee shop, and he also likes to watch badminton. My father believed in Lord Jesus Christ and became a Christian in 1991. He gave up smoking and gambling after he believed in God. With God's blessing, my father moved with my mother to Canada to stay with me in 2006. Even though it is a big change in their lifestyle, my father got used to it quickly. He gets to know a bunch of seniors at Church and have weekly fellowship with them. My father had a heart surgery back in March 2017. He has a stroke during the surgery and ends up staying at the Intensive Care Unit for more than a month. But with God's mercy, he managed to recover from the serious illness. Because of the stroke, his movement is not as good as before and he has to do dialysis at the hospital 3 times a week. Even with his disability, we are very thankful that he still can live with us for the last 5 years. The greatest grace that my father had in his life is to know Jesus Christ. We know God loves my father, God loves all of us. We believe God is in charge of our life, he has his time and plan. Like the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 said: "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every matter under heaven— time to give birth and a time to die; Even though my father has left us, and this is just a milestone of him completing his journey on earth, he is continuing his life in God's eternal kingdom. We are suffering the pain of separation at this moment, but also bound with happiness from the promise of seeing him again in heaven. May the love my father gave to the family will carry on from generation to generation, and the Glory be to God. 茲定於二零二二年二月十一日晚上七點半至九點半在 Forest Lawn Funeral Home(3789 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby) 可讓親朋好友守夜。安息禮拜定於二月十二日早上十點在 Forest Lawn Funeral Home(3789 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby)。土葬儀式定於同日上午十一點半在 Forest Lawn Memorial Park(3789 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby)舉行。

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