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Konstantin Milan PONDELICEK

8 mars , 19435 juillet , 2019

Konstantin Milan PONDELICEK est né(e) le 8 mars , 1943 et est décédé(e) le5 juillet , 2019.


  • Visitation jeudi, 11 juillet , 2019
  • Graveside service jeudi, 11 juillet , 2019


Konstantin Milan PONDELICEK


Jennyfer Mendoza

13 juillet , 2019

Konnie was a great man and down to earth.Ada and I are so blessed that we had a chance to hangout with Konnie.I still remember we went to night market before,Konnie,Christina,Ada and I, we were eating at the night market watching the sunset along Fraser river.Konnie good luck in your new journey.

Huang Hedy

13 juillet , 2019

Fortunately, you have a treasure.

Christina Wang

12 juillet , 2019

We’re here today to celebrate the great life of Konstantin Milan Pondelicek, a beloved husband and brave man, who passed away on July 5th this year at the age of 76. Konnie was born in Czech Republic, the city of Prague.

For all those who didn’t know Konnie well, He was a vibrant soul with a colorful character as well as a colorful vocabulary. Konnie was a person who enjoyed the little things in life, like the warmth of the sunlight and the calmness of the moonlight. He was an avid tennis player, and a good chess player. He was a very straight-forward person, who was true to himself. In his eyes, people were judged not for their skin color but for their actions. He always knew what he wanted and always pursued his goals with a persistent attitude and unwavering focus.

Konnie was raised to believe that one day he will be an honored priest, but he chose otherwise.He was a parole officer for the canadian government for more than 30 years.

He knew how to celebrate life and to live to the fullest. He often spoke of the good times when traveled on his own around europe with only his second-hand van and a handful of cash.

He was a beloved man with strong presence and sincere smile.
He gave me his total trust and self to me in his best years. 20 years with him was a blessing and honor that I was glad to have.
To me, he was an angel, my soulmate, who I will never forget.

Today, we gather here in honor and respect for a beloved man.