Donald Lee Brehm

15 février 194724 décembre 2019

Donald Lee Brehm est né(e) le 15 février 1947 à Chicago, Illinois et est décédé(e) le 24 décembre 2019 à Littleton, Colorado et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Olinger Chapel Hill Mortuary & Cemetery.

Graveside Service aura lieu le 11 juin 2021 à 12:00 pm à Fort Logan National Cemetery, 4400 W. Kenyon Ave., Denver, CO.

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  • Graveside Service

    vendredi, 11 juin , 2021


Donald Lee Brehm


Robin Sova

3 mars , 2021

So sorry to hear of Don’s passing via my college’s (St. Louis University Parks College) magazine. Our lives crossed for only one school year (1973-74), I as a 17 year old freshman aerospace engineering student and he as a mature older “vet” (Vietnam) in his senior year. In that short school year we shared a class or two (I specifically remember calculus) and a 3 car chain collision on our ways home as commuter students (I was the middle car Datsun convertible (which I still own!) behind a Chevy Vega and he in the rear Ford Pinto-sadly for him, the one whose insurance became responsible! In the summer of ‘74 he also helped me raise fall tuition money by buying my Rogallo hang glider that I had built from a kit but had not yet successfully flown-I really needed the money! He eventually flew it at Warren Dunes, MI and showed me pictures so I knew someone actually flew in a flying machine that I had built. And then our lives went their separate ways. I did see him at a distance once in the 90’s when he was visiting a Colonel at my then employer (US Army Aviation Systems Command in St. Louis). Then, in a June 2012 issue, I saw his name tied to a “Favorite Firearms” article in my monthly NRA Rifleman magazine. In it was the story and pictures of a Luger pistol that his father (an ordnance sergeant in a P-47 squadron) had brought back from WWII. He credited his father’s stories with inspiring his aviation career, so I figured it had to be the same Don Brehm. I found his phone number on the internet and called, luckily the right one! We had a nice long talk sharing interests: Lawrence KS connections, grandkids, airplanes, motorcycles, guns, and people we knew who survived crashes - him on a helicopter in Vietnam and 2 in his Piper Cub! I’m sorry we didn’t stay in touch after that but he is one of those people that you never forget. I pray that his family has fine memories and are doing well, and again, offer my sincerest condolences. Robin Sova, Overland Park, KS

Shaun Howard

2 janvier , 2020

I am staff member of Jeffco Open Space and I worked with Don while he volunteered as a Park Patroller. We loved his commitment to our visitors and, especially, his favorite park: South Valley Park. My favorite memory of him occurred while I was off-duty at work. I ride a motorcycle. While riding home, he and were stopped at the same traffic light complimenting each others rides. He will be missed!