Melissa Jane Clarkson

5 mai 195817 novembre 2014
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Melissa Jane Clarkson ~ May 5, 1958 to November 17, 2014 Melissa Jane was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. After living in South Plainfield, New Jersey and Naperville, Illinois, she arrived in Littleton, Colorado when she was six years old.

At that young age, she started skiing. Melissa always loved the outdoors. After graduating from Arapahoe High School, she spent the summer working on a dude ranch in Durango – one of 20 hired from over 500 applications from all over the world.

She attended Western State College in Gunnison Colorado where she would take off every winter semester to teach skiing at Mount Crested Butte and go to summer school.

She graduated with a BA in graphic arts and has a Masters in Psychology. She lived and worked in Crested Butte, and then moved to Summit County and worked for the Vail Daily News as a graphic artist.

She was a marathon runner and won the 1984 Summit County Marathon. Melissa competed in the Boulder-Boulder in the Elite 40 class, as well as the Mount Evans Hill Climb. She was an avid pack burro racer, mountain bike rider, and back-country downhill and cross country skier. She was a ski coach at Copper Mountain and other ski areas in Colorado for many years. There are 54 mountains in Colorado that are over 14,000 feet and she climbed many of them.

When Melissa moved to Denver she was one of the founders of the Denver Daily News. She also had her own graphic design business called Rio Designs.

One of her greatest joys was working at Wilmore-Davis Elementary School in Special Education. She cared greatly about the children she taught. She also worked at the Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA and enjoyed the Kinderkamps in the summer and during her holiday breaks. Melissa loved working with children.

Melissa truly loved her dog Bodie, her cat Henry (a female), her horses, Rio and Bailey, and her burro, Jake. She was very happy to know that they are all being loved and have good homes.

Melissa died peacefully her beautiful home in Broomfield. She is survived by her parents Tom and Sara Bloom, and James Clarkson.

In lieu of flowers a donation in memory of Melissa can be made to Colorado Horse Rescue, 10386 N. 65th, Longmont, CO 80503; 720-494-1414, www.chr.org or Collier Hospice Center-Lutheran Hospital, 3210 Lutheran Parkway, Wheat Ridge, CO 80023; 303-425-8000, www.lutheranmedicalcenter.org.


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    mardi, 2 décembre , 2014


Melissa Jane Clarkson


Sue Jones

7 décembre , 2014

My dear friend Milissa I miss you so, I remember when we first met when you started working with me at child watch at the YMCA and I just new that you were a very special person that I was glad to have in my life and now I can't believe you are gone,thankyou for the memories and teaching me to be a stronger person and to enjoy life like you did. I loved your animals and they as well as all the people who knew you were very lucky to have you in their lives !! Rest in peace my

Bona Dea

5 décembre , 2014

Melissa, you will be missed. I wish we could of hooked up in the past 10 years, but it was not ment to be. You were always so happy and had so many irons in the fire. I loved watching you burro race! May you find peace and quiet now...

Curtis Imrie

3 décembre , 2014

a beauty, creative, putting out the positive out...there..so often. If you couldn't have fun with Melissa you probably need therapy. An athlete with a special place in her heart for donks.

Jada Walker

2 décembre , 2014

I met Melissa while working at Wilmore-Davis Elementary. Everyday she came to work with a smile on her face and a positive outlook. I was so impressed by her dedication to the student she worked with. She adored that boy and I am certain she made an outstanding difference in his life. I am glad to have known Melissa and pray for peace to her and her family.

Helen Archibold-Komai

1 décembre , 2014

Dearest Melissa, I truly miss you! You were my junior and senior high school! We did Art Club, Babysitting Jobs, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing and camping to the TeePee. Remember white water rafting with the history teacher. Remember confirmation class? I can see Mr. Wiggles, the drawing you did on the back of the book, like it was yesterday. You were there to throw me a 17th birthday party. You introduced me to Julie Ratterman and got to know Trisha and Rae Jean better because of you! And our dear friend Kev Kev. Do you see him? Remember going to Lynyrd Skynyrd in the back of a Limo? It was the friends of Julie's that had a big family that they had a limo as a family car. You came up with the great idea of going to a Dude Ranch as soon as we graduated. And we went off to the mountains for college. Being in your wedding was such an honor and a treasure! In thinking back I am crying over the gratefulness in having known you and your impact in my life. One of my biggest regrets is not having tried harder to be more in touch with you in our adult years. I am so, so sad not to be able to meet up with you again but I know I will! You are truly missed and truly thanked for being such a great part of my life! Much Love and Gratitude, Helen

Rick, Michelle, Emmett and Bridget Skojec

30 novembre , 2014

Melissa was a bright shining light at Wilmore Davis elementary, as well as a friend to our whole family. We are so lucky to have known her for these past few years and to have had her take such good care of our son, Emmett. Melissa was so loved by us all, her loss truly leaves a great big hole in our hearts. Our deepest sympathies.

Margaret Carlson

27 novembre , 2014

I remember my days with Melissa as being filled with energy, humor and fun - even at work. You entertained us all, and showed us how to not sit still.

Jim Pavelich

25 novembre , 2014

Melissa, You were a great addition to the Vail Daily in the good old days, the Summit Daily News in the beginning days, and the Denver Daily News in them there days. You had an edge that drove some on our staff crazy, but I'll always remember with a smile. You left too soon. JP

Tina Wallace

25 novembre , 2014

Oh Dearest Melissa,

What a hole you've left in my heart by leaving too soon. It goes without saying that you were an excellent graphic artist and colleague, but in truth it was your sense of humor and great work ethic that got us all through some very long days and trying times.
You were the best and truest friend I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. There are certainly volumes that we could recant with tales of times we had when we laughed until we cried and of mutual appreciation for help during tough or sad times.
You will be missed by multitudes of people lucky enough to have had the honor and privilege to know and love you.

Good bye dear friend,

M. John Fayhee

25 novembre , 2014

Melissa was with us when we first started the Summit Daily News in 1989. Those were crazy days, and she always held her own and was an important part of the paper's early days. Sorry to hear of her passing.