Francis "Eddie" Edward Hartman Jr.

27 février 19498 juin 2021

Francis Edward “Eddie” Hartman, Jr., 72, passed away on June 8, 2021 in Huntersville, NC. He was born in 1949 in Charlotte, NC to Francis and Mildred Hartman, Sr.

Eddie graduated from West Mecklenburg High School in 1967 and went on to attend Wingate College. He was an honorary member of the Gamma Zeta Chapter of the Phi Chi Fraternity at UNC Wilmington and the Psi Delta Chapter of the Phi Chi Fraternity at UNC Charlotte.

Eddie had a passion for photography his whole life. He took photos for the Charlotte Observer for some time before pursuing work as a freelance photographer – which he was committed to until his passing. Notable photography assignments include taking photos for various businesses, weddings, and reunion events, and most recently taking aerial photos.

Eddie’s friends were his family and they loved him as deeply and widely as he loved them. He was a wonderful person who was always ready and willing to lend a hand to those in need. Aside from photography, Eddie was very interested in history, and specifically ancestry.

Eddie is survived by his sister, Margaret “Ann” Greene; as well as cousins and great friends. He was preceded in death by his parents and a handful of close friends.

A graveside service will be held at 2:30pm on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at Forest Lawn West Cemetery, 4601 Freedom Drive, Charlotte, NC. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in Eddie’s name to the charity of your choice.


  • Graveside Service

    samedi, 12 juin , 2021


Francis "Eddie" Edward Hartman Jr.


Patricia Lassiter ( Kaleb,Austin and Aubrey Grandmother)

16 juin , 2021

Eddie was a great friend and grand pa figure to my grand children. He was very helpful to their parents. Always willing to help them out. Thank you Eddie and Ann for being the kind hearted friends the children needed.

Jim Lockman

12 juin , 2021

part 2
Ed’s friends knew him as a problem solver. He always knew what to do to solve his or his friend’s problems. He could fix almost anything. He repaired a lot of appliances and fixed a number of cars. And if he or one of his network of friends couldn’t fix it, Ed would try something. Anything!
There are so many stories about Ed’s creative problem solving. I think Robert Frost described Ed’s unique way of life’s challenges this way.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both.
I took the one less traveled by,
And that made all the difference.
Over the last few years and a lot of phone conversations, I noticed a theme in my lengthy talks with Ed. He always started out, “How’s Jim?” After he asked how my family was and how the business was going, he would usually talk to me about a friend who was going through a crisis, or someone who was dealing with drug problems with his son, or a friend who was having financial or tax issues or had lost his job. He was always giving advice or attempting to help them solve the problem. Some of these calamities were very serious and Ed would spend his time and even his own financial resources to help them solve solve the problem. Some of these calamities were very serious and Ed would spend his time and even his own financial resources to help them solve the problem. He spent thousands of dollars to help a friend in serious straits.
Eddie was a faithful friend to me, to Ann, and to many, many friends and others that he met over the years. Ed had a godly character in his desire to help others, whether it was just listening, giving advise or taking action to solve their problems.
The Scripture says in Proverbs, “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” That epitomized Ed Hartman.
But in closing , if I had to sum up the life of the Ed Hartman I knew, it would be the words of the Frank Sinatra song, “I did it my way.”

Jim Lockman

12 juin , 2021

BIG ED! That’s what a lot of people called him. How many of you knew him as Big Ed? I never did. In my world everyone is big.
My friendship with Eddie has spanned over 55 years. We met in high school when Eddie was a senior and I was in the 11th grade. Eddie was the photographer for the school newspaper and I had just become the photographer for the yearbook. I didn’t know anything about photography and didn’t even have a real camera. Eddie and I became friends and he taught me about photography. We had to cover events at school, sporting events, and anything newsworthy, so we were together a lot. Classmates would see us together and exclaim, “Mutt and Jeff!” Seeing us working together at a game was quite a sight.
As our friendship developed, I grew to love photography. I owe my love for photography and my 50-year career as a corporate photography to my friend Eddie.
Hanging out with Eddie when he worked part time at the Charlotte Observer gave me the opportunity to become an experienced in black and white processing. That experience would become valuable when I operated a black and white lab years later. That lab venture is actually how I met my wife.
After we finished school, Eddie and I worked for another photographer in his photo lab and on photo assignments. Eventually, we formed Hartman-Lockman and Associates. our first photo venture. Because the photography business was so successful, Eddie moved to Wilmington to work as a photographer for the Wilmington Star-News. He would go on to work in another photo partnership. During that time, I started a family. Ed was shooting shirts. I started my photo business. Ed was building condos. Our friendship moved to one of playing phone tag.
There are so many stories about Eddie. Like the time we were caught between rioters and the National Guard in Columbia during the war protest. Glass and rocks on one side, tear gas on the other. We decided to escape and go home.

Scot “Chesta” Hughes

12 juin , 2021

“Eddie” was a super humanbeing- he had a a passion for having fun and he was always finding was to help people - He was more than an Honorary member of the Gamma Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity- to me he was a member and I will always consider him one of my Brothers. When I was in college at UNCW Ed was an integral part of my adult development - yes a friend but also a father figure, someone I could look up to
He will always be remembered
Thank you for everything Ed !!!

Bill Birmingham

11 juin , 2021

I grew up with Eddie as a neighbor and we had been continual friends for almost 70 years. I never had a better or loyal friend in Eddie Hartman. He will be forever missed.

John Birmingham

10 juin , 2021

contiued from below.

Besides photo, he owned a pool hall (where he worked weekends), a furniture store (only for a short while), owned 3 rental houses, built 6 condominium
units at Carolina Beach, had a part-time limousine service, and 1/4 interest in a talent agency for a short while.

Eddie came back to Charlotte in about 1993. He established a new company called "A Corporate Image". He has been very successful with this--Ed regularly hired small planes so he could take aerial photos. His good profits were made because multiple (different companies) pics were made during each flight.

One quick description of Eddie---Gregarious
Also nice and caring
Ed was with me when I broke my arm--his concern and empathy was genuine--this is what I remember most.

John Birmingham

John Birmingham

10 juin , 2021

A person cannot have a better friend than Eddie Hartman.
He never met an individual he did not like.
It did not matter who you were, if you needed help, he would aid
Ed never had a mean thing to say about anyone, and never got mad
Always had a smile and unreal optimism about life.

I met Eddie in 1952--he was 3 and I was 4-- the Hartmans had moved to the house across the road and we were instant friends. It was a year before Ann was born. Our most fun was playing in the creek behind the house--catching crawfish, making a rock dam, and generally getting wet and dirty. We regularly fished in the adjacent lake and did things like picking berries in the pasture.
In the winter snow, Ed had a sled and our family had a big hill--a perfect combination.
We went to kindergarten together. Ed's father had a 1949 Ford convertible--fun trip to preschool.
Growing up, it seems Ed was at our house or I was at his--Ed had a huge train set. Also pre-lego set and a log building kit.
Eddie much enjoyed his time in the boy scouts, and went to summer camp for a couple of summers.
All the way through high school, Ed was slim, and fit. He played basketball as a center for the school.
Also, in this period he refurbished two TR-3 cars.

Going to Wingate College was exciting and rewarding for Ed. Then he transferred to uncc.
About this time, he was working for the Charlotte Observer. I remember regularly seeing his byline for pictures in the paper--Particularly dramatic pics of football games. Then he found a more enticing job with the Star News, also taking pictures.
It was about 1974 (or 75), he decided to establish his own company. The first couple of months were slow, but then he got the Block Shirt account, and things took off. He had multiple commercial accounts, including GE. He took several trips to NYC for Block, and on at least one occasion flew on a small private business jet. Ed liked staying busy. continued above.
John Birmingham

Mike Peacock

10 juin , 2021

Eddie was one of a kind.  Our paths first met in Wilmington, NC where he had a photography studio and I worked for General Electric.  At the time, GE was one of many clients and he was the "official" photographer for all types of advertising media - from full-color brochures to huge blow up prints.  Little did I know, our friendship would last for 44 years!

Eddie was a wonderful person who was so much fun to be around.  We laughed, joked and had so many work and personal scenarios we talked about. Our calls were filled with new ideas and old memories.  I actually talked to him the day before he passed away, and as always, full of life and laughing!  He was a great photographer but an even greater friend.  He will definitely be missed.  Prayers for his wonderful sister, Anne, he adored so much! Rest In Peace my dear friend.

Liuedean Wilson

10 juin , 2021

Eddie always had a smile and a laugh - a great volunteer and sincere friend to all he met- both old and newfound friends. Great photographer and business person - even better human!
Proud to be his high school classmate - West Mecklenburg "67!

Lewis Wilson

Parker Howey

10 juin , 2021

I met Eddie when I was 18 years old (1986) while modeling shirts for Block Industries; he was the photographer. It didn't take long to realize he was a very nice and easy-going guy who loved to support Chi Phi fraternity at UNCW. I always saw him at the fraternity house while riding by or at Orton Billards that he owned in downtown Wilmington. All the college kids hung out there and he gave hair cuts next door in the barber shop to anyone who asked. He loved to support and befriended many of the college kids. I'll never forget randomly running into him at Cherry Grove during a Spring Break.

I have not seen Eddie in 30 years, but I had the urge to call him last week. We had the best conversation and it was like a minute had not passed since we last spoke. We agreed to meet within a month, but unfortunately God had other plans.

RIP my friend.