Wayne Blick K. Blickenstaff

25 juin 192023 décembre 2011

Wayne Blickenstaff passed away on December 23rd, 2011, at the age of 91, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was born on June 25th, 1920, in Pomona, California, a son of the late Perry H. Blickenstaff and Hazel (Lewis) Blickenstaff.

Wayne lived in a number of towns during his childhood. During his years at Pomona High School, Wayne, his brother Ralph, and another gymnast formed a three man hand-balancing team and did exhibitions at various local events.

Wayne attended Woodbury Business College in Los Angeles and then joined the U.S. Air Corps in 1942. He flew 133 combat missions with the 353rd Fighter Group in England. Lieutenant Colonel Blickenstaff, a double ace, earned “Ace in a Day” by destroying three W-F90s and two German ME-109s in one day. He was awarded 7 Air Medals, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, the French Croix de Guerre, the Silver Star, and the Distinguished Service Cross.

After the war, he attended Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, and then moved to New York to become an advertising and editorial illustrator with the prestigious advertising art studio, Charles E. Cooper, Inc. He was a member of the Society of Illustrators.

Wayne joined the Famous Artists School in Westport, Connecticut to manage the newly created Young People’s Art course. He then worked as the Illustration Director for Weekly Reader in Middletown, Connecticut. He illustrated children’s books and publications throughout the years.

In 1989 he retired at the age of 68 and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to pursue a life-long desire to write. In spite of his poor eye sight, he read one to two books a week and looked forward to frequent trips to the library.

Wayne was a very supportive, compassionate and loving husband and father, a loyal friend, and an encouraging mentor. He recently said what an "unbelievably full and fantastic" life he had led, and how lucky he was to have his childhood dreams come true. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

In addition to his parents, Wayne was preceded in death by a brother, Ralph L. Blickenstaff. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Frances Pickett Blickenstaff, and 7 children:

Eric Blickenstaff (Ernie) of Las Vegas, Nevada Marc Blickenstaff (Linda) of Cornelius, North Carolina Gina Blickenstaff of Boulder, Colorado Gib Furgurson of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Brenda Grimes of Charlotte, North Carolina Gayle Wellborn (Bart) of Charlotte, North Carolina Perry Blickenstaff of Charlotte, North Carolina

He also leaves behind 14 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.


  • At Wayne's request a service will not be held.


Wayne Blick K. Blickenstaff


Ned Jacoby

16 janvier , 2012

I am so thankful that I finally got to know Wayne in this past year.
Wayne and I were both in the USAAF throughout WW2 and we both went to Chouinard after the war ended - Wayne as an illustration student while I became a graphic designer - but we never met. He left for NYC just as I entered Chouinard.
Then, this year my cousin in NYC - who had been a friend of Wayne's at Cooper Studio - passed away and I got in touch with Wayne to see if he could come to Bob's service in NYC.
That wasn't possible but Wayne and I became good Email friends and had a great time exchanging opinions on flying in WW2.
He was a remarkable person and I only wish that I'd had a chance to know him better.
All my sympathies to his large family that he wrote so fondly of.

Dick Smolinski

9 janvier , 2012

Am profoundly saddened to hear of Blick's passing. We worked together in the mid 70's and continued to correspond after he retired in '88. He was one of my heroes in every respect....a true gentle man.
So long Col. Blick.
Dick Smolinski

Maria Wardwell

4 janvier , 2012

Gayle, your dad (and mom) were so much a part of my growing up. He was such a warm, funny and witty man. It seemed the crazier we acted, the calmer he was. It was always so "relaxing" to come to your house. He will be sorely missed. Thinking of you and your family-- Love, Maria

Erin Atkinson

3 janvier , 2012

Thinking of you and your family, Perry. All of us at Dublin Dog are here for you! It's great to see what a nice, full life your dad lived. I can see why all of you are so proud of him!

3 janvier , 2012

Dear Perry (and family),

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story about your dad's life. Though I only met him once, I have enjoyed the handiwork of his life through my friendship with you--his beautiful, thoughtful, and loving daughter--and through his artwork.

I'd heard stories about his heroic service to our country, but it was amazing to see it writing. I am forever grateful for what he did on behalf of so many others.

Thank you, Mr. Blickenstaff, for a life well lived. You will not be forgotten.

With great respect,
Tamara Burrell (Belmont, NC)

marc blickenstaff

2 janvier , 2012

The other day I lost my hero in this life to his place in the next. Dad lived a pretty full life as a WWII fighter pilot, commercial artist in NYC, Art teacher, and husband and father. In his later years he loved to just do nothing. If you asked him why, he would tell you that some time ago he realized that the less you did, the slower time would go. So he stretched and cherished every second he had enjoying what he called an amazing life on this earth. May you rest in peace, Dad. Love you, Marc

Don Barber

2 janvier , 2012

The 352nd Fighter Squadron, LLC (of the 353rd Fighter Group) sends our condolences....His information through the years were invaluable, and it was truly an honor to be able to correspond with Col. Blickenstaff. He will be missed.

Angie Mattson

2 janvier , 2012

Wayne was accomplished in business and in life. The fact that he loved and was so loved is the best accomplishment of all!

Peter Randall

31 décembre , 2011

I never had the privilege of meeting Col. Blick in person but was very honoured to have been able to correspond with him via email. He was one of the pioneers of the “Greatest Generation” in understanding the power of the Internet and therefore one of the first that I was able to communicate with. Always understanding, helpful and gracious in his dealings with me, he will be sorely missed. Blue skies and tail winds to you Col. Blick.
Peter Randall, www.littlefriends.co.uk
United Kingdom

Sherrill Grogan

30 décembre , 2011

I never had the pleasure of meeting Colonel Blickenstaff but we communicated quite regularly via e-mail after I informed the now defunct 353rd Fighter Group web site that my uncle, G.D. Page - a member of the 350th Squadron, part of the 353rd FG, commanded by Colonel Blickenstaff - had died (also in December) in 2000. My near 12 year contact with the colonel made me feel that much closer to my uncle who I had idolized since I was very young and made me feel I got to know his commanding officer well.
I shall always miss and remember Wayne Blickenstaff as much as I shall forever miss my uncle. My deepest heart-felt condolences to the family. He was a grand man that did lead a full life but that doesn't lessen the mournful pain I feel for his death.
James Sherrill Grogan (Orinda, California)


Litchfield Beach - July 2010


July 1969 - Dad at home in CT


July 1999 - Doughton Park


August 1999 - Hilton Head


Winter 1999 - Dad with his brother Ralph


Winter 1999