Erik James Freeman

9 juillet 19784 juillet 2021

Erik James Freeman est né(e) le 9 juillet 1978 et est décédé(e) le 4 juillet 2021 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Nickerson Funeral Home.

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Erik James Freeman


Melissa Schreck

22 juillet , 2021

So very sorry for your loss. Sending you rays of light, love and hugs. 💗🌹🌼

Sara Clark

15 juillet , 2021

I would see Erik every summer when I was living in Provincetown. Erik showed such happiness each time we would see each other. I could tell what a great guy Erik was especially when seeing him around his children. Erik was always smiling and I know he is now looking down on all of us with that sweet grin. Erik will never be forgotten and he is now living through his amazing boys. Thank you for always showing me such kindness ❤️

Darlene Patten

11 juillet , 2021

Erik was an amazing friend. It was such an honor to know him and grow up with him.
He lives on in our hearts and in our prayers. Our sweet angel now teaching God how to play hockey.
We love him, we'll miss him and always remember his beautiful heart, face and smile.
God bless you all.

Darlene Patten

11 juillet , 2021

Erik was my first love in the 6th grade. We dated for 2 whole weeks. I can still remember the strength he had while holding his hand.
Years later, Erik and I were tickled when we realized that our children dated.
My favorite memory of Erik was when we were living and hanging out on Nelson Ave., Provincetown, us kids were all playing baseball. It was getting dark, the ball got lost in the horse hay in the stable. Our older friend was kind to take his truck lights and shine them into the barn area to help find the ball. My little sister tried getting on the tailgate of the truck. I went to get her down when I noticed the truck backing up. The tailgate bent my legs back and knocked me to the ground. Erik rushed in and pulled me out before truck tire turned into my head. He then carried me in his arms and ran me up the hill to his grandparents house. He laid me carefully on the couch and placed two bags of ice on my legs where the swelling was. I then fell asleep. Before waking I could hear through the foggy sleep, Eric and his cousin, Jamie, playing video games. Sweet Jamie then said, "Look at how peaceful she looks while she sleeps". Then I heard Erik reply in his sweet voice, "Dude! Stop staring at my girlfriend and play!". Lol.
That is one of my many favorite stories about Erik. How gallant, thoughtful, caring and noble he was to put me before himself. That was Erik. Always thinking of others first. Doing what he could to make everyone else happy and safe. I know he will be looking over us all with his great big angel wings and his hockey stick. We all loved him and will love him always.
God bless you all and know you are in our hearts and prayers. Thank you all for letting me share my story.

Heidi Eldredge ~ Belmore

11 juillet , 2021

Erik, a wonderful and caring and loving father of 4. I will forever, have a piece of my heart with you. Erik was a FANTASTIC friend as well, the best friend someone could ask for~my love, one of Erik’s close friends, my fiancé will always miss you..R.I.P. ~ FOREVER MISSED

Peter & Carol Lopes

11 juillet , 2021

A very good neighbor and father. We pray for Eric and his family.