Richard Lance Deal

25 janvier , 196223 septembre , 2019

Richard Lance Deal est né(e) le 25 janvier , 1962 et est décédé(e) le23 septembre , 2019.


  • Committal Service mercredi, 2 octobre , 2019


Richard Lance Deal


Robin Deal

7 octobre , 2019

We are so happy we got to see you final resting place. Your flesh could not have picked a more serene and picturesque to be laying for all eternity. Even though your not thier. Visitors will always appreciate that view you got!

So.happy Christopher and I were able to visit your grave. Sorry we were late and missed the funeral. Money issues, I know you understand. We did see it on facebook, it was a great ceremony! People came for you, who didnt even know you! Thanking you for your service.

Thank you for the service you did to the country..and that you did for your family. I understand things got tough and you needed to turn it around before you would bring your family back in. We love you and hope Grandma Flo and mom show you the ropes.

Fly high

The Guy

2 octobre , 2019

We are who we are and it is what it is. American service men often go unseen. Go easy bro.....

Susan Ralston Webster

2 octobre , 2019

Dear Lance, we always wanted you back or to just come home. You were so loved by your family. We will never know what your life was like. I only know Gods arms were open wide to welcome you to your final home. We will always miss your smile and the humor you showed us. Sleep peacefully now dear cousin. You are home. Cousin Susy and Skip Webster

Christopher Deal

2 octobre , 2019

Uncle Lance.
Dad decided you weren't going to have a funeral. Im so very sorry. Im so glad men in arms helped you by remembering you in such a awesome way.

We are poor but would have gladly gave you a couch or a bedroom to sleep in. We didnt have much, but you were always welcome to it. We couldn't afford to drive to chattanooga, im so sorry. Robin, me, cousin Suzie, melissa, Aunt Ruth's Ann and others across the USA had a moment of silence for you on Saturday. We also planted perriannuals in your name. I hope you like them.
We werent there but, we were. I hope you are in peace and know we did love you. When you ran away and dissappered we were so sad. We just looked on social media for you instead of hiring a PI. We Googled your name instead of paying for a search. And for that I am sorry.
Love the Deal kids

Richard Deal

2 octobre , 2019

Hey Uncle Lance. I'm so sorry I could not make it. I feel like we should have taken out a loan to see you or something. I'm so sorry about my dad. I miss you and have missed you since you ran away. We love you here. We will always love you, you are remembered! I hope you are no longer in pain and in peace. Enclosed is my favorite picture of you. Its you and my dad at his wedding.

Kimberly Ciarlone

1 octobre , 2019

Thank you for your service. "I will never leave you nor forsake you" Hebrews 13:5