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Emily Elizabeth Pineda

28 juillet , 199829 octobre , 2019
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Emily Elizabeth Pineda est né(e) le 28 juillet , 1998 et est décédé(e) le29 octobre , 2019.


  • Visitation dimanche, 10 novembre , 2019
  • Prayers lundi, 11 novembre , 2019
  • Funeral Mass lundi, 11 novembre , 2019
  • Interment lundi, 11 novembre , 2019


Emily Elizabeth Pineda


Chloe Williams

14 novembre , 2019

Emily was one of the most sweetest and the most talented girls you’ll ever meet. Her artwork speak volumes, her smile and laughter brightened everyone’s day. Even though I only knew her in high school briefly in a couple of classes, she would always bring joy to everyone and amazing jokes. She will always be loved by all and never forgotten. ❤️

Rest in Peace 🙏🏽

Lawren Carter

12 novembre , 2019

Emily! I’m heart broken that I couldn’t attend your funeral yesterday. When I saw the posts on facebook, I was in honest disbelief. I lied in bed scrolling on facebook for more proof, more knowledge, more understanding of what could’ve happened to you. I instantly had flashbacks of high school and the many classes we shared from freshman-senior year. It started with that large PE class the theater students shared with the visual artists! It was always live and you and Jeiline always set a desk or two away from the doors to be the first ones outta the class! You were so cool. I vibed with you countless times and just as many mentioned, your hugs were dope. you’d always turn your head to the side and bury your face into whomevers chest you were hugging. you’d smile and squeeze and push your glasses up if the hug was tight enough to rearrange them. You were small too, so you’d fit perfectly in everybody’s arms. One thing I know you loved to do was laugh and draw! I’ll never forget that day in Mr. Green’s physics class, you drew this dope elephant on my hand dedicated to my sister! i kept the picture because I’m for sure getting the tattoo for two reasons now: in dedication to you AND my sister! I appreciate all of the conversations, the laughs, and genuine times we had. you were an beautiful, authentic human being, Emily! May your soul rest and your journey beyond this one be as peaceful and joyous! I love you, Emily! The sky is your canvas now!

Jessica Hernandez

10 novembre , 2019

Emily my good all friend I still can’t get over the fact that am see you again and hug you. And get that smile of yours , I can’t even explain it with worth’s how much I’ll miss you I’ll miss seeing you around I hate the fact I never got the chance to say goodbye one last time that we did not got to see each other again . Coming home everything I have remember all our memories from child hood to when we will sit with prisma outside her door to talk for hours to when we would just sit outside and talk for hours , how much I wish we can reverse time so that I can get a last hug and a smile from you , I use to look forward to see you around all the time even if it was not a daily thing . I have need holding my tears for days since I found out I think of how you would always ask about my kids and how I had been. Ems I’ll miss you a lot you will always be in my heart and in my thoughts you will never be forgotten may you Rest In Peace may god open the doors to an amazing and the most happy angel he would have next to him . Love you my beautiful angel see you soon one day we will reunite once again and you will be their to hug me once again it’s not a see you never it’s a we will meet again one day.

Love Jessica
Rest up babygirl , I will always remember you and I’ll be waiting for your warm hugs . Cause I still think all of this is just a dream and that I’ll open up my eyes and it won’t be you’ll be their but for now let me just say goodby all tough I don’t want To . El cielo está de fiesta con tu enorme alegria que nos demostraste a todos y cada uno de tus amigos y familiares te quiero mucho nos vemos pronto que descanses en paz mi angelito bello.

Oyuki Aguilar

10 novembre , 2019

Today was the first day I allowed myself to miss you Em. Ever since I heard about your passing I’ve been soaking in old laughs and bits of our memories here and there, to revel over later. I knew I’d be bathing in nostalgia soon. Once reality set in, once I stopped ignoring the echoes of you in my room, and felt the sadness.
Well, it’s here. I remember your hugs so vividly. I hadn’t received one in about a year, but If you ever got a hug from Her you know exactly what I’m talking about. A shower of warmth and the sweetest whiff of joy enticing you to inevitably resurface with a smile. She had a presence that evoked light in all she adored. The one that yanks you out of your neutral. She didn’t have any airs about her. Such dew-eyed, soft-cheeked, silver souled loveliness you were chaparra. I fall to my knees in gratitude of having a piece of you in my room, of having known you, of having loved you if only for the briefest of moments.
Thank you for walking home with me and waiting for the bus with me. Thank you for allowing me to create with you and editing the class of 2k’16s yearbook with me. II’ll never forget the memories we made spending way too much time in the library and taking unrequested photos of the entire school with you. Thank you for sneaking snacks for us in Yearbook even though Ms. Damlich would always complain about the Cheeto crumbs. Thank you for everything.
How lucky was I? How lucky were we..

Rest up Baby girl🖤 I’ll be repping #Atmosphere forever.

Yesenia Vera

9 novembre , 2019

I remember when I first met Emily. She was so young maybe 13. She was so excited when I told her I was going to an art college. She asked me so much about what I learned there, and genuinely tried to learn about you. She was so caring. Knowing how much she cared about everyone even know makes me so happy to know that she never lost her beautiful soul. Our niece even got to see first hand at how amazing Emily was. She loves you so much. You will be very missed by everyone who was blessed to even cross paths with you.

Adolfo Orrego

9 novembre , 2019

Emily, I still can’t believe you’re gone. I appreciate for every smile you put on my face every time I saw you at school. You will always go down as the sweetest person ever literally you had such an amazing heart. I remember the last time I saw you we talked for 20 mins at your job. I’m glad I had to the chance to see you outside of school. I’ll never forget you, I hope you’re kind soul is resting now emily. I will forever miss you, I’ll go and visit you whenever I can. Rest In Peace queen.

Thalia Pineda

9 novembre , 2019


Cousin! It feels like yesterday we were just playing barbies laughing and smiling, going over to Tia’s prudencias house eating pizza! I remember when we were playing in the front and you and cande were about to go to church mom said don’t get dirty we will leave in a bit what do we do? My sister and I run around chasing you and cande and cande gets dirty! Hahaha oh what a laugh and we were soo scared your mom was going to hit you guys but she didn’t! She just showered cande oh god! I can’t with us hahaha...... ugh, I have no words cousin no words to explain how much PAIN this has cause all of our family you were so young!! Never had the chance to go out with you and have a drink at least. I love you sooo much and trust me you will definitely be missed I hear around how many people loved your smile trust me I loved it too saw the big smile you had and i hear so many comments on how sweet and amazing you were yes that runs in our family. It hurts my heart I feel a deep pain in my heart not a day goes by that I at least don’t cry a little but I know we have to stop we need to let you Rest In Peace. It’s something that we don’t except and it just happens you were so young cousin!! I just can’t believe it I really can’t. You will forever be in my heart

Your cousin Thalia pineda

Wendy Navarro

8 novembre , 2019

Thank you for all those good memories we had together. You ,Maria and me. We laughed, smiled , and joke around. There was also moments of silence lol . I loved how you will have fun with anything. I will always see you with your skateboard and your backpack. All the time. The Last time I saw you was at Buffalo Wild Wings were you use to work and you told me not to work there cause it was not worth it lol. Then it was time to leave we gave each other a good bye hug and the last words you told me was “ bye girl take care“. I’m a miss you. I’m a really miss your positive vibe. That you will bring to everyone. We’ll miss you. But ik you in a better place. We love you. RIP ❤️🥺🙏

Gloria Arias

8 novembre , 2019

Emily was a very kind person when my boyfriend and I told her that I was expecting she was very happy for us and once my belly started to show she will always ask me if she can fell my belly she will also ask if she can meet my daughter I wish she did meet her Emily was a very sweet girl

Brian Baren

8 novembre , 2019

Emily was in English with me in our Senior year. Emily was always asking about how my day or week had been, and was always willing to talk real or be goofy about life. When she doodled and laughed, both were beautiful. She will always be in my heart.