Avis de décès

Camalette Gladstone

15 octobre 196813 janvier 2023
Nécrologie de Camalette Gladstone
Camalette Gladstone, age 54, of Chilliwack, British Columbia passed away on Friday, January 13, 2023. Camalette is survived by her mother Wilfreda Paul (Gladstone); her father Yoshito Yogi and her dad Francis Paul; her sibling Rome Carleson, her sibling Peatra Gladstone, her sibling Tyrone Gladstone, her sibling Preston Paul, her sibling Tita Paul, her child Rosalia James (Gladstone), her child Malissa George, her child Tasheena George, her child Donovan Malloway, her grandchild Jayden Salgado, her grandchild Jose Sanchez Jr, her grandchild Sophia Salgado, her grandchild Alejandro Sanchez, her grandchild Xochitl Sanchez, her grandchild Arya Ponce, her grandchild Amya Salgado, her grandchild Sebastian Sanchez, her grandchild Eliana Ponce, her grandchild in-law Carrie-ann James, her grandchild in-law Adan James, her grandchild in-law Grace Daine James and her grandchild in-law Reno James III. Serving as pallbearers are Teresa Williams Rios, Jeanie Garcia, Lani Williams, George Williams, Lillian Gladstone, Lolita Swanaset, Patrick Bello, Elizabeth Oshiro, Jessie Belrose, Mario Narte Sr., Elpido Bello, George Swanaset Jr., Mike Arsenault, Leonard Corpez Jr., Lance Archie, Wilfred Archie Jr., Chatwin Archie and Reno James Jr. . Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.woodlawn-mtcheam.ca for the Gladstone family.

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  • Wilfreda Paul (Gladstone) Mother
  • Yoshito Yogi Father
  • Francis Paul Dad
  • Rome Carleson Sibling
  • Peatra Gladstone Sibling
  • Tyrone Gladstone Sibling
  • Preston Paul Sibling
  • Tita Paul Sibling
  • Rosalia James (Gladstone) Child
  • Malissa George Child
  • Tasheena George Child
  • Donovan Malloway Child
  • Jayden Salgado Grandchild
  • Jose Sanchez Jr Grandchild
  • Sophia Salgado Grandchild
  • Alejandro Sanchez Grandchild
  • Xochitl Sanchez Grandchild
  • Arya Ponce Grandchild
  • Amya Salgado Grandchild
  • Sebastian Sanchez Grandchild
  • Eliana Ponce Grandchild
  • Carrie-ann James Grandchild in-law
  • Adan James Grandchild in-law
  • Grace Daine James Grandchild in-law
  • Reno James III Grandchild in-law

  • Teresa Williams Rios Honorary Pallbearer
  • Jeanie Garcia Honorary Pallbearer
  • Lani Williams Honorary Pallbearer
  • George Williams Honorary Pallbearer
  • Lillian Gladstone Honorary Pallbearer
  • Lolita Swanaset Honorary Pallbearer
  • Patrick Bello Honorary Pallbearer
  • Elizabeth Oshiro Honorary Pallbearer
  • Jessie Belrose Honorary Pallbearer
  • Mario Narte Sr. Honorary Pallbearer
  • Elpido Bello Pallbearer
  • George Swanaset Jr. Pallbearer
  • Mike Arsenault Pallbearer
  • Leonard Corpez Jr. Pallbearer
  • Lance Archie Pallbearer
  • Wilfred Archie Jr. Pallbearer
  • Chatwin Archie Pallbearer
  • Reno James Jr. Pallbearer

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