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Jamie Ethel Young

23 mars , 19345 novembre , 2019

Jamie Ethel Young est né(e) le 23 mars , 1934 et est décédé(e) le5 novembre , 2019.


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Jamie Ethel Young


Deanna Rayburn

13 novembre , 2019

Dear Autie,

I love you so much. I'm going to miss your stories, direct advice, the time we spent together- talking, laughing, going out to eat. Most of all, I'm going to miss our late phone calls. Staying on the phone for hours at a time. You always said you weren't a phone person. But before we knew it, time got away from us. Thank you for empowering and reminding me how strong I am. You're truly going to be missed. I miss you already. ❤



Michael Colvin

13 novembre , 2019

Mrs. young was the real life madea way before there was Madea there was Jamie Ethel Young.!!! She told what thought even you didn't or did like it. She made sure you were on right track. She said that my Michael I drove her nuts and made her smile and laugh as she did me. She will be miss God got mrs.young and she reunion with Mr young her best friend too.

Dionta Gray

13 novembre , 2019

I like Smooth Jazz because of you,
When I didnt like tomatoes as a kid, you brought me cherry tomatoes and I loved it,
You knew my heart for animals and so you cultivated that part of me!
You would bring me to the zoo as a kid. You took me to the "Secret Park" just to climb a tree for hours,
Your backyard was full of fruit trees and well groomed grass, that my siblings and i played in.
You did your best to make sure i had somewhat of a childhood in the midst of a crazy broken home...
I didnt Expect to have to say goodbye to you this morning.!
I will Miss You Jamie Young!! 😢😢 and thank you for all you did for me and my 5 crazy siblings, 😔,
Still coming to grips with the thought of you not being here anymore😔😔. My heart is trying but it Just doesnt understand..