Tawana V. Smith

25 janvier 196720 mai 2021
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On January 25, 1967 the world changed for the best. Tawana Tina Smith (Lady T) was born to William and Mary McCorkle. They immediately realized this exceptionally beautiful, vocal little human was stealing the hearts of everyone in her presence. She was so amazing that her parents decided they wanted more little people like her.

Tawana wanted us to let you all know that her work here is done and she escaped this realm we call earth on May 20, 2021. She received a call that afternoon for an appointment for a place she will not be returning from. The offer was so magnificent that she could not refuse it. The reward for accepting the call came with a huge sign on bonus that includes a reunion with family and friends she has not seen in forever. It also came with the blessing of not having to wear a mask every time she left the house. She leaves behind two children, daughter Meisha and son Kyle. She also leaves behind her grandchildren whom she would cut someone behind. Xavier Smith, Nia Johnson, Willow Paul, Ellie Swenson and Everett Swenson. She did not care if you were the parent, she would hurt you behind her grandbabies. She loved the babies, all babies whether they were hers are a close friend. She took care of all children as if they were her own.

Tawana was world renowned for her lack of patience, slick comments, and fighting, hoarding and obsessive cleanliness. Your best bet was to not come for her because she never backed down from a fight regardless of who you were or where you were. That side of her often had you questioning your life choices. Everyone knew exactly where you stood with her. She liked you or she didn’t. Often times she would leave us guessing but the one thing you never guessed about was whether she loved you or not. After High school Tawana was given two options, go to Jail or go to the Army. Needless to say she raised her right hand swearing to defend the constitution of the United States in 1985. But just like everything she did in life she excelled at it. She changed her MOS a few times but ultimately did her time and retired when she was ready. During her journey in the Army she made everyone she came in contact with feel loved and if she liked you she brought you into her web she called family. Once declared family she loved you and cussed you if you were doing wrong.

She will be sorely missed and survived by her two brothers, her sister a host of nieces and nephews and her role dog and cousin Michelle.

She was preceded in death by her loving mother Mary McCorkle and father William McCorkle.

A funeral service for Tawana will be held Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 10:00 AM at Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home, 211 W Avenue B, Copperas Cove, Texas. Services can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/crawfordbowerscopperascove. An internment service with military honor will occur Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 1:00 PM at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, 11463 State Highway 195, Killeen, Texas.


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    mercredi, 9 juin , 2021

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    mercredi, 9 juin , 2021


Tawana V. Smith


Rodger OG McCreary

9 juin , 2021

Lady T..You will be surely missed..I remember when you called me. You said that you have me some Ole E that I need to come drink. You gave me a guardian bell for my bike..Throttle up my Sister and I love you...Until we meet again 💜💙💚💛🧡❤

Errica Safewright

7 juin , 2021

I can hear her saying “hi Chica”. I didn’t really how much we talked until she was gone. We were roommates in Iraq. But she was my talking buddy when I was traveling. She was my game buddy from FarmVille to Township. I think half my family is her friend on Facebook because we all played FarmVille together. She was even my workout buddy. We walked together by phone and even worked out by video. I miss you girly!

Amy McGuire

6 juin , 2021

Lady T was very special to our family! She loved us as much or even a bit more then we loved her! My kids loved sharing their accomplishments with her! She loved listening to them tell her every little thing! I'm not very outgoing so any FTR event I went to I'd hope she'd be there so I knew I had someone to talk to. Someone who knew me! T will always be apart of our family. She is & will always be greatly missed! Love you T!

Nell Berry

4 juin , 2021

Lady T as I came to know you, thank God He allowed us to be in each other's life. I have a lot of good memories of our talks, you were a listener.
I won't make this long, but You know that every time I look at the treadmill I'll be thinking of you. I can still see you riding away on your beautiful bike the last time you stopped by to see us.
I'll see you when I get there, we miss that big pretty smile of yours. and we love you.
Rest on my dear Lady T. 💖🕊🦋
The Berry Family, Adolphus, Nell and Tamara
Papa, Mama and Tammy

Andrea Berry

3 juin , 2021

T and I worked together @ Home Depot, we instantly connected as friends that friendship turn to best friends and a loving sisterhood. She straight forward with you at all times. T would tell you like it was and fuss you out in a heart beat. She and I and had the relationship where we would be mad at each but, always and I mean always hug it out and talk it out. T was a very loving and giving person all the way up to her last breath. She always made sure you were always taken care of even up to her last breath she wanted me to know that she ok and wanted to makes sure I was ok. We had many many good times together to many to name. I thank and Praise God for allowing us to cross paths. I rejoice for the day we will see each other again. Oh what a rejoicing day that will be. Her last words to me were I love you Drea and I am ok. T know that you are truly missed. You taught me a lot and I thank you. In your last days you bought people together. Praise God for the good life you lived. Your memory will always live in my heart.

Love you always your girl;

Tammi Sheppard

3 juin , 2021

Tawana, and became OES sister in Germany. And I can say we developed a beautiful sisterhood. As Shana stated our kids grow up together. Tee’s kindred spirit will be missed. Rest well my friend until we meet again.

Shauna Mayo

3 juin , 2021

Tawana was one of my dearest friends. We met in Germany and became close. She was my Eastern Star sister, a military colleague, but more importantly she was my friend. Our children grew up together when we all served in Germany. Tawana was a wonderful person. I will miss my friend.

Espy Encalade

3 juin , 2021

As we sat and laughed and cried only a couple weeks ago a couple of things replay in my head. First was how bad you really wanted chocolate ice cream and of course I drove around and found some chocolate ice cream. Second was you making sure I knew you were ok.

If you all don't know Tee was a special loving person. I often wondered how can someone so independent be so dependable to so many. She genuinely cared for everyone regardless of the situation. Funny memory from back in the day the first time we were at Shep and Tammy house in Colorado. Imagine being woke up from your sleep trying to be rushed to the hospital. I had no clue what was going on. When I finally realized what the panic was all about after getting her to calm down I said "were you really going to rush me to the ER for a nose bleed?" Thats when I found out me and high altitudes do not get along. She said how can someone who jump from airplanes get a nose bleed in the mountains. I never could answer that one.

Your memory lives forever.

Christopher Batiste

3 juin , 2021

🖤🖤♥️Lady T♥️🖤🖤 words can NOT express the love you had for my family. You will forever be missed. In 2017 you discovered I did not have a guardian Bell on my bike, with your back in pain you rolled on the ground cussing like a sailor and attached my bell.. I want you to know it's still in place and we will continue to ride and honor you.. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Kofi ICECOLD Weeks

3 juin , 2021

When I met you in 2010 you stole my heart. I will truly miss you and I can’t begin with one memory because we made so many together. Love always.