Sally Fairfax Englund

5 avril 19423 novembre 2020

Sally Englund passed away on November 3, 2020 in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada after a short and sudden case of heart failure.

Her spiritual heart was healthy and huge. She passed without suffering.

Sally loved teaching; she also ran a group home for wards of the court in Canada with her husband Dave to whom she was married for 46 years. Sally was a long-time resident of Canyon, California; Hornby Island, British Columbia and the Big Island of Hawaii.

She was a therapeutic horse-riding instructor for many years and in addition to her love for horses, loved tennis, dogs, kids, music and her family. She was involved in teaching for over 50 years in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Sally was predeceased by her daughter Sadie in 2003 and is survived by her husband Dave, her son Kyrin, daughter-in-law Lisen, stepdaughter Indra and various beloved pets.

Thanks to all who shared life with her and for all the thoughtful concerns regarding her passing.

The Englund Family


Sally Fairfax Englund


Ani Black

30 novembre , 2020

We enjoyed Sally very much, on Hornby and also on Hawaii when she came up to visit us on the Mauna Kea beach for a day. Dave we send you our warmest hugs and deepest sympathy. We are wishing your fine woman a safe journey forward.
We are so sorry for your loss of your beloved Sally.
Ian and Ani Black

Miriam McNamara

30 novembre , 2020

To the Englund family,
I am very sorry for your loss. Sally has a place in my heart and will forever be in my memory, she taught me how to read and write! We had such a tight little cohort of students and teachers at the Hornby school, I’m sure this loss will send waves out into the community and far beyond.
Sending love,
Miriam (Mimi)

Karla Neufer

29 novembre , 2020

Dave and family, my thoughts are with you. Sending a big hug. I remember Sally at Canyon School, and Sally in Victoria at Cordova Bay, and Sally at the Hornby School. Lots of good memories.

Stephen Arthurs

29 novembre , 2020

My deepest condolences, Dave.
Playing tennis with Sally will be how I will always think of her. She laughed often and robustly whenever we were together on the court. She made me feel like we were a couple of ten-year-olds playing road hockey on the street until dark. She also taught my daughter at the Hornby school and showed her how kindness and resolve could function as a team.

Karen Ross

29 novembre , 2020

Sally & Dave were such awesome Hawaiian hosts. Sally’s love of learning g was evident in how she embraced the Hawaiian culture and shared that with us through language and a visit to the Kona cultural centre. A trip to the highest peak, at the Mauna Kea Observatory; and tricky 4 wheel drive access to Waipi’o Valley made for a fantastic outing. Generous housing guest hosts and over season storage for our Uncle Bob’s style Volvo station wagon, macadamia nut aficionados, spotters of wild goats on the lava field at their Capt. Cook home...so many fond memories of our winters on Hawaii. Sally’s love of animals, the dogs, horses, and natural history centre on Hornby were part of her charm. More distant memories on Hornby of the kids at school and the Soda Pops, the Islanders Ladies ball team, and social tennis. The debutante who proves the world was her oyster. R.I.P. dear Sally❤️

Michaela Brooke

28 novembre , 2020

Such sudden tragic news and my heart goes out to Dave an Kyrin. We love having you as Neighbor’s and always missed seeing your faces during the winter months! I remember a few years back finding a deceased baby otter on sandpiper and phoning Sally as it was what she really wanted for the Natural History Exhibit. I drove her to the beach and she raced across the rocks like she was 10! Her spirit, youthfulness and big heart always kept me in awe! I will miss you so much and you will never be forgotten!
All my love,
Michaela (Brian, the kids and the woofers) ❤️❤️

Richelle Lamont Berg

28 novembre , 2020

My condolences to Dave and Kyrin. Sally was such a fun, energetic and thoughtful person. The soda pops will always be a fond memory!

Donna Tuele

28 novembre , 2020

Loved my time with Sally riding on Hornby and hearing her stories of her horses and adventures with her students. A one of a kind energetic spirit. She will be missed by all that knew her. My condolences to Dave and family.

Barbara Roberts

28 novembre , 2020

To Dave and family,
So sorry for your loss of dear Sally..
What a treasure when I think of all Sally gave to the good folks of Hornby and Hawaii.. both of my kids, Harmony and Seva both got to benefit from having her as a teacher.. she gave so much to those kids.. so much exuberance for learning.. made it so much fun! We always felt grateful over the years for her influence..

I personally was a good friend for many years, we shared many things together..
We played serious baseball together.. we started the team to just get fit, but soon found out we all wanted to play competitively.. we hand so much fun! We played at home, Hornby, Denman, tournaments on the Island ..good memories..Sally and I also went for many a horseback ride together .. she showed me the good trails ..We also had our Metaphysical group, Dave was part of that.. I remember they hosted quite a few.. loved going to there log house , with a view..
So many good memories.. grateful I had a visit with Dave and Sally in Hawaii about 10 years ago.. not thinking that would be our last visit ..
Love you Sally ❤️
Much love to the family ❤️

Tina Wai

25 novembre , 2020

I have 30 years of memories of Sally. We taught together for many years at the Hornby School until she retired. She was a teacher with so much enthusiasm and energy.  She loved being a teacher and she loved her students. Who can forget her "Soda Pops" choir? She continued teaching in Hawaii even this past year. She also loved animals, especially her horses and dogs, playing tennis, eating Chinese food, giving tours of Natural History, and she loved Hornby, returning every summer from Hawaii.
Sally had a big spot in her heart for the Natural History Centre and was there from the beginning. She found a taxidermied otter in an antique store a few years ago and surprised us all by buying it for the "museum". When she heard a turkey vulture had hit a power line on Hornby, she paid to have it repaired and beautifully mounted to add to the taxidermy collection.Sally did everything with energy and had a good heart.
Our sympathies to Dave and her family. Love, Tina & Wayne