Sophia Cornelia Holodnik

7 décembre 19664 juillet 2020

Sophia Cornelia Holodnik est né(e) le 7 décembre 1966 et est décédé(e) le 4 juillet 2020 et il (elle) est confié(e) aux soins de Gates, Kingsley & Gates Smith Salsbury Funeral Directors.

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Sophia Cornelia Holodnik


Ilda Diffley

9 septembre , 2020

I am so saddened to hear the news, and I pray for comfort for Chloe and Sophy's family. Sophy and I worked together for a while, and my husband used to say it was like a window had opened, with Sophy bringing fresh air into the room. She believed in me, and validated me. She took me along to networking lunches and meetings, and together we cooked up ideas. In an industry where hierarchy is so often enforced in companies, Sophy didn't care about seniority or ego or credit, she did the work to uplift others around her. She read more than any executive I knew. Her notes were thoughtful and insightful, and she adored her clients. She was so creative and such an out-of-the-box thinker. She often used to say it was okay to upset the apple cart. I loved working with her. She lived for her little Chloe Rose and always told me stories of her magical little girl and her big imagination. Once we both moved on to different jobs we drifted apart with time and obligations, but I will always remember her as the first female industry mentor in my life. I am so grateful that my path crossed with Sophy's. You will be missed Sophy.

Alex Schwartz

11 août , 2020

Sophie and I “grew up” together in the movie business. Smart, funny and kind. She was always a bright spot in the whirlwind. We shared many Laughs at lunches and dinners and sometimes commiserated. I always felt she was an ally and one of the good guys. I was shocked to learn she was gone. Condolences to all who loved her.

Todd Komarnicki

31 juillet , 2020

Funny, smart, intuitive, creative, feisty, open, compassionate, deeply human and humane...Sophy, I miss you. Thank you for always being a co-dreamer with your clients. For caring as much about their characters and stories as they did. And for offering your ideas with freedom and without ego. May Chloe, and all those whose hearts have been broken by your loss, find comfort in the memories of all that you gave us. Peace and God bless you, Sophy...


Kameron Tarlow

31 juillet , 2020

Sophy was my first boss in the industry. She was a vocal champion of mine from the very beginning and even after we stopped working together she always championed everything I did. Sending all my love to her daughter. This is truly heartbreaking.

Joan Harrison

27 juillet , 2020

I feel lucky to have known Sophy--I was among her platoon of admirers. Her soul, her way of speaking, of loving, of cooking, of laughing, of seeing the world: she was so special. Sophy shined brightly and all too briefly.
Condolences to Chloe Rose, and everyone else who loved Sophy.

David Lubliner

26 juillet , 2020

My deepest condolences to Sophy’s family. I worked with Sophy for a long time at William Morris. She was a friend who I also looked up to and greatly admired.

We had such fun times working together. She was always willing to lend an ear and help with a problem.

We remained friends after our days at William Morris but not as close as I should have. I was so saddened to hear the news. My thoughts are with you. May her memory be a blessing. I will miss her greatly.

Stephanie Cortez

23 juillet , 2020

Sophia had the biggest heart . I am extremely grateful for the beautiful friendship that I was so lucky to have found in her. I will always keep her kind and loving words in my heart. May she rest in peace. Till we met again one my friend.